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Wescot Cancels Gio Debt Collection
By: MarkJ - 07 January, 2005 (9:49 AM)

In news that will no doubt delight the ears of many, the debt collectors for ISP Gio Internet, Wescot Credit Services, have halted the collection of money from ex-Gio users (+some that never even used them) following a mass of complaints:

As a result of a "significant number of enquiries" and complaints like these, Wescot has now written another letter advising "that we have now returned all Gio Internet accounts back to our client and Wescot is no longer acting in respect of this matter".

However, it's emerged that Wescot wasn't acting on behalf of Gio directly, but cableco NTL, which is owed cash by Gio for wholesale dial-up services.

A spokesman for NTL confirmed that the cableco was working with Gio to reclaim the cash but declined to say how much money it is owed. This is on top of the £220,000 that NetServices Ltd claims it is owed by Gio for broadband services. Gio disputes this and the matter is currently in the hands of lawyers.

The Register's item notes that many of the problems are believed to have stemmed from incomplete records of customer accounts and billing transactions. Now there’s a surprise – NOT.

It would appear as if the situation is likely to drag on, with all sides seeming to claim that the other owes them money.

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