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UK Wi-Fi Access Leads Europe
By: MarkJ - 13 August, 2003 (1:29 PM)

Believe it or not the latest research from Gartner has found that the UK is leading Europe in the deployment of broadband wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Internet access hot spots:

The study from research firm Gartner estimates that across Britain the number of Wi-Fi hot spots -- areas such as cafes and airport lounges where users are able to connect to the Internet via wireless networking equipment -- will reach 4,100 this year. Gartner said 456,000 Britons will use hot spots this year, rising to 1.5 million by 2005.

The figures place Britain at the top of the European league tables for public Wi-Fi growth. Britain will have 27 percent of Europe's hot spots by the end of the year, ahead of Germany's 23 percent.

While it's good to see the UK leading with at least one Internet access technology, there's still a growing belief that Wi-Fi does not yet have a satisfactory business model to back it up. More @ ZDNet.

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