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TalkTalk Prep UK Digital Voice Service and Wi-Fi Hub 2 Router UPDATE

Saturday, May 7th, 2022 (12:01 am) - Score 9,816

Budget home broadband ISP TalkTalk appears to be getting closer to launching their own take on a Digital Voice (VoIP) product to replace analogue phone services, which will come alongside a number of connectivity options. One of those will also include the introduction of a new ‘Wi-Fi Hub 2‘ router.

Most of TalkTalk’s major rivals have already introduced, or are still in the process of introducing, a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) based internet phone replacement in order to be ready for the withdrawal of the old analogue phone (PSTN / POTS) service by Openreach – due to complete by December 2025. Admittedly, that migration does have its caveats, as underlined by BT’s recent decision to pause its own rollout (here), but that’s another story.

Similarly, TalkTalk appears to have begun trialling their own VoIP service at around the end of 2021, which adopts the same “Digital Voice” naming terminology as BT’s product, and some recent feedback suggests that the official launch is now very close.

Customers who connect via Digital Voice will be able to do so via one of three primary methods. The first is likely to be used with existing customers, which involves sending them an Analogue Terminal Adapter (ATA) from Grandstream (similar to the Grandstream HT801 that retails at c. £45 on Amazon). This box enables you to plug a traditional phone handset into the ATA, which also connects to your router and converts VoIP to analogue phone signals.


The ISP will also launch two new Digital Voice Apps for Android and iOS based Smartphones and Tablets, which can already be found listed on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Hopefully this doesn’t need too much explanation, but it will allow customers to access their “home phone” service almost anywhere, so long as there’s a viable internet connection.

The final method involves the introduction of a new ‘Wi-Fi Hub 2‘ router, which we expect will initially only be available to new customers on ultrafast plans. The current ‘Wi-Fi Hub‘ router, which is based on the Sagemcom F@st 5364 and claims to offer a combined WiFi 5 speed of 1733Mbps, was first launched four years ago (here) and managed to be a fairly capable device for the time of its introduction. But times have changed.

At present, our information on the new router is limited, but some official details suggest that it may adopt a similar design to the previous model, albeit with the obvious addition of a phone port (FXS) for VoIP. Some anecdotal feedback has also indicated that it may have better WiFi performance, but officially, TalkTalk told ISPreview.co.uk to expect “very similar” WiFi performance to the Hub 1 (sounds like more of a minor revision).

We did ask TalkTalk whether they could provide any further details or confirm the likely launch window, but they declined. In terms of pricing, if TalkTalk’s Digital Voice solution is anything like the others we’ve seen, then you shouldn’t expect too much of a cost difference (if any) between that and older broadband bundles with an analogue phone service.

UPDATE 8th June 2022

We’re starting to see more customers receive the Wi-Fi Hub 2 router and can confirm that it is indeed more or less identical (physically) to the previous model, except for the phone port. The new kit is based off the Sagemcom F@st 5464 and, as above, appears to have similar specs to the original model. Sadly, no Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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32 Responses
  1. Tech3475 says:

    I wonder if they’ll provide the SIP details so you can use your own setup, or at a minimum the phone will work with the router in ‘modem mode’?

    One of the reasons I let BT was because you had to use their router for BT Digital and the lack of a ‘modem mode’.

    1. Bob says:

      You can use the TT supplied ATA with any router.

  2. Jack says:

    Great to see them offer an ATA which at least means people are free to use whatever router they want.

  3. Just a thought says:

    Wonder what the forward plan Digital Voice and hub for FTTP offering will be. Can the new router be fed from an ONU? Will it have sufficient battery backup, which is one of the stalling points BT hit.

    1. John says:

      “Wonder what the forward plan Digital Voice and hub for FTTP offering will be. Can the new router be fed from an ONU”

      Can you elaborate further on the question?
      FTTP doesn’t work without an ONT/ONU.

      “Will it have sufficient battery backup, which is one of the stalling points BT hit.”

      It does not have a battery backup.

    2. Just a thought says:

      @John was wondering if this assume DSL modem/router/hub had a port to connect to O/P from a OReach ONU or whether this will be another but of redundant tech on FTTP upgrade.

