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BT Halo is Live – Converged Unlimited 5G and Fixed Broadband

Friday, November 8th, 2019 (12:01 am) - Score 16,355

Customers of UK ISP BT (EE) can from today adopt the provider’s new converged “Halo” and “No Limits” plans, which aims to seamlessly bring together both their 5G mobile and fixed line home broadband (FTTC, FTTP, G.fast) networks. Existing 5G customers with BT Plus plans will be automatically upgraded to benefit from Halo.

Halo builds on what BT Plus started a couple of years ago. BT Plus is essentially a premium package that adds the operator’s Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee, dedicated UK and Ireland based customer support (this will soon become standard for all) and their “Keep Connected Promise” (i.e. if your fixed line broadband goes down then they’ll send a mini 4G Hub with unlimited data until it’s back up).

NOTE: BT has accelerated its promise to answer all customer calls in the UK and Ireland, with 100% being achieved from January 2020, a year ahead of original schedule.

On top of the above BT Plus also included benefits for BT Mobile customers, such as double data across all mobiles on the Plus account, the fastest 4G networks speeds available (no speed capping) and they’ll enable unlimited data across all your phones when the fixed line broadband goes down. Ideally the ISP intended for BT Plus to be used by those who took both their fixed broadband and mobile plans.

By comparison Halo goes further than BT Plus, not least by allowing customers to optionally benefit (No Limits Plan) from the same unlimited data (i.e. not only during faults) and calls allowances both on mobile and at home (fixed broadband). On top of that you’ll also get enhanced support from their new team of 900+ Home Tech Experts to help people with digital tech in the home, as well as support in the workplace.

Summary of Halo’s Key Features (BT’s List)
* In-home support from BT’s Home Tech Experts.
* The fastest speeds from BT at home and on the go, with Fibre and 5G.
* Complete Wi-Fi – the UK’s fastest Wi-Fi speeds guarantee.
* BT’s latest Smart Hub with Wi-fi Controls to help family’s manage screen time.
* BT’s Keep Connected Promise.
* Unlimited mobile, home phone and broadband calls and data (on the new “No Limits” plan).
* Dedicated UK & Ireland customer service teams.
* And BT’s price promise, with no end of contract price rises.

As usual features like this don’t come free and the new Halo linked packages will thus start for new customers from £57.99 per month. Meanwhile over 1 million existing BT Plus customers will automatically have their package upgraded to Halo for free, with the Keep Connected Promise, no out of contract price rises and double mobile data at no extra cost.

However customers will have upgrade for a small monthly fee to receive inclusive Home Tech Expert visits and the BT Smart Hub 2. The press release also confused matters slightly by speaking about “unlimited data” on mobile at one point then then only “doubt data” at another. Apparently Halo by default still gives double data, like BT Plus, but you can make this “unlimited” with their new No Limits Plan (non-Halo customers cannot take this).

Pete Oliver, BT’s MD of Marketing, said:

“We’ve designed the ultimate converged plan to meet the needs of the modern family. Halo really is the best of BT – it offers unlimited, reliable 5G and fibre connectivity, and a host of other great features, including dedicated tech specialists who will come to customers’ homes, aimed at taking the stress away from our customers – and allowing them to spend more time on the things they love. A bonus for those of us who spend needless hours trying to get to grips with home tech issues and wrestling with the connectivity in our homes.”

All of this feeds into BT’s gradual move toward an all-IP network, where it won’t matter whether you’re on a mobile or fixed broadband connection because everything will be seamless between the two different underlying networks. In that sense what we see from Halo today may eventually become the new normal, but for now it’s a premium feature.

Take note that BT’s new Home Tech Experts can be booked to come to a customer’s home, with 2-hour appointment slots, 7 days a week. They are trained on a wide range of issues, including helping vulnerable customers.

