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BT's 1,000th Pre-Registered Exchange
By: MarkJ - 22 January, 2004 (1:09 PM)

The Needham Market local exchange in Suffolk has been upgraded to support broadband ADSL services, making it the 1,000th to be enabled through BT's pre-registration scheme:

The monster telco reckons it's a "great day for everyone involved with the registration scheme", which enables exchanges to be converted to ADSL once a set number of people register their interest in broadband.

"Rolling out broadband was always going to be a commercial challenge given the UKs geography," said BT Wholesale bigwig Bruce Stanford, "and the scheme has been instrumental in speeding up the process."

The Register points out that BT does own up to past mistakes with the system, although these were ultimately overcome.

Today many might argue that while more exchanges are being issued with their upgrade dates, the dates themselves are beginning to be pushed ridiculously far into the future.

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