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VirginMedia Issues ADSL Problems Statement
By: MarkJ - 07 December, 2007 (1:20 PM)

VirginMedia has finally furnished us with a statement concerning the problems its Virgin.net broadband ADSL customers have been experiencing. Many users have been complaining to us about a lack of constructive support, high latency (lag) in multiplayer games, generally slow speeds and the odd connection difficulty.

In addition, some customers claimed that the ISP's support staff had informed them that the issue related to an error with traffic management. Today VM has once again denied that this and elaborated on the true cause:

I now have a statement regarding the latest latency issues - they are not related to traffic management:

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: "In the last couple of weeks work has been undertaken to address issues we have been facing with routing and broadband speeds on our ADSL network. While improvements have been made, some changes in settings have unfortunately led to a few problems for some customers running applications such as games as these have conflicted with a router software upgrade. Virgin Media is working to address these issues as soon as possible and apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Similarly the providers 'Service Status' page has finally been updated to include the following:

Slower than usual speeds are being reported in certain areas: an upgrade to resolve this has been identified and deployment has commenced. We will update this site when roll-out has completed.

Sadly Virgin does not elaborate on precisely what element of their router upgrade has caused its customers so many problems and gives no clear timeline for how long the fix will take. However one thing is certain, if the latest patch fails to resolve the problems then VMs customers will have an even harder time swallowing the excuses.

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