Summary: A big thank you to Andrews and Arnold
July 19th, 2017 (Last Edited: July 19th, 2017)
This company is amazing. Having been with two other broadband suppliers and dealing with their totally annoying and useless call centres for years and years a friend recommended this company and what a difference. Not only do you speak straight to their incredibly knowledgeable and efficient engineers, but they actually sort out the problem for you straight away. Living in the country my broadband before was constantly crashing and with my previous suppliers I’d be going round and round in circles with their call centres getting a nervous breakdown whilst not actually getting anywhere - all the time.
A perfect example of Andrews and Arnold’s efficiency; fibre recently came to my village and they were immediately on the case in connecting me, I was upgraded from a download of 1.6 to 46.0 megabits (wow). Three weeks later the others in the village with different, but well known providers, are still waiting and waiting and waiting...

So a very big thank you to Andrews and Arnold.
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