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Public Wireless Wi-Fi Stalled Until 2008
By: MarkJ - 27 November, 2003 (9:22 AM)

PA Consulting's Dr. William Webb has reported that public broadband wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) hotspots will remain unprofitable until 2008:

Webb reckons that bluetooth phones, such as the new BT/Ericsson Bluephone, could provide the glue in the first steps to unified networks in which hotspots will play a role. In the meantime he notes the lack of proven business models, lack of roaming agreements and huge variations in pricing.

"The average price for monthly unlimited usage is much, much lower in Asia Pacific and the US than it is in Europe," Webb told Electronics Weekly. "It's around $17 versus $119. It seems crazy, doesn't it?"

We can't help but wonder why it's so much cheaper over the sea than it is here, what's the big difference? More @ The Register.

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