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Improved LLU Migration Surfaces
By: MarkJ - 22 April, 2006 (9:26 AM)

More details of BT's "Equivalence Management Platform" (EMP) trial have been revealed. Despite the unusual name, EMP is actually a system designed to speed up the process of migration between BT and LLU based providers:

At the moment, broadband users who subscribe to an LLU provider such as Bulldog, or have been migrated to an LLU platform by their ISP, are finding it tricky to switch ISPs because the existing process is complex and cumbersome. Even if the "cease and reprovide" needed to move from an LLU provider back to IPStream works flawlessly, it can take at least 10 days to switch providers. Typically, it takes longer.

However, once the new EMP system is up and running that delay should be reduced to just a couple of days. While an improvement on today's poor performance, it's still miles away from the MAC system which enables punters to switch ISPs (reselling IPStream) with just a few minutes downtime. Well, that's the theory.

Plusnet is one ISP that is migrating some of its punters onto unbundled exchanges, following a deal with Tiscali. But the ISP accepts that until the new EMP system is in place, switching ISPs is not a hassle-free process. "We face the same issue as all other ISPs using LLU in that BT Wholesale does not have fully automated systems for migrating customers who want to leave the service," a Plusnet spokesman told us. "We are working with our LLU supplier (Tiscali) to push Ofcom and BT Wholesale to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution."

Meanwhile Ofcom is busy investigating the various problems surrounding migration between ISP's, including the lack of a compulsory MAC system.

Not to poke fun at BT (we'd never do that!), but EMP also stands of Electro-Magnetic Pulse and is famous for knocking electrical equipment offline. More @ The Register.

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