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Be (O2) Questions BT's Broadband Accelerator Service
By: MarkJ - 11 June, 2008 (2:56 PM)

Oli White, Head of Marketing at Be Broadband (O2), has questioned the value of BT's new Home IT Support 'Broadband Accelerator' service (original news), which charges 90 to help improve broadband ADSL line speeds:

The BBC also published a table that listed the top ten ISPs for speed:

1. O2 - 6.4Mbps
2. Be - 5.5Mbps
3. Virgin Media - 4.1Mbps
4. Sky - 3.8Mbps
5. PlusNet - 3.2Mbps
6. Post Office - 3.0Mbps
7. TalkTalk - 2.9Mbps
8. BT - 2.8Mbps
9. Demon - 2.8Mbps
10. Orange - 2.7Mbps

*Average speeds.

Oli White, Head of Marketing at Be Broadband, commented on the article: BT aim to close the speed gap on Be by 0.5Mbps. That still leaves them a further 2.2Mbps behind Be's average speed according to the BBCs table, and they are charging 90 in the process. This shows just how much Bes broadband service is value for money.

However, it may be worth pointing out that some of the improvements BT's service provides (better wiring etc.) could also be used to boost Be's customer speeds too and is not a BT specific product.

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