      It’s a pity there isn’t a ‘standard’ for ONU / router / DECT connect point / battery backup rather than 3 separate devices all requiring battery backups.
      Fingers crossed not to many storm Arwens etc. Causing large scale power outages and hence lack of comms

    3. John says:

      Sorry I still don’t understand the question. What is O/P from the ONU? Output power? Do we just make up acronyms on the fly now?

      Talktalk make you agree that you have sufficient mobile coverage or that you don’t rely on the landline for emergencies when signing up to their data only FTTP or Digital Voice services.

      I would be surprised if anyone other than BT were to provide a UPS/battery backup that will power both the ONT and their Hub.
      BT will also only provide this to the most vunerable customers.

      Why would any Battery backup need to power 3 devices though??
      Do you expect Talktalk to power the ONT, your own router and the ATA. If so you’re dreaming.
      They would only need to provide a UPS to power the ONT and their own hub, as that’s sufficient to make calls.

      It’s refreshing that Talktalk are providing an ATA to use their Digital Voice without having to use their Hub, just like BT, Sky, Plusnet and Zen require.
      They are 1st major ISP to allow use of their VOIP without needing to connect a phone to their Hub. Expecting them to also provide backup power for such a deployment is asking a bit much.

    4. John says:

      Just to add, even BT won’t be providing a UPS to most vunerable customers.

      Their plan is to provide a DECT handset that contains a SIM so that mobile calls can be made when power is lost.
      The handset would be powered/charged by its base station and then the internal battery would last a sufficient period of time any time there is a power cut.

      The 4G Shared Rural Network will have sufficient mobile coverage by 2025 to make that solution work for the vast majority of the country.
      For the very few who have absolutely zero mobile reception at home then a small 2 device UPS will suffice.

    5. G Cotgreave says:

      @John. That’s intrtesting about the SIM in DECT. This would work for quite a few cases. Emergency call neck pendants being an exception.

      The thought for ‘standard’ power solution was more that if each ONT, Hub, DECT used a mandated standar, say a micro USB port for their power, there would be room for producers to supply a 3 port battery backed charger, one standard mains plug and 3 battery backed O/P (I/P O/P short hand for input or output). Using standard power supplies, could also make them optional when supplying/upgrading routers etc. cutting down in electronics waste.

  4. James™ says:

    TalkTalk provide the Amazon Eero for their ultrafast FTTP broadband 150, 500 & 900. I’m guessing this is where the Grandstream adapter comes into play.

    1. Bob says:

      The Talktalk ATA is totally independent of Amazon Eero units, ie can be plugged into any router.

    2. James™ says:

      That’s what I was saying, as the Eero doesn’t have an ATA so the Grandstream will come into play for those customers.

  5. Selwyn burton says:

    I’m a talk talk customer and I haven’t got a clue what you’re on about ‍♂️

    1. Summer Is here says:

      Maybe this website isn’t right for you 🙁

    2. TALKTALK SUCKS says:

      Thats why you signed up for talktalk in the first place 🙂

  6. Alex A says:

    TalkTalk have also now launched 900mbps on CityFibre.

    Their digital voice trial has been going on for a while, and their old original hub also had a VOIP port though it was never used.

    Wonder what their long term direction will be in router choice, previously they have used multiple models of routers so maybe they will continue with both eero and hub 2.

    1. Alex A says:

      So at least most of the original hubs didn’t have a voice port, swear I’ve seen one with one though.

    2. John says:

      “TalkTalk have also now launched 900mbps on CityFibre.”

      They launched that literally years ago.

      “and their old original hub also had a VOIP port though it was never used”

      Which hub would that be?

    3. Alex A says:


      A) while TalkTalk has been on CF for years it was only 500mbps and 150mbps, no 900mbps option till recently.

      B) turns out this was the hub 2, I saw it here (https://youtu.be/LI-r-Hw2Cb0?t=1865) and confused it for a hub 1 since they look identical. I put this in a subsequent reply though unfortunately the forums spam filter seems to have caught it.

