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ISP Sky Broadband Officially Launch New Router and WiFi Guarantee

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 (8:00 am) - Score 100,464

UK ISP Sky Broadband has today taken the official wraps off their new Sky Hub (SR203 / Sky Q Hub 2) wireless broadband router and confirmed the launch of a new Sky WiFi Guarantee, the latter of which also comes with the existing “Boost” add-on features but costs +£5 extra per month instead of the current +£2.50.

The new router and WiFi feature, some details of which have already been widely leaked by ISPreview (here and here), are being launched as somewhat of a complement to Sky Broadband’s new G.fast based “ultrafast” packages (here); FTTP is still expected follow by the end of 2019 (Openreach based).

Oddly Sky chose not to confirm the new Sky Broadband Hub router at the same time as their recent ultrafast broadband announcement, even though it’s perhaps one of their worst kept secrets and has been pictured on their website for awhile now. It’s a similar story with the updated Booster 4 device but we’ll come back to that.

We begin with confirmation of the new Sky WiFi Guarantee and the details are much as we leaked last month, albeit with a few changes in approach and cost.

Sky WiFi Guarantee (Sky Broadband Boost)

The guarantee – due to go live from 6th September 2019 – essentially forms part of the optional paid Sky Broadband Boost add-on and it’s intended to work in a similar way to BT’s Complete Wi-Fi feature. The guarantee promises to deliver “reliable WiFi in every room” in your house (i.e. network speeds of at least 3Mbps – testable via Sky’s online checker or My Sky app) and if you can’t get that then the guarantee kicks in.

However one big change from our earlier leak is that from today the original Sky Broadband Boost add-on (+£2.50 extra) will no longer be available to new customers. Instead Sky will only offer the option of their new WiFi Guarantee alongside an updated Boost add-on at an extra monthly cost of +£5 (i.e. existing customers would need to re-contract the Boost in order to get this extra feature).

What do you get for the extra £5 (monthly)?

* Sky WiFi Guarantee

* Sky Mobile customers with Boost will also get 2GB of data in their Sky Mobile Piggybank, if their broadband line drops out.

* Evening & weekend engineer visits at no extra cost.

* Daily line checks; we’ll text you if we need to fix anything.

* Use the Sky Broadband Buddy app to manage each screen in your home:

• Set time limits and filters so family members only see what they should
• Pause the internet for extra family time
• Keep tabs on what your family does online
• Works across 3G, 4G and WiFi

Customers looking to take advantage of the guarantee will first be offered an upgrade to the new Sky Broadband Hub router (assuming they don’t have one already) and if that doesn’t work then Sky will send you the latest Sky Broadband Booster (SE210 / Booster 4) device. Failing that Sky said they will send out one of their Tech Team engineers to help identify and resolve the problem for you.

The booster is essentially a WiFi extender that can also work within Sky Q’s existing mesh style network of WiFi linked devices. All of this will be supported by a moneyback guarantee, which means Sky will refund the “full amount paid for Sky Broadband Boost since start of contract, until date you claim, and we waive the boost fee for remainder of the contract” (they may also let you keep the Booster 4 device – at least that’s our understanding).

Aman Bhatti, Sky’s Head of Propositions, told ISPreview.co.uk:

“WiFi Guarantee reflects Sky’s commitment to innovation and technology that matches our customers’ evolving connectivity needs.

The need for fast and reliable broadband that reaches every room is more important than ever before – but as you can’t physically see your WiFi signal, it can be difficult for most people to understand what makes it stronger or weaker.

Our WiFi Guarantee, combined with the new Sky Hub, genuinely guarantees a strong signal in every room of the house – strong enough to stream movies and TV from Sky Go and Netflix – or your money back.”

The booster itself adopts a similar style to the new Sky Broadband Hub router and stands up like a long tower rather than sitting flat, although on the back it only features a power connector and single Gigabit Ethernet LAN port. A Wi-Fi Protected Set up (WPS) button is also present on the side to help with linking the booster into your network of Sky devices (Hub, Box and Minis).

Sky added that their engineers will also get the tools to see how the WiFi signal is flowing in an individual home and to help them show customers how to get the best signal in each room. “Engineers can effectively ‘heat map’ WiFi around the home and look for unique problems, such as spotting a device which is using up a lot of bandwidth in the home,” said the ISP.

Some subscribers have already been supplied with the updated version of this booster for awhile now, which we note is no longer being sold separately (although from time to time the odd one does pop up on eBay).

