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AOL Plans 100MB Online Storage
By: MarkJ - 11 January, 2005 (9:16 AM)

Global ISP AOL is to increase the amount of online storage it offers customers to 100MB via its new 'My Storage' service. The count of additional usernames is also set to rise:

AOL will give a 100MB 'digital locker' to every subscriber and up to seven additional screen names that each account holder can create. AOL will also allow subscribers to place files in public storage and share with other users.

AOL has been toying with online storage for its members since September when it began testing File Backup, which automatically backs up PC files onto AOL's servers for a fee. My Storage, on the other hand, is meant to let subscribers organise and share their files.

According to company spokeswoman Jaymelina Esmele, the company has not set a launch date, though it expects to introduce the service by the end of the year.

It's unclear whether the announcement will include UK customers, although typically anything launched in the USA by AOL does tend to filter down, eventually. No specific launch country is mentioned in the news item. More @ ZDNet.

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