By: MarkJ - 14 February, 2011 (7:33 AM)
slow broadband house for sale ukThe results from 733 respondents (polled between Mid-January 2011 and February 2011) to our latest monthly survey have revealed that the availability of good broadband internet access can add real value to house prices, assuming you can get it in the first place.

The study found that almost two thirds of UK internet users would be put off from buying a beautiful new house if it lacked a fast broadband connection and half would pay more for a house with faster connectivity than they currently owned.
Is broadband important to your home life?
Critically Important - 73.9%
Average Importance - 24.2%
Not Important - 1.7%

Would you pay more for a house with faster broadband?
No - 50.4%
Yes - 49.5%

Would lack of fast broadband put you off buying a beautiful new house?
Yes - 68.8%
No - 31.1%

Would you pay more for a holiday/hotel with in-room broadband?
No - 62.7%
Yes - 37.2%
Clearly a strong appetite for faster connectivity exists within the UK and homes that are able to offer this kind of access, especially through the new generation of superfast ISP products, could stand to gain in value.

However, it's not just house prices that can be affected by broadband. We also asked respondents whether or not they would be willing to pay more for a holiday or hotel with in-room broadband and 37.2% said they would. Hotels that offer in-room broadband could be on to a winner.

The results are important and follow shortly after the 'Nationwide House Price Index' revealed that UK house prices fell marginally by 0.1% in January 2011 (1.1% lower than January 2010). This month's new survey simply asks whether or not you find any of the new superfast (40-100Mbps) broadband services attractive? Vote Here.
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