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Freenetname's ISP Re-Launched
By: MarkJ - 05 November, 2003 (1:13 PM)

Brightview has, as rumoured several weeks ago, re-launched its UK ISP Freenetname with "competitively priced" unmetered anytime dialup (£12.50 per month) and broadband (£24 per month) packages:


Leading ISP, freenetname, has today announced that it has relaunched its site for the general consumer and SoHo environment. The new-look service enables users to create their own online identity for free by providing all customers with their own, personal e-mail and web addresses, combined with competitively priced unmetered anytime (£12.50 per month), broadband (£24 per month) packages and pay as you go.

An additional new service called freenetname justmail allows customers to register a personalised e-mail and website address, and send and receive e-mail via any Internet connection. This allows users with an anytime or broadband connection with another ISP to benefit from the freenetname service. Justmail comes with webmail, 50MB mailbox storage and is available for only £2.50 per month. Users can choose and register from a range of domain names, which includes .co.uk, org.uk and .me.uk.

The site also has a new my account function, which enables subscribers to manage their freenetname account online. Users will be able to check invoices, update contact details and even change their dial-up number if they are away from their home or office, at any time. Other services with freenetname include 24x7 technical support, 20MB webspace and access to 65,000+ newsgroups.

Caroline Frankel, Marketing Director Chief Marketing Officer, freenetname says: “Our competitively priced broadband and dial-up services, as well as our new justmail and my account functions, means that we now offer an extremely attractive and unparalleled service to both existing and future customers. In addition to this, what really differentiates freenetname from other ISPs is the fact that users can personalise their own e-mail and web addresses, which allows them to create an online identity and establish a stronger presence on the Internet.

Online branding is becoming more and more important, especially for small businesses wanting to attract new business via the web. Our research has uncovered that consumers are more likely to choose and do business with a company that has a personalised domain name, and also felt that a personalised e-mail and web address increased their trust in a company and enhanced its credibility

The freenetname research uncovered that out of over 2,000 respondents, who were UK consumers, over half felt that they were more likely to trust a company with its own, personalised e-mail and web addresses.

In terms of online brand perceptions, over a quarter of consumers felt that a personal domain name gave the impression the company was a bigger organisation, and 44% felt that such a business was more likely to offer a quality product. Not only that, but another 40% also felt that having personalised e-mail and web addresses gave the impression a company was more established and had been in operation longer.

From a business perspective, 91% of SoHo’s felt that its personal e-mail and web addresses had had a positive impact when doing business online, with 89% believing it had enhanced its business image. Over half of respondents also felt that a personal domain had resulted in more business.

Continued Frankel: “We are very excited about the relaunch, which we feel is a great boost to traditional ISP services. The new site proves we have developed and adapted to customer needs, which is a crucial factor to staying alive in this competitive industry. In a market currently dominated by price, we are offering very competitively priced packages with the additional benefit of a truly personalised presence on the web.

The research sample consisted of interviews with over 2,000 consumers and over 2,000 SoHo’s.

For more information: www.freenetname.co.uk

As usual we have a forum for the ISP – HERE.

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