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ISP News Archives for December 2012

bt borders broadband deal

17th December, 2012 (11 Comments)

BT has today officially signed and detailed the joint £56.6 million Borders Broadband project, which uses public money to help make superfast broadband (24 to 30Mbps+) services reach 90% of homes and businesses in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire by the end of 2016 and 100% by 2018.

mobile broadband uk

17th December, 2012 (0 Comments)

The fate of the government’s £150m Mobile Infrastructure Project (MIP), which aims to help “at least” 98% of UK people gain access to a Mobile Broadband (3G or 4G) service by the end of 2017, is still hanging in the balance after the deadline for agreement passed last month.

plusnet uk

15th December, 2012 (57 Comments)

Budget internet and phone provider PlusNet looks set to launch an affordable new range of broadband and superfast fibre (FTTC) packages from Wednesday next week (19th December 2012) that will offer an unlimited usage allowance instead of their usual data caps. The cheapest deal is expected to cost from just £4.99 a month.

censorship uk internet

14th December, 2012 (6 Comments)

The Department for Education (DfE) has published its response to the recent consultation on improving Parental Internet Controls. The report found only minimal support for the enforced approach that would require ISPs to block access to adult websites by default, although the UK government still intends to toughen the existing Active Choice system.

sky broadband uk

14th December, 2012 (0 Comments)

Sky Broadband (BSkyB) has today launched a new promotion that offers to bundle its superfast broadband (Sky Fibre Unlimited) with free weekend calls at half price for the first 3 months of service (i.e. £10 per month instead of £20). The offer can also be combined with a new or existing Sky TV service.

world wide internet traffic

14th December, 2012 (0 Comments)

Proposals for a controversial change to the current International Telecommunications Regulations (ITR), which some country’s fear could have potentially opened the door to a new Net Neutrality busting internet tax or wider online censorship, has been fragmented after the UK, USA and Canada refused to sign the new treaty.

bt wifi uk

14th December, 2012 (0 Comments)

Guests of the Thistle hotel chain, which are part of the wider Guoman Hotel Management (UK) Limited group, will be pleased to learn that all ten of their establishments in London can now benefit from a free wireless internet (wifi) service thanks to a new BT Wifi network.

bduk fttc street cabinet

14th December, 2012 (1 Comment)

The North Yorkshire (England) village of Ainderby Steeple has become the first UK community to deploy a new superfast broadband ISP service by using public funds from the government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) office. The money helped to upgrade one of BT’s local street cabinets with the latest up to 80Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) technology.

direct save telecom uk

13th December, 2012 (2 Comments)

Internet and phone provider Direct Save Telecom has accused some of the UK markets biggest broadband ISPs of “purposely downplaying the contract escape clause” so as not to risk losing customers while simultaneously enforcing “substantial” price rises.


13th December, 2012 (0 Comments)

Mobile operator EE (4GEE) has this morning announced that its new 4G (LTE at 1800MHz) based superfast Mobile Broadband network will be expanded to cover a further 17 new cities in the United Kingdom by March 2013.

bt openreach uk engineer

13th December, 2012 (3 Comments)

Thousands of internet users have been knocked offline this morning after BT’s 20CN and 21CN broadband network in Scotland, Northern Ireland and some of North West England was hit by an unspecified fault at one of the operators “metro nodes” in Scotland. Multiple UK ISPs are being affected.

talktalk uk isp

13th December, 2012 (1 Comment)

Budget ISP TalkTalk has today announced that their Essentials bundle, which combines “unlimited” broadband with free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and a £25 Love2shop voucher, will be free for the first 3 months of service (saves £19.50) to new customers. A free connection is also included.

uk internet statistics

13th December, 2012 (0 Comments)

Ofcom has released its annual 2012 International Communications Market Report (ICMR), which looks at the adoption, coverage and the uptake of broadband, phone, mobile, TV and radio services across 17 major countries. The report found that the UK was one of the cheapest markets and our superfast broadband (30Mbps+) availability compares favourably.

aaisp uk

12th December, 2012 (6 Comments)

UK ISP Andrews and Arnold (AAISP) appears to have quietly doubled the default data usage allowance of its recently launched Home Broadband (Home::1) package from 25GB to 50GB (GigaBytes), which costs from £25 inc. VAT per month and includes a free wireless router with IPv6 support (plus one IPv4 address). But that’s not all.

the pirate bay

11th December, 2012 (12 Comments)

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI), a trade body for the UK music industry, has ordered its solicitors to use legal pressure in order to force the minor political Pirate Party to shut an internet proxy server that allows access to the banned Pirate Bay website.

4g mobile broadband uk wireless lte technology

11th December, 2012 (2 Comments)

The UK communications regulator has today begun the long awaited and much delayed auction of 4G (LTE) superfast Mobile Broadband radio spectrum (800MHz and 2.6GHz) by opening the process up to the first official applications from Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and related firms.

virgin media uk

11th December, 2012 (1 Comment)

Cable operator Virgin Media has this morning confirmed that its FREE public wireless internet (wifi) service is now available from a further 20 London underground tube stations, which brings the total coverage to 92 stations and an additional 28 stations are due to come online in early 2013.

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