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By: MarkJ - 15 October, 2010 (12:29 PM)
sky broadband ukThe latest YouGov study of 5,200 UK consumers, which was commissioned by ISP Sky Broadband (BSkyB), has revealed that 30% are frustrated with the stability of their internet connection speeds (i.e. slows down during peak periods). However 44% didn't care what speed they received, just so long as the connection worked.

The findings also revealed that nearly 90% go online at home every single day and stay there for an average of 2 hours and 17 minutes. In addition, 97% make use of email at least once a week and an almost equal number surfed websites from news (75%) to social networks (61%). Meanwhile 29% enjoyed watching catch-up TV services, 25% downloaded music and 21% play online games.

However consumers also expressed frustration with the way in which many broadband ISPs advertise their services. Almost half had no idea what restrictions were being placed on their package, yet 64% expected "unlimited" deals to deliver exactly what they promoted (i.e. no restrictions of any kind).

Sky's Director of Broadband and Telephony, Delia Bushell, commented:

"Consumers are getting more from their broadband than ever. It is all too easy to forget about the way broadband has transformed our lives and, as the research shows, it has made our lives easier, cheaper and more fulfilling. Broadband is no longer a "nice-to-have" – it's a vital part of modern day life.

When deciding on which broadband service to choose, consumers are making decisions based on a wide range of factors. What this research has done is to cut through the noise around broadband speeds and listen to what the majority of broadband users say about what matters to them.

In short, people want broadband that works, transparency over what they are getting, and a price that suits their pocket."

Despite the speed and usage concerns, when actually selecting a new ISP, 39% of consumers said that value for money was most important and 31% only sought service bundles (home phone, broadband and tv etc.) rather than standalone deals. Curiously value for money became less important once connected, dropping to 19%, where reliability takes precedence (36%).
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