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By: MarkJ - 24 November, 2011 (10:39 AM)
technicolor tg582nuk aaisp broadband ispBroadband ISP Andrews & Arnold ( AAISP ) has announced that the well documented lack of affordable Internet Protocol v6 ( IPv6 ) capable consumer routers (connection hardware) is beginning to be resolved after it began shipping the Technicolor TG582n kit to new customers.

AAISP already provide IPv6 as standard for all new UK installs, including a "free with the service" IPv6 capable Billion 7800N broadband router. However the Billion is expensive, tending to cost around £120 (when sold separately), which makes it economically unviable for mass market distribution to consumers.

The boss of AAISP, Adrian Kennard, recently warned that they "obviously can't keep doing" such promotions because it was costing them "thousands" to support (here). Happily a solution has now been found.

The Director of AAISP UK, Adrian Kennard, said:

"Technicolor: (TG582n). Well, what can I say? They sent an engineer to our offices, by which I mean someone that can read packet dumps on the router correctly and understand them! We spent a day with him checking out their test code and making some tweaks our end as well and we got it working. They have one of our lines in their offices and have been testing.

They have been working with us and proving new code as we find issues. We have customers testing these routers and are now shipping the IPv6 software. The routers are small, they have wifi, and cheap enough to be our standard "free with the service" router.

So, Technicolor it is - our new standard IPv6 router and it even has WiFi. Given that RIPE expect to run out or IPv4s next year UK ISPs need to get their act together and start making IPv6 standard. A sensibly priced consumer DSL router with IPv6 as standard will help a lot. Well done Technicolor."

The news of an affordable IPv6 router for consumers will be most welcome, although AAISP cautions that the Technicolor TG582n is not yet ready for "general purchase" and is at present primarily setup to work within AAISP's unique environment. The good news is that this is likely to be resolved within "a few weeks".
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