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By: MarkJ - 5 February, 2011 (5:56 AM)
p2p copyright uk ISP file sharing lawThe controversial UK solicitors firm ACS:Law (Andrew Crossley) and its intermediary MediaCAT, which made their money by "bullying" customers of broadband ISPs (e.g. PlusNet , Sky Broadband etc.) with dubious settlement demands ("speculative invoicing") for alleged "illegal" (i.e. unlawful) copyright P2P file sharing activity, have both "ceased trading" and thus dodged a critical court decision.

The not unexpected move, which according to TorrentFreak officially occurred on 31st January 2011, came ahead of a crucial ruling in the London Patents County Court by Judge Birss QC, which many believed would go against the firm and possibly even place a ban upon further letter writing. The failed attempt to sue 27 individuals, which has backfired spectacularly, would have had serious implications for others pursuing a similar avenue.

ACS:Law was also awaiting a Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) over the threatening letters and wider questions about their general conduct. However none of this had, until now, stopped them from sending the letters.

Judge Birss is still expected to read out his ruling on Tuesday 8th February 2011 next week. Lawyers for the defence have indicated that they will continue to pursue the firm for legal costs and potentially even Crossley himself for harassment.
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