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Games Firm Wins UK Case against Illegal P2P Downloaders
By: MarkJ - 02 July, 2008 (9:19 AM)

Topware Interactive has won a default judgement in the Central London County Court against four individual file-sharers, whom it alleged were using file-sharing (P2P) services to illegally download and distribute their 'Dream Pinball 3D' game. Those responsible will now be forced to pay the company interim damages of 750 by the end of next week, though the final figure could hit 3,500 when costs and further damages are factored in.

This outcome is the result of a case that has been pursued by the Mayfair based solicitors, Davenport Lyons. Readers may recall that Lyons has been involved in similar cases against illegal downloaders (here and here), winning several court orders to force UK ISPs into revealing the names and addresses behind an unspecified number of related IP addresses.

The ThisIsMoney report notes that Davenport Lyons is now preparing to issue a 'substantial number' of new illegal file-sharing claims this week on behalf of several clients. Meanwhile the industry is currently trying to agree a voluntary solution to clamp down on illegal downloading.

Both BT and Virgin Media recently began trials of a BPI proposed warning system, which sees ISPs issue customers with a notice informing them that illegal downloading has been identified on their accounts. The messages warn that any continuation of such activity could see further action, such as account suspension. It remains to be seen whether the industry as a whole will adopt this approach.

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