Sky Broadband Hub

The new Sky Broadband Hub (SR203) wireless router (pictured – top) is of a similar size to the current Sky Q Hub, albeit with 4 x Gigabit LAN ports (the Q Hub only had 2) – one of which is for WAN – 2 x Telephone ports (ATA for VoIP connection via older analogue handsets and SOGEA / SoG.Fast lines), a built-in G.fast / VDSL2 / ADSL2+ modem and 8 antenna. We believe it’s combined WiFi speed peaks at around 2Gbps (theoretical).

sky broadband q hub 2 backside

Users of the new Sky Broadband Hub will also be able to check their own internet speeds and connected devices online or through the My Sky app.

Sky has said they will provide us with the full specification sheet for their router, although at the time of writing we don’t yet have it.

UPDATE 11:39am

We’re still awaiting the full spec sheet for Sky’s new router but in the meantime we have confirmed a few other details. The new router will be supplied to both new and existing ‘Boost’ customers, as well as all new superfast (fibre) customers (plus their ultrafast ones too of course). Apparently those who take out the Boost will be sent the router straight away.

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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28 Responses
  1. Avatar Charles says:

    Will the router be available on all broadband packages?

    1. Avatar Dale says:

      No just the new ones. But that’s fine as you can’t recontact on the old ones anyway so when you get a new discount and recontact you will be put on the new ones and will therefore be able to get the new hub/booster

    2. Avatar kevin aiken says:

      Excisting customers can get it but you need to recontract, i just did it today

  2. Avatar Sky says:

    Don’t pay Sky every penny for this kit, extra features for an extra £5 (monthly) is a cheek of them! Sod this!

    1. Avatar A W HOWARD says:


  3. Avatar Mark says:

    I find it a disgusting joke that ISP’s charge you extra to ‘guarantee WiFi’.
    It’s something they cannot do and should not be allowed to advertise or charge for.
    You should instead be allowed to use what kit you want with a decent Mesh system.

    1. Avatar Tim says:

      I use my Sky Q Hub as a dumb fibre modem which feeds into an Asus gaming router (DHCP server, security and Ethernet distribution) and Orbi mesh system for WiFi in and outside the property. I have Sky Multiroom and run that hard wired via a powerline adapter, having disabled the Sky mesh to avoid cluttering the airwaves.

      In other words, you can use whatever you like to extend the network.

  4. Avatar Ally says:

    Charging extra for WiFi is absolutely terrible, trying to sugar coat it with engineer visits and daily lines checks bla bla
    This all should be a part of their service to build integrity. Disappointed Sky

  5. Avatar Roger_Gooner says:

    The phone interface has two ports, one for UK and the other for Italy/Ireland into which you presumably plug in a VoIP phone. This different to Virgin Media’s hub 3.0 which has two RJ11 ports (although only one is active and the other could be activated later for a second line) and VM supplies a non-ring capacitor RJ11 to BT adapter for connection to a standard handset.

  6. Avatar CarlT says:

    Bemused why people are so upset about this being offered. If you don’t want it don’t buy it – some people don’t have the technical knowledge and may not want to learn so are happy ‘outsourcing’ the issues to their ISP.

    1. Avatar Keith says:

      You’ve missed the point entirely. The so called  “extras” provided for thé £5 a month amount to nothing more than what should be provided as a basic service, thus implying that you need to pay more just to receive the absolute minimum. Charge foe Saturday visits if you like, but it is my experience that this is done for Sky’s convenience, as I am always given a Saturday without requesting or needing it , on the numerous Sky Q / Broadband faults I still get.

  7. Avatar Dale says:

    Soooo incorrect information in the article. BBboost has always been £5 just some people get a 2.50 discount based on tenure and some people get it free based on tenure. Also people do realise that “Internet” and “WiFi” are 2 separate things right? So why shouldn’t they charge separate for a separate product?

