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ASA Bans 'Irresponsible' Wanadoo Ad
By: MarkJ - 21 March, 2005 (1:02 PM)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned an advert for Wanadoo's ISP products because it featured children French kissing in a dangerous environment (scrap yard):

Sixty two people complained that the "French kiss" [how apt for a company owned by France Telecom, ed] that ended the TV commercial was "too explicit" while a dozen punters were concerned that showing young people playing in a "dangerous environment" could lead to someone getting hurt.

Defending the ad Wanadoo UK's ad agency, M&C Saatchi, said the snog was not "coarse or unduly sexual". As for the backdrop, the creative boutique insisted that that the scrapyard was a "stylised American setting" with the "'pop-video' type location intended to be fantastical".

Nonsense, said the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which ruled that the kiss was "much too graphic" for when the ad was shown. As for playing among old bangers, the ASA ruled the it was "irresponsible to show a car scrapyard as an adventurous place to hang out with friends".

Having not seen the advert ourselves it would be inappropriate to comment, but wed still love to know how such a scene ends up advertising broadband or dialup =). More @ The Register.

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