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Some people will understandably find themselves confused by the terminology ISP's use to describe their systems and services. To that end we have started this Jargon/FAQ busting section, which lists some of the most common terms and describes what they mean. Please feel free to suggest additions via the editor e-mail on our 'Contact' page.

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Internet and Network Hardware (10 Articles)
       Modems, Routers and LAN cards etc.
Internet and Telephone Access (54 Articles)
       ADSL, POTS and Fibre To The Home etc.
Internet Security (15 Articles)
       Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spam etc.
Internet Services (20 Articles)
       Voice over IP (VoIP), IPTV etc.
Miscellaneous (13 Articles)
       World Wide Web (WWW), Surfing, URL etc.
 Top 10 Articles
  LLU - Local Loop Unbundling (22494 views)
  IP - Internet Protocol (19261 views)
  IPTV - Internet Protocol TV (14380 views)
  VoIP - Voice over IP (9970 views)
  Router (8497 views)
  Splitter (6584 views)
  LAN - Local Area Network (5428 views)
  4G - Fourth Generation (5168 views)
  Microfilter (4323 views)
  Cardbus PCMCIA Network Adapter (4163 views)

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