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BT Targets Powerline Areas For ADSL
By: MarkJ - 07 November, 2003 (1:10 PM)

While we canít see anything wrong with BT upgrading Stonehaven's (Scotland) phone exchange to ADSL, SSE Telecom, which has been trialling Powerline in the area, feels differently:

S&S' chief executive, Ian Marchant, told the Financial Times that he is "not accusing BT of dirty tricks by targeting Stonehaven". Even so, he still wants to raise the matter with Ofcom when he meets with officials there next week.

BT has been quick to point out that Stonehaven was one of the first exchanges to be given a trigger level when the demand-led registration scheme first went live in July 2002.

Like many other exchanges, it had its target reduced at the beginning of the year by 50 and in April managed to drum up enough interest (350 registrations) for BT to convert the local exchange to ADSL. The exchange went live in July at around the same time S&S began its commercial trials in the town.

Unsurprisingly BT has reacted with confusion. If, by their own admission, SSE is not accusing BT of doing anything wrong, then what is there to complain about? More @ The Register.

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