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AAISP to Launch 80Mbps Home Broadband with a 1 TeraByte Data Cap

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 (8:43 am) - Score 2,287

UK ISP Andrews and Arnold (AAISP) has furnished us with the first details of their new ‘up to’ 80Mbps FTTC (VDSL2) based Home::1T broadband package, which gives subscribers a soft monthly data allowance of 1 TeraByte (1000 GigaBytes) and also includes line rental into a single price.

At present AAISP’s primary home-focused ADSL (up to 20Mbps) broadband package is Home::1, which by default costs £25 per month and includes a 100GB allowance (or 200GB for £35). However the price of this service soon rises if you optionally choose to add line rental (+£10), an 80Mbps FTTC profile (+£15) and need to top-up the usage allowance (£10 for every 50GB)

Naturally you tend to pay more for higher quality smaller ISPs, especially those that employ IT / network engineers to handle their UK-based technical support, although some heavy usage customers have been crying out for AAISP to offer a service that’s more affordable. This is especially important with 4K video streaming and 40-50GB video game downloads becoming increasingly common.

The solution is a new package called Home::1T (it’s been in development for a long time) and this should be ready to order by the end of January 2016, although the first hard details have now been published.

At present the service is very specific and designed to be a top-end package (e.g. 80Mbps FTTC profile), albeit with some key restrictions (they hope to be able to remove some of these in the coming months). It’s also important to stress that the cost of line rental (PSTN with no voice service) is included in the final price and is not a separate charge, which makes it close to being a pure “Naked DSL” (standalone broadband) package.

Home::1T Package Details
* VDSL speeds capped to 80Mb/s download and 20Mb/s upload
* 1TB (1000GB) monthly download allowance (speeds drop to 3Mbps after exceeding 1TB)
* Data usage on uploads is not metered
* Line rental included
* Includes a BTOpenreach engineer installed VDSL modem
* Includes 1 WAN IPv4 address and a block of IPv6 addresses
* 12 month contract

PRICE: £60 inc. VAT per month

Crucially Home::1T is currently provided as a new service provision and not via a migration, which means that if you have any existing services then they will be subject to any minimum term / cease charges (even if provided by AAISP). Also you can optionally line bond two Home::1T packages, albeit at twice the cost and hence twice the allowance.

The VDSL/FTTC one-off install price is £100, plus £60 one-off for a new phone install if required. You can also purchase a modem/router from AAISP for £25, assuming you don’t have one already (this will be used with the BTOR VDSL Modem).

It’s important to point out that customers who use more than 1TB of data in a single month will NOT be charged extra and instead your top download speed will be reduced to just 3Mbps. Crucially this does not apply to uploads, so you can continue to upload at the full speed of your line.

Overall £60 per month might seem expensive, but even Sky Broadband charge £30 per month for their comparable 80Mbps FTTC Sky Fibre Pro package (others adopt a similar or cheaper price point) and most ISPs often also require you to pay nearly £18 per month for phone / line rental on top.

Meanwhile AAISP are busy upgrading their core network in London with a new 40Gb/s ring and extra transit, peering and carrier links in order to support the new service. On top of that they will similarly be offering a business focused SoHo::1T variant for £100 +vat per month, which includes 2TB of usage (6Mbps thereafter), and an Office::1T (+backup line) package for £300 +vat per month (10TB usage and 30Mbps thereafter).

Under the current plan AAISP hopes to have the new Home::1T ordering systems in place, including ordering a cease of existing service and installation, by end of January 2016. Some existing customers (i.e. those that frequent AAISP’s IRC chat channel) may also be given the option to buy the service by around mid-January 2016.

Never the less this package clearly isn’t for everybody, particularly if you can’t get anywhere near the top FTTC speed. Sadly there’s no 40Mbps option because it wouldn’t have had much of an impact upon the price and they wanted to keep it simple, although we’d still like the option even if it only saves a little bit of money.

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25 Responses
  1. Avatar Tim says:

    Sky is cheaper with no limits

    1. Avatar Stuart says:

      Boooo, not available for VAT registered homeowners

    2. Avatar JamesM says:

      Well no, that makes you a sole trader so dam right it shouldn’t be .Otherwisee you have no need to be VAT registered

  2. Avatar Rich says:

    Are there any other non-business bonded FTTC services available from anyone else? Have to admit that sounds interesting.

    1. Avatar JamesM says:

      Maybe get 2 lines and a load balancer?

      Zen do FTTP at 330/30 for £99 a month unlimited with phone and critical care on both – so it’s not THAT amazing

  3. Avatar adslmax Real says:

    Far rip off!

    1. Avatar Mike says:

      It’s not for peasants.

    2. Avatar Bob2002 says:


      There may be certain circumstances where £60/month(can’t use phone line for calls either) may be acceptable. For most people it is just a waste of money, they may be “peasants” but they are peasants exhibiting common sense and the ability to use a calculator.

    3. Avatar Ignition says:

      Mike wins.

  4. Avatar kds says:

    must say I will be upgrading soon as I can 🙂

  5. Avatar Greg says:

    Data capped and waaaayy overpriced. Total rip-off. Avoid.

    1. Avatar Mike says:

      It’s not for peasants.

    2. Avatar sentup.custard says:

      But I want the moon on a stick for sixpence!
      Not fair! 😉

  6. Avatar Ben says:

    I believe this will be delivered over TalkTalk, as part of their wholesale offering.

  7. Avatar chris says:

    Scrap the cap and u migut have somthing

    1. Avatar Ignition says:

      I’ve my doubts that people worried about hitting a TB with any frequency will be wanting to pay for this.

      They’re likely not paying for much of the content they consume and I’m not sure they’d be wanting to pay this much for access when they can get uncapped services allowing them to download the entire alt.binaries tree more cheaply.

    2. Avatar JamesM says:

      Such a Cynical sod Ignition. You really need to get your head out of your bum on that subject as you spout off with nothing to back it up.

    3. Avatar Ignition says:


      Please feel free to educate me in the usage patterns of this apparently large number of users who regularly use >1TB legitimately.

      If you could try not being so obnoxious and rude that would be a bonus. You come across as being quite defensive and not a little offended by the assertion.

      Other than leaving streams running 24×7, business use and finding enough 4k content to watch a bunch every month I am struggling.

      We are a busy household on a business line as I work from home. YouTube, gaming, Now TV, Netflix, you name it, between 5 of us. Still not a TB a month, about 600GB and I know we are massive outliers.

  8. Avatar JamesM says:

    Considering they wanted £55 + £12 for the copper pair not so long ago with the 200GB limit this is a better option and one I would sure go for.

  9. Avatar JamesM says:

    1TB no longer 1024GB then? :/

    1. Avatar Ignition says:

      Never was officially. Units now clarified by ITU as the SI definition, despite its incorrect use in some facets of computing.

    2. Avatar TheFacts says:

      Was it ever unoficially?

    3. Avatar Ignition says:

      Computer science, due to dependence on binary, misused the prefix for a while.

  10. Avatar JamesM says:

    £185 to install it!?

    Thanks. I needed a good laugh and that sure did it!

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