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By: MarkJ - 28 April, 2009 (11:58 AM)
Phorm, which controversially works with UK broadband ISPs (e.g. BT WebWise) to monitor what websites you visit for use in targeted advertising campaigns, has launched a new website aimed at countering what it sees as a "smear campaign" by privacy advocates - StopPhoulplay.com.

Phorm's Press Release

To correct any misconceptions about Phorm’s groundbreaking technology, we are today launching StopPhoulplay.com.

Over the last year Phorm and its staff have been the subject of a concerted campaign orchestrated by a small but dedicated band of detractors who appear determined to harm our company, irrespective of the facts, and the potential benefits to UK consumers and websites and advertisers.

Their energetic blogging and letter-writing campaigns, targeted at journalists, MPs, EU officials and regulators, distort the truth and misrepresent Phorm’s technology. Phorm has responded to all of their allegations with accurate information about our technology on user consent, data storage, and anonymity, only to see our detractors systematically propagate stories in direct contradiction to the facts. We have regretfully come to the conclusion that they are not interested in either the answers, or an open and honest debate on the issues.

The StopPhoulplay.com website exposes and rebuts the accusations against Phorm, reveals who is behind the campaign, and sets out the true story, so that the media and consumers can judge the facts for themselves.

Phorm is happy to engage with valid and robust criticism, we know there are concerns about internet privacy, and we are happy to speak with regulators, publishers, advertisers, the media and consumers to allay those concerns, and prove we offer a higher level of privacy than current internet standards.

Most half intelligent senior politicians probably already know that fighting an alleged smear with another smear isn't the best way to go about improving your image. Unfortunately this is largely how the new site reads.

It's a shame because Phorm appears to have wasted a golden opportunity. They could have launched a more technical and open-access site that competently attempted to tackle the legitimate concerns and complaints many would appear to hold against their service. We live in hope.
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