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ISP News Archives for January 2016

fibre optic blue strands storm

20th January, 2016 (0 Comments)

At the end of 2014 Cityfibre announced their plan to extend an 80km pure metro fibre optic Public Service Network (PSN) in Huddersfield, Kirklees (West Yorkshire, England) to cater for local businesses and happily, after 10 months of construction, the operator has now completed it.


20th January, 2016 (12 Comments)

Point Topic has updated their Digital Deprivation Index that attempts to identify which parts of the UK are most likely to struggle with the take-up of superfast broadband (30Mbps+) services, often due to issues such as low income or disability. Sadly West Somerset and Hull come top of the table.


20th January, 2016 (28 Comments)

A researcher for the London School of Economics (LSE) has warned that the recently approved £12.5bn merger between fixed line telecoms giant BT and mobile operator EE may “change the competitive balance of the UK communications landscape” and challenge Ofcom’s approach to regulation.

sky broadband uk

20th January, 2016 (0 Comments)

Customers of Sky Broadband will soon start to see the Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) addressing standard being enabled on their connections as the ISP begins to progress beyond last year’s large scale trials, with the final firmware update for Sky’s routers likely to be rolled out during Q1 – Q2 2016.

satellite internet transmission dish

19th January, 2016 (6 Comments)

Perhaps unsurprisingly the Government’s new Satellite broadband subsidy scheme, which aims to help 300,000 of the most remote rural premises in the United Kingdom (note: Wales has a different scheme) to get a better connection, has got off to a slow start with only £8,400 spent of the £60 million funding.


19th January, 2016 (0 Comments)

BT’s Chief Architect and MD of their Global IT Platform, Howard Watson, has today been announced as the man that will take over from Clive Selley as the CEO of their Technology, Service and Operations (TSO) division. Selley has of course recently been promoted (here) to the tricky role of CEO at Openreach.

fttc bt openreach mastersocket

19th January, 2016 (4 Comments)

Some Internet providers appear to have been left confused and uncertain about whether to adopt BTOpenreach’s new Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC / VDSL) product, which launched last Saturday and offers superfast broadband download speeds of ‘up to’ 55Mbps and uploads of 10Mbps.

fibre optic cables green and blues uk

18th January, 2016 (54 Comments)

The Central Government has disappointed those calling for ultrafast pure fibre optic broadband connections (FTTH/P) to be rolled out across the United Kingdom by rebuffing the idea as part of its response to a European Commission consultation on connectivity needs post-2020.

bt uk isp logo

18th January, 2016 (11 Comments)

Last year BT pledged to answer “more than” 80% of its customers’ calls in the United Kingdom by the end of 2016 (here) and today they’ve moved forward with that commitment by announcing the creation of 1,000 permanent UK jobs, which reflect “frontline roles in customer care” to be filled by April 2017.


18th January, 2016 (2 Comments)

Customers of TalkTalk’s home Internet access packages may like to know that the ISP is now supplying their fastest “Super Router” (Huawei HG633) connection hardware with all new broadband packages “at no extra cost“, not just on their “fibre broadband” or Plus TV options.

Openreach BT UltraFast G.fast Fibre Broadband

18th January, 2016 (24 Comments)

A lot has already been said about BT’s forthcoming 300-500Mbps capable “ultra fast fibre” G.fast (NGA2) broadband technology, which is currently being trialled in parts of Swansea (Wales), Huntingdon (Cambridgeshire) and Gosforth (Newcastle), but not a lot has been seen of the consumer router hardware being tested by Openreach.. until now.

award best broadband uk ISP gold trophy

15th January, 2016 (15 Comments)

The UK telecoms regulatory has today published a new study of consumer satisfaction with fixed line broadband, phone, pay TV and mobile providers, which surveyed thousands of consumers between July and September 2015 to reveal that Sky Broadband is the highest rated of all the big ISPs.

banned from the internet cross

15th January, 2016 (12 Comments)

Internet video streaming giant Netflix has finally followed through on last year’s controversial change to their Terms & Conditions by limiting access for broadband subscribers that make use of Proxy Servers or Virtual Private Networks (VPN), which circumvent regional content restrictions.


15th January, 2016 (16 Comments)

As expected the Competition and Markets Authority has today officially approved the £12.5bn merger between national UK fixed line telecoms giant BT and mobile operator EE. But what comes next and how might existing customers or services be impacted.

talktalk uk isp

14th January, 2016 (12 Comments)

A large number of customers with a TalkTalk home telephone line have spent most of the day with a malfunctioning service, which seemingly presents no dial tone and often does not allow either incoming or outgoing calls.

buffering internet - please wait

14th January, 2016 (1 Comment)

The Council of Europe has today issued a set of “network neutrality guidelines” that call for mobile and broadband providers to treat Internet traffic equally, without discrimination or restriction, and for member states (e.g. UK) to support this via the “development of national legal frameworks“.

ofcom uk telecoms regulator

14th January, 2016 (6 Comments)

Ofcom has confirmed the appointment of former BT CEO Ben Verwaayen to the position of non-executive director on their board, which comes just ahead of the Strategic Review that will decide whether or not BT should be separated from control of their national UK broadband and phone network.

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