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Bulldog Resubmits BT LLU Complaint
By: MarkJ - 30 March, 2005 (1:28 PM)

We recently reported that Bulldog had withdrawn its LLU repairs complaint against BT following "significant progress having been made on the BT LLU Fault Repair [T&C's]". Sadly one aspect remains unresolved:

In a statement C&W said: "Bulldog requested three new fault care levels, two of which would provide parity with BT's wholesale broadband products, and the third of which would provide parity with BT's PPC (partial private circuits). BT has now agreed to provide the two new care levels providing parity with its two wholesale broadband products. It has not agreed to provide the third care level (ie parity with PPCs).

"Bulldog has withdrawn the dispute, as two of the three issues have been resolved, and is planning to resubmit the dispute on the third point,
" it said.

So far as BT is concerned, the dispute is no longer an issue and has been resolved. We'll have to wait and see if that holds up following Bulldog's resubmission. More @ The Register.

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