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T-Mobile's £1 Per Day Phone Surfing
By: MarkJ - 02 August, 2006 (1:58 PM)

Smartphone based pre-pay T-Mobile customers can now surf the Internet on the small screen for a maximum charge of £1 per day via the new "Web'n'Walk" service. Typically there’s a catch:

The service, which had previously been limited to customers paying monthly, boasts no cap on usage and no limitations on the websites customers can visit, though those wanting to access sites of an "adult" nature will need to prove they are over the age of 18.

The service is currently only be available on the Motorola v3 RAZR and Nokia 6131, though support for more handsets is promised before Christmas.

The product may seem attractive on the surface, yet T-Mobile does have a number of restrictions. For example, you can not use the service as a mobile modem for laptop surfing, while VoIP and streaming video services are banned. More @ The Register.

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