By: MarkJ - 1 June, 2010 (1:00 AM)
internet piracy flagJim Killock's Open Rights Group (ORG) has attack the "absurd lack of clarity" in Ofcom's recently published Draft Code of Practice for tackling unlawful internet copyright infringement (full details here) by file sharing (p2p) customers of UK broadband ISPs.

Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group, said:

"This is another extremely rushed process, forced by the Digital Economy Act's absurd timetables. There are huge unanswered questions, not least whether innocent people will have to pay to appeal. Government needs to draw a clear line between the notifications and potential disconnection regimes. Otherwise, Ofcom can't tell people what these accusations mean, which is absurd.

Both Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, and the Liberal Democrats recognised the likely flaws of the Act during the debates. It is Mandelson's Act and they should not feel obliged to do his dirty work."

The initial draft primarily focuses on the notification (customer warning letters) process, with only limited details about appeals and other areas. Enforcement of the code and the handling of industry disputes, along with cost issues, will follow in separate consultations between July and September.

Anybody who wants to give a reply to this consultation is also encourage to fill-out Ofcom's online form (here); we recommend keeping your opinions simple and constructive.
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