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200 Tiscali vISP's Offloaded To 186k
By: MarkJ - 03 March, 2005 (9:20 AM)

Tiscali UK has offloaded an estimated 200 virtual ISP's (vISP's) to rival 186k, who now controls their management. The exact reason for the move is unclear, although roughly 0.8% of Tiscali's customers have been shifted:

In a statement 186k told us: "186k has acquired approximately 1 per cent of the Tiscali UK dial access services, comprising 200 VISPs. We will continue to run the service through the Tiscali network to continue service stability whilst leveraging additional opportunity for the VISPs and their customers through value added services, support and management."

Even we didnít know that Tiscali had quite so many vISP operations, although many are probably lower key services and not widely publicised. More @ The Register.

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