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31st Jan 2016 (22 Comments)

A large build of new homes on the outskirts of Buckingham (England) is still struggling to be recognised as needing faster broadband via the state aid fuelled Connected Counties project, which is because the local authority and BT were unable to identify its existence.. even though it’s kind of hard to miss.

three uk mobile broadband

30th Jan 2016 (28 Comments)

Customers of Three UK are livid this week after the mobile operator began warning them that their old, cheaper and more flexible legacy tariffs would be coming to an end. In some cases the outcome represents a massive price hike, which has resulted in the operator’s #MakeItRight slogan being mocked.


29th Jan 2016 (21 Comments)

In an interesting development the Government appears to have extended its £60m 2Mbps for all rural broadband (USC) subsidy scheme to include fixed wireless ISP Quickline in Lincolnshire (England), which is big change from the initial focus on Satellite based solutions.

bt wholesale uk

29th Jan 2016 (10 Comments)

BT’s seemingly endless merry-go-round of senior managerial changes has continued today with the surprise news that Nigel Stagg, CEO of BTWholesale, is to step down from the UK telecoms giant after 36 long years of service. A successor will apparently be “announced in due course“.

ee uk logo

29th Jan 2016 (2 Comments)

The UK telecoms regulator has launched a preliminary investigation to established whether or not mobile operator EE, which is imminently about to become a part of the BT Group, has once again broken its rules by failing to accurately bill their customers.

wireless microwave link uk

29th Jan 2016 (1 Comment)

Perhaps unsurprisingly EE has once again been shown to deliver the fastest Mobile Broadband (3G and 4G) Internet speeds at all three of London’s main airports – Gatwick (LGW), Heathrow (LHR) and London City (LCY).


29th Jan 2016 (5 Comments)

Sky UK has today published the company’s latest results to the end of 2015 (calendar), which reveals that the total number of Sky Broadband subscribers in the UK and Ireland increased by +144K in the quarter to total 5.89 million (better than the +133k added in Q3). The operator is now focused on the launch of Sky Q, but where is Sky Mobile?


29th Jan 2016 (4 Comments)

The annual uSwitch.com Broadband Awards 2015 were held last night and suffice to say that two ISPs dominated the evening more than most, Virgin Media and Plusnet. Both providers managed to sweep a bunch of gongs in different categories, although Virgin clearly picked up the most.

new home construction

28th Jan 2016 (21 Comments)

It’s a familiar story, you buy a newly built house only to find that it could take months before BTOpenreach get around to connecting you to even a basic broadband or phone service and then when it does go live the service could be slow. Meanwhile the property developer blames BT and vice versa.

copper and fibre optic hybrid broadband cables uk

28th Jan 2016 (28 Comments)

Israel-based Sckipio, which is making some of the hardware for BT’s forthcoming hybrid-fibre G.fast (ITU G.9700/1) broadband tech, claims to have successfully tested a connection that delivers speeds of 300Mbps over 500 metres of copper cable and this could rise to 500Mbps. But there’s a catch.

worcestershire uk broadband

28th Jan 2016 (5 Comments)

The Superfast Worcestershire (England) project has today announced which areas will benefit from its second contract with BTOpenreach, which aims to expand the local coverage of “high-speed fibre broadband” (FTTC/P) to an additional 8,000 premises by Autumn 2017.


28th Jan 2016 (5 Comments)

Last year’s effort between the Federation of Small Businesses and WarwickNet to identify and roll-out a superfast FTTC / FTTP broadband service to business parks and industrial estates in Northamptonshire (England) has won rare praise from the central UK Government.

gbp uk internet money pile

28th Jan 2016 (9 Comments)

The UK Government has today signed a new City Deal, which will pump up to £250 million into Aberdeen (Scotland). Most of the investment will go towards propping up the city’s gas and oil industry, as well as expanding its harbour, although some will be used to further boost digital connectivity.

talktalk uk isp

28th Jan 2016 (12 Comments)

Relations between UK broadband provider TalkTalk and sub-contractor Wipro, which operates their outsourced call centre(s) in India, have been strained after the ISP identified three customer support agents that appeared to be stealing personal data from subscribers and using it in scams.

Slow Broadband Speed UK Internet Download

27th Jan 2016 (12 Comments)

Ookla, the company behind the popular Speedtest.net service, has accused a broadband ISP in the United Kingdom of “intentional manipulation” by “prioritizing port 8080” Internet traffic in order to return a better performance result for their subscribers. But the reality may be more complicated.

plusnet uk

27th Jan 2016 (2 Comments)

Plusnet has launched a new offer on their ‘up to’ 38Mbps Unlimited Fibre (FTTC) broadband package, which gives new subscribers 6 months of free service (£14.99 a month thereafter). As usual you also have to take the ISPs Phone Line Rental from £16.99 per month or the monthly equivalent of £15.49 when pre-paid for a year.

uk "up to" broadband speeds

27th Jan 2016 (0 Comments)

It’s nearly four years since the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) first introduced tougher rules to tackle misleading promotions of broadband ISP speed (here) and the organisation seems unlikely to toughen its stance again, especially with related complaints falling by half. Meanwhile Ofcom’s new speed rules are about to be enforced.

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