      That video also reveals the Hub 2 to be a Sagemcom F@st 5464 (old was a 5364)

    4. Alex A says:


      A) TalkTalk did launch on CityFibre years ago though it was only 150mbps and 500mbps, no 900mbps option till recently.

      B) I put this in subsequent replies though the spam filter seems to have caught them. I saw it here (https://youtu.be/LI-r-Hw2Cb0) and turns out its a hub 2, I confused it for a hub 1 since they are almost identical in looks.

      The video also confirms the router to be a Sagemcom Fast 5464, old was a 5364.

    5. John says:

      “no 900mbps option till recently.”

      Looks like I was getting mixed up with their York network, rolled out by and now owned by CityFibre.
      Talktalk have been offering 900/900 on that for a number of years.

      You’re quite correct that 900Mb is only recently available nationally from Talktalk over the Cityfibre network.

      That Youtube video is only from 2 weeks ago and is probably the new Hub mentioned in this article.
      It’s not a hub Talktalk have supplied in the past.
      It’s what Talktalk have been using for their Digital Voice trials.

  7. John Bowen says:

    I have been a talktalk customer for quite a few years and got the new full fibre package with the then trialing fibre phone Connection. All was fine on the full fibre for 5 months with fast speed and and cctv talktalk plug in lan extenders, phone all into the router, then in April it started to go wrong. The first “fix” was the proverbial router problem and a new one sent out which was just the same and kept dropping the internet connection, next was an openreach engineer who changed the fibre terminal box on the wall stating that it was an old design (5 months old) then yes another router, then another engineer, then run system without using any lan connections, this worked but no cctv or other devices were due to no lan. 2 on the phone and still no better off another new router on the way again. Basically they have no idea. Everything worked fine until talktalk did their system upgrade, now I can only use wifi, which is slow and not the speed I pay for, but because TT say there is a fast speed coming in it is a problem with my equipment, 6 computers, 2 phones, and 2 cctv systems that all worked perfectly for 5 months on the same connections and now nothing will work on a Lan connection without causing internet drop out, I would love to know how they come to that conclusion. I am hoping they fix it before I go elsewhere, but my patience is wearing thin.

    1. Ackers87 says:

      Have you checked the Ethernet cables sounds like there issues with them what coursing dropouts

  8. Paul says:

    Perhaps they could get around to delivering more than 18Mb on a 35 Mb plan first.

    1. Finger Lickin Good says:

      Are you on FTTP or FTTC? If the latter then they can’t change the laws of physics if you’re located far from the green FTTC cabinet.

  9. Phil says:

    Question is are Digital Voice easily target by scammer calls?

    1. John says:

      It’s the exact same as PSTN with regards to incoming calls.

    2. Jonny says:

      In theory a move to VoIP everywhere should allow something like STIR/SHAKEN to be implemented, where the source of all calls can be verified.

  10. John clark says:

    It’s time talk talk did something with there internet and WiFi service because since they changed mine to the super fast city fibre they called it It’s been nothing but problems Was put in January 22 and not worded right since they just don’t want to know when you get in touch with them

    1. Anthony Goodman says:

      That sounds like a router issue. So just use your own. Just get any router set it to DHCP mode and its away.

  11. Eunice Oxborough says:

    il was asked to change my account.l agreed lgot my internet from sky but when l agreed to a new contract with talk talkl l got a message from sky to say thay were sorry to be losing my accountn.l litteraly did not know whatwas going on This farce has been going on for3to4weeks.my grandson put the router in but my cctv still will not work .l still do not know who l an paying for broadband!What a hopeless mess a phone call to talk talk will probably be at least an hour as you will be passed round like a parcel .

  12. Mark Dirac says:

    Anyone know the status of Talktalk’s VoIP/SIP introduction please? I got FTTP 150Mbps in April, and it works 100% as hoped. But Talktalk cannot get my “Digital Voice” VoIP working. Since April. They’ve sent two Grandstream ATAs, and two OpenReach visits. Grandstream reports landline number not registered. Talktalk claim it’s a billing problem. They seem to have no idea. Anyone got any insights into what aspect of the rollout Talktalk are struggling with please?

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