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Tory MP Calls For Internet Style Press Complaints Commission
By: MarkJ - 07 February, 2008 (2:13 PM)

Conservative MP Hugo Swire has called for a new regulatory body to be setup that could oversee the Internet, thus replacing "the current piecemeal and kneejerk codes of conduct and self regulation":

"This could work like the Advertising Standards Authority or the Press Complaints Commission," he added. "It would set the parameters for ISPs to filter internet content for children, making it safe for them to surf," Swire said. "I believe internet messages such as those on alcohol advertising and all internet ready platforms carry pre-installed internet filters."

Harmful content would include content where "cultural, taste and decency judgments" have to be made. The proposed ISA would "build a dynamic filter" and create a "blacklist database", according to Swire. ISPs would then offer two choices to households and schools in the way they access content. One for adults, which would require a pin code or "some such protective device", and one for children.

The MPs ideas for an “Internet Standards Authority” aren’t terribly clear although he appears to be advocating a system similar to the one used by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) when blocking child abuse sites. More @ The Guardian.

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