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By: MarkJ - 13 May, 2009 (11:51 AM)
The latest investment update from Virgin Media reveals that the operator plans to expand its cable broadband, phone and TV network to cover 500,000 new UK homes and businesses over the next few years. The first phase of this expansion will take place during the current year, with 50,000 new premises being brought within their coverage by the end of 2009.

The DigitalSpy report marks the first time that Virgin Media have engaged in a big expansion of their cable network since the 1990's. Presently 50% (12.5m) of the country's premises, mostly those in urban areas, can receive the service:

"We have identified around half a million homes whose proximity to our existing access network makes it a commercially attractive opportunity to extend our network to reach them over the next few years," said Virgin Media . "We plan to extend our network coverage to over 50,000 of these homes during 2009."

It's understood that Virgin Media will concentrate on expanding into new developments and areas where suitable cable ducts are already present in the ground, which should keep costs low. The move will put added pressure on BT, which are several years behind Virgin's new up to 50Mbps cable broadband services.
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