  8. Avatar Jamie says:

    I think it’s a great idea for people who live in buildings where the buildings structure itself interferes with the WiFi signal being broadcasted from the main hub and for people who don’t wanna pay the extra monthly cost there’s alot of ways they could achieve similar results with a bit of pro active thinking and a littke reaserch it isn’t hard to achieve with a few one off costs and a quick browse of the Web but for those with out the time or the budget for a few one of costs this is perfect especially for very active households with alot of active devices

  9. Avatar Derrick says:

    I called Sky about this, I got told they know nothing about it, but did try to get me on to Sky Q
    I only want their BB, don’t need their TV programs

  10. Avatar M Ward says:

    I have been a sky broadband customer for a long time now. I found the old basic broadband great. However since upgrading to fibre I have not been impressed with it all. Speeds vary and although I get 30mmbps on average the main problem is the sky router which constantly drops signal to most of my devices. I have had a new router to try but still the same problems. Sky have not helped much but are happy to keep taking my money for a poor service. I was told to go for this new package for gaurenteed WiFi.I don’t get it. Sky want me to pay more for a supposedly better product when I can’t even get what I pay for now. I will be trying another provider when my current deal ends which is soon thankfully. I am still amazed I have not been helped more from a company such as Sky. So much for customer loyalty. I have been a Sky customer for nearly 20 years.

    Rant over.

    1. Avatar Ian Dobison says:

      I agree, I’ve been with Sky over 25 years not least because I do not have the luxury of switching to any other provider, e.g. Virgin. The problem I have is that despite 2 years of trouble free service my mini box upstairs is not showing a blue screen indicating a “connectivity issue”, presumably with my 2tb main box? We start to watch something on the planner on the mini, then after a short period of time, the blue screen appears! The only way I can correct this, is to reboot the mini-box.

      Sky have agreed to provide me with the new router at no additional charge, and provide the new guaranteed speed promise etc. and no re-contract, neither are they charging £9.95 for the privelidge of delivering it!

      Will this correct the mini box issue? Somehow I do not think so, any input would be appreciated.

  11. Avatar Fuzzy says:

    Any news if now TV will get access to this new router eventually

  12. Avatar Jess says:

    Ordered this yesterday afternoon.
    Arriving Friday.
    Was already on Sky Superfast and buddy boost, but had to re contract to the new Sky Superfast buddy boost with wifi.
    Cost remained the same as I am paying now and they gave me the delivery cost of £9.95 for free.

    1. Avatar Ian Dobison says:

      See my comments above, I dug my heels in and demanded the new router and associated “benefits” at NO additional cost and crucially NO re-contract for a further 18 months, despite the fact that I have no other supplier I can move too where I live!

    2. Avatar Josh says:

      The article states from Sky, that they confirmed new Superfast Fibre customers will get the new SR203 hub. So I’ve just ordered this on Monday, received the hub yesterday ready for my activation date, and it’s the old Q Hub… Not the new one. I’ve asked Sky and they are adamant I have to pay £5pm extra for the other ‘services’ I have no requirement for, to get a decent router. So basically being given old inferior equipment… So frustrating!

  13. Avatar Sean says:

    My dad having Sky Q Hub box keeping better just fine working now

  14. Avatar rex kramer says:

    paying for the best fibre plan of 75mb and have never had anything near those speeds.We got told there was a fault on the line and we had been capped at 50mb .Engineer came phoned up and got it removed .now were back to getting rubbish speeds again.its as if were getting punished for using the internet,its 2019 ffs every has ps4s etc in there homes now.

    1. Avatar Grammar Pedant says:

      Not everyone has good grammar though.

  15. Avatar beebo says:

    on the whole i have found sky to be reliabe i have been a customer for many years when i upgraded to the legacy broadband package i noticed only 2 ethernet ports on the new legacy router i actually need 4 so had to buy a switch i complained immediatley and was told every body is compplaining abiut this issue when i asked what they could do about it they said nothing at present and now look as if by magic the new router has 4 ports if you pay extra £5 pm of course your speed will not increase if you are already on superfast as thats down to your phone line how close you are to the phone exchange ect so as i see it £5 pm is for the 2 extra ethernet ports you had to begin with (Joke) also people did you know if you are on superfast or fibre you can have boosters for free

    1. Avatar Wez says:

      Where does it state you get this free? I got charged £10 telling me they knocked off £70 charge.

  16. Avatar Michael Donnelly says:

    I have sky BB and sky Q with 2 additional mini boxes one in an additional lounge and one upstairs, mini boxes were having continual blue screen connectivity issues and WiFi was intermittent to rear of house and quite bad upstairs. Apr 19 sky came out and failed to fix, I made a fix that worked for a while with third party WiFi boosters. Jan 2020 called sky to leave, got an SR203 router hub free of charge and quick install (5 mins) all devices, TVs etc all connected, things seem to have been resolved with fingers crossed it stays that way…..

  17. Avatar Moto says:

    I will keep away from sky. They are very notorious for blocking websites. Strict filtering. They only want u to use their services. Sometimes legit websites are also blocked

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