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ISP News Archives for September 2017

ofcom uk telecoms regulator

19th Sep 2017 (0 Comments)

The UK telecoms regulator has today announced that they will introduce a series of changes to improve their consumer protection rules from 1st October 2018, which aim to tackle billing accuracy, debt collection, nuisance calls, complaints handling and support for those with disabilities.


18th Sep 2017 (42 Comments)

Israel-based Sckipio, which created some of the kit that Openreach (BT) piloted as part of their 330Mbps G.fast broadband roll-out, has promised “true 1Gbps speeds” by becoming one of the first to launch a chipset based off the ITU-T’s Amendment 3 (212MHz) profile. Plus there’s a 96-port DPU.


18th Sep 2017 (0 Comments)

Scottish train operator ScotRail has partnered up with Cisco, CGI, Network Rail Telecoms and Wittos to conduct a Proof of Concept trial to enable “super-fast” WiFi on trains (Project SWIFT), which could offer data speeds of up to 300Mbps (allegedly the “fastest in-train Wi-Fi service in the world“).

55mbps sky guarantee

18th Sep 2017 (11 Comments)

Internet provider Andrews & Arnold (AAISP) has attempted to spoof modern advertising practices and Sky Broadband’s recent offer of a 55Mbps “Minimum Speed Guarantee” by proposing to go one further with a 56Mbps guarantee. Naturally they’re quick to explain the caveats.

18th Sep 2017 (12 Comments)

The roll-out of “ultrafast” fibre optic broadband services using Gigabit capable FTTH/P/B technologies is continuing to ramp up in 2017, with our latest annual estimate of total premises passed across the United Kingdom reaching 1,084,500 (up from 780k in 2016) and this is set to surge.

plusnet uk

15th Sep 2017 (15 Comments)

Internet provider Plusnet has “wholeheartedly” apologised to one of their broadband subscribers, who had contacted the ISP in the hope of getting his Direct Debit date changed but instead found his surname being substituted with the C-word (hint, it’s not cat) by a call centre worker.


15th Sep 2017 (9 Comments)

Telecoms operator BT has updated their technical document (SIN520) for the new 330Mbps G.fast hybrid fibre broadband technology to include the specific technical requirements for end-user modems, which is what Openreach and ISPs will supply to homes and businesses.

kcom hull uk engineer vans

15th Sep 2017 (4 Comments)

Over the past two years we’ve heard plenty of debate about the Government and BT’s proposed plan for a legally-binding 10Mbps Universal Service Obligation for broadband, although there’s been very little talk about KCOM’s position in Hull and East Yorkshire, where they dominate the local market.

outdoor fttp openreach install

15th Sep 2017 (54 Comments)

Everybody seems to want “full fibre” broadband, but there are caveats. People moving into new build developments, specifically those that are only being served by Openreach’s (BT) FTTP “ultrafast broadband” technology, are running into problems because they’re unable to keep their phone number.

world internet

14th Sep 2017 (0 Comments)

The United Nations (UN) has today publish its annual ‘State of Broadband‘ global progress report, which reveals that while 48% of the global population is now online, some 3.9bn people still do not have access to the Internet and the digital gap is growing between developed and developing countries.


14th Sep 2017 (0 Comments)

Earlier this year Ofcom proposed to impose a raft of new Quality of Service standards and charge controls upon Openreach’s (BT) national broadband and phone network (here). Today the regulator has published a revision, which changes some of the proposed targets.

LED Light Bulbs

14th Sep 2017 (3 Comments)

A team working out of Brunel University London has secured £720,000 of funding from Europe’s Horizon 2020 programme in order to help them develop a 10Gbps capable home wireless network using hybrid Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) and mmWave tech inside LED (Light-Emitting Diode) room lights.

lowndes court virgin media cabinet location

14th Sep 2017 (9 Comments)

Remember those pensioners in Barrhead (East Renfrewshire, Scotland) who complained that Virgin Media’s new 5ft tall street cabinet “completely blocks out any light from coming into the house” (here)? After a nine month battle, plus lots of bad media publicity, the operator has agreed to move it.

fibre optic night cable openreach

13th Sep 2017 (16 Comments)

Openreach (BT) has confirmed that the launch of their new 160Mbps (30Mbps up) and 330Mbps (50Mbps up) product tiers for Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) broadband lines, which will mirror the new G.fast tiers, is being delayed by one month because “further deployment testing is required.”

fast internet download speed

13th Sep 2017 (0 Comments)

Internet speed measuring company Ookla, which runs the popular Speedtest.net service, has published a short update that breaks the mobile and fixed line broadband speeds of the United Kingdom down by country. Interestingly Scotland comes out on top for fixed broadband performance.

fibre optic cables on pcb circuit board

13th Sep 2017 (9 Comments)

Mobile and broadband provider Vodafone has published a new study that claims to have identified 50+ towns and cities across England that have “digital potential just waiting to be unlocked,” provided they can fully exploit their digital resources to drive economic growth.

openreach bt fibre optic cable hands

13th Sep 2017 (1 Comment)

The Connecting Cheshire scheme in England has confirmed that their roll-out of “fibre broadband” (FTTC/P) services across Cheshire and Warrington will soon be extended, which is thanks to the securing of an additional public investment worth £7.25 million.

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