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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11 Responses
  1. Avatar Rav Shokar says:

    Just been on BT’s website and I don’t see how this is any different to BT Plus. I have been upgraded to Halo but I am getting nothing now that I wasn’t getting before.
    It doesn’t appear to be an upgrade as such, more of a rebranding.

    1. Avatar FibreFred says:

      Did you read the article where it explains the difference?

  2. Avatar AnotherTim says:

    Yet another product that is not available at all in my area. I would be interested in a single product that combined ADSL and 4G as that’s what I currently use from separate providers – although HALO seems to only be a failover solution rather than a load-balancing solution which is what I’d want. Shame.

    1. Avatar Mark says:

      In the USO consultations, BT made specific reference to their hybrid fixed/4G product as a solution for poor coverage areas, due for release in 2019. Halo is clearly not that product, so is there more to come? They’ve been talking about hybrid broadband for 18 months now, and there is still no sign of a product in the market.

      Even if it does eventually see the light of day, I can’t see it actually having many advantages over an unlimited data phone SIM for 4G coverage and the separate option of keeping the landline if required for the non-broadband rate of £12 pm.

    2. Avatar AnotherTim says:

      I think a hybrid USO solution could have advantages for BT, if not for the consumer. Most of the time the fixed line broadband would be sufficient for web-browsing or social media. That would lower the 4G load. It also keeps a toe in the water with the fixed line – once that goes BT have lost the tie-in to the customer.
      Unless such a product appears very soon I’ll be ditching my fixed line, and that will be BT out of the running as my future broadband provider.

  3. Avatar robert scriven says:

    Haha, be great if my BT broadband was down all the time as the EE/BT ⁴G is about 4 times faster download, upload about 25 times faster!

  4. Avatar Jason says:

    Would be nice to get even 4G from BT, the virtually non existent signal round here (@10 miles S/E from Oxford) is H+ at best and only then if outside, no BT fibre either, just extortionally overpriced copper wire packages, BT is a disgrace, are they ever going to bring Ickford/Worminghall and other Oxon/Bucks villages up to date??

    1. Avatar Mark says:

      Have you actually tried a 4G router with a decent antenna? It is far more sensitive than a phone – I can get 50 Mb/s plus on the router at the same time that the phone barely gets even a 3G signal…

  5. Avatar Meadmodj says:

    This is just a Fixed Broadband Converged Mobile Phone package. Whether BT introduces a Fixed/4G hybrid we will have to see but I can only see it working if its a software SIM that cannot be utilised another way.

    As with all BT packages you need to go through your (and resident family) comms to work out if you can gain or not. The Unlimited SIM is dependent on Halo but the BT site is not offering Halo (or Halo1 upgrade to Halo2) in all post codes so currently I don’t know what their criteria is.

    The unlimited Halo SIM deal offers free home line calls so if you combine a need for all you can eat mobile and home phone it could be good. Also ideal for those with a second home, motorhome or close relative within 4G range.

    Home Tech Experts appears (videos) to focus on basic config issues normally covered by quick start guides and the default answer to any home network issue will be BT Complete discs. I hope I am wrong, they do have a tool kit and will provide good advice.

  6. Avatar Sharon Shortland says:

    i have just looked at this as have automatically been ‘upgraded’ from BT Plus. i do not use BT mobile so its the broadband i am interested in.
    But beware there is a further upgrade option. My account shows you have to pay an extra £3 pm for the in home tech support and it looks like that is where they are now sitting the wifi in every room guarantee which is why I was on BT Plus. it looks to me like a rebrand with a downgrade on BT Plus and an option for you to spend even more money. Its been a long day and I am tired so will have a look when I am fresh, but interested in what others think.

  7. Avatar Paul Rochester says:

    2 months ago I upgraded to fibre optic broadband, which is now Halo. Since then my landline hasn’t been working. Its no issue as I only have it for the Internet, other than the paying for something which doesn’t work of course. During this time I’ve had no issue’s with my Internet connection, so this begs the question.. Do I NEED a landline with fibre optic?

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