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Breathe/O-Bit Secure SOME Ex-Biscit ISP Customers
By: MarkJ - 20 March, 2007 (8:44 AM)

UPDATE: O-Bit HAS acquired the “customer database”, but it should be stressed that this does NOT include the “contracts”. Hence users continue to have a CHOICE about where they go.

Breathe has managed to secure "some" of Biscit's (V21) former customer base, despite initially being unable to acquire it (here). The new deal refers specifically to the providers EurISP/Your Communications (Maxsurf) supplied customers. However they’re not the only ones claiming to have acquired Biscit’s users (see bottom):

Breathe Networks Limited is delighted to confirm it has now concluded a deal with EurISP Limited for the acquisition of part of V21.CO.UK Limited’s customer base, known as MAXSURF.

Marcus East, breathe's Chief Executive, says: "It has been a very stressful week for many former V21 customers, so we are extremely pleased to have reached a deal with EurISP. This will now provide a safe home for the 1500 or so customers that have been stuck in limbo."

breathe will communicate directly with customers before the migration is started, and advises them to look out for announcements on its website at http://www.breatheinternet.com/maxsurf.

breathe's Customer Service Manager, Vicky Croucher, says: "Our priority is to move customers across as smoothly and quickly as possible. We ask them to bear with us during what will be a hectic time for all concerned. We will be in a position to provide them with MAC codes from Thursday 22 March.

We will not be cutting customers off straightaway, even if they decide not to stay with one of our packages - we intend to let them experience what it is like to be a breathe customer for a few days while we straighten everything out. This should also buy them some time as well. But of course, we are confident that the customers will enjoy our service, and hope that the majority of people stay with us,
” adds Vicky.

The news will at least give related customers some certainty about the future. However the news does not end there because Biscit.net's own website states that another operator, O-Bit Telecom, has acquired the provider’s assets. It should be stated that O-Bit has NOT gained the customer base (as show under the announcement):

Biscit sells assets to O-bit Telecom Limited - 19th March, 2007

The administrator on behalf of Biscit, on 19th March 2007, sold some of the assets*, including the rights to the biscit domain names and web hosting, to O-bit Telecom Limited (O-BIT).

For further information, customers may contact O-BIT on 0871 473 0000.

* The administrator has not sold the existing customer contracts to O-BIT and makes no representations whatsoever in respect of any the services provided by O-BIT. Customers entering into new arrangements with O-BIT do so at their own risk.

Customers should be aware that O-Bit has been sending e-mails to some ex-Biscit users claiming to have "acquired the customer database", which is misleading and you can only migrate to them by CHOICE (do not be fooled). O-Bit's message starts:

Dear Customer,

Help has arrived for all Biscit Internet customers!!!!

As you may be aware Biscit Internet ltd went in to administration on the 5th March 2007. Following this announcement O-bit Telecom Ltd has acquired the customer database and it is the company's intention to minimise all possible disruption to existing Biscit customers.

After reading through this mail and you would like O-bit to look after your internet for you and ensure that your service does not get disconnected please reply 'YES' to this email and we will do all the hard work for you, please include your name and telephone number that your broadband is connected to for our reference, we have all the other details required. A member of the O-bit team will then be in touch to make you aware of the activation date.

How much will I have to pay?

O-bit will honour the cost that you agreed with Biscit the only difference is that O-bit will now be providing the service for you and you will receive a bill from us instead.

We advise you to make all your future payments to O-bit once connected.

We are concerned that ex-users should be receiving such a message, especially in light of the fact that they did NOT fully acquire Biscit’s customers.

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