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Vodafone UK Tops 911,000 Fixed Broadband ISP Customers

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 (7:28 am) - Score 2,856
Vodafone UK broadband and mobile

The latest first quarter 2021 results (financial Q4 FY21) from ISP and mobile giant Vodafone UK have today been published, which reveals that their fixed broadband base added another +35,000 customers (vs +38k in the previous quarter) to make for a total base of 911,000. But their mobile base fell to 17,253,000.

Once again it’s been another fairly quiet quarter for Vodafone, although they did find the time to trial the use of 4G connected drones to deliver NHS supplies (here) and they also launched a new range of fixed line “Pro Broadband” packages for homes (here) with lots of added extras (mesh WiFi, 4G backup etc.). But the operator still took some flak in Ofcom’s latest quarterly study of consumer broadband and phone complaints (here).

Elsewhere, Vodafone scooped up some new radio spectrum to fuel their 5G mobile network (here) and also tested drones to help in its deployment (here). In addition, the mobile operator is looking to improve eSIM support for travellers (here).

In terms of their customer figures, Vodafone UK’s mobile base has shrunk to 17,253,000 (down from 17,337,000 last quarter), although the majority of this decline (-84,000) came from their Prepaid (pay as you go) base, while their Pay Monthly base seemed to be largely flat (i.e. there was no data in the spreadsheet for this quarter).

The operator’s fixed broadband customer also base grew to 911,000 and some 459,000 of those are “converged” (i.e. they take a mobile plan from the same operator). Most of their broadband customers come from their slower FTTC packages, although sadly the operator doesn’t offer a split of FTTC and FTTP, which means we can’t see how well their full fibre products via CityFibre and Openreach are performing.

Finally, it’s noted that mobile data (mobile broadband) traffic across their network increased to a total of 263,737 TeraBytes (TB) during the quarter, which is up from 254,465TB in the previous quarter.

Nick Read, Group CEO, said:

“The world has changed. The pandemic has shown how critical connectivity and digital services are to society. Vodafone is strongly positioned and through increased investment, we are taking action now to ensure we play a leadership role and capture the opportunities that these changes create. The increased demand for our services supports our ambition to grow revenues and cash flow over the medium-term. We remain fully focused on driving shareholder returns through deleveraging, improving our return on capital, and a firm commitment to our dividend.”

Overall, the operator saw their quarterly UK service revenue increase to €1,231m (up from €1,216m in the previous quarter). The full report is here (PDF).


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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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26 Responses
  1. Leonard King says:

    How much is Vodafone charging for it’s FTTP via CityFibre?

    1. Bob says:

      From a quick search:

      – 100/100 – £26/m
      – 200/200 – £50/m
      – 500/500 – £55/m
      – 900/900 – £60/m

      That’s a big jump from 100mbps to 200mbps

  2. Michael V says:

    Still loving the Superfast2 we got.
    Best home service!

  3. Stephen Connolly says:

    Vodafone is a rubbish broadband provider

  4. Vaid says:

    Vodafone can’t fix my account issue 6 months, have 3 numbers and network is rubbish, internet download speed is 0.02mb/s my plan is unlimited max, get only sms about missed calls and no one can’t call me, they change sim cards, i changed phones, but 6 months same issue. And technical services told me your phone using so many mobile data, wtf??? IPhone 11, unlimited max monthly plan and can’t open Vodafone apps in town centre close to vodafone customer service. Same model phones, same time and same places speed test: Vodafone download 0.02mb/s- upload 0.3mb/s, other lyca mobile download 15.75mb/s – upload 9,33mb/s. And same everywhere. Vodafone rubbish

    1. Carl says:

      Try reset your network settings and switch off any vpn you may be using. Sounds like a handset issue opposed to a network issue. Possibly check your mobile data settings for Vodafone too.

    2. TrueFibre says:

      It should like something to do your Openreach Wire setup I don’t think is Vodafone to blame I could be anything from the cable from the pole it be the cable from the cabinet or it could be your master socket. I had change my socket a few years back I was getting interference on the line witch causing my router to constantly dropout.

    3. TrueFibre says:

      I agree with Carl try resetting your mobile Internet connection

  5. N says:

    Very happy with my Vodafone home broadband (FTTC Superfast 2) and my SIM delivers excellent speed and coverage. Far better than EE, Vodafone really top in London.

  6. derek skinner says:

    I think your broadband is rubbish it keeps going off and they are putting my broadband up from £23 to £27 the sooner i move the better Vodafone stink

  7. John says:

    Just left Vodafone for plusnet. What a relief – goads was slow and unreliable with regular dropouts plusnet is fab, stable and fair line speed. How can two providers who use the same open reach cables be so different?

    1. New_Londoner says:

      I hate it when my goads are slow and unreliable! 😉

    2. Craig says:

      I have always wondered this, does anyone know?

      Out of PlusNet, Now and TalkTalk who are the best for reliability?

  8. Jamie P says:

    Currently paying £46 pm for 900/900 solid connection couldn’t be happier.

  9. Annoymous says:

    Current with there adjuctor report the company to chase got the same crap they alleged it was my equirement at fault refused to enter any sort of reasonable comprise couldn’t organise a piss up I brewer have I was with them ten ago don’t have a clue and what need to do with equailty law understand the act what legal reasonably and I also report to the asa for misleading ads sont go with Vodafone worse mistake you can make

    1. T says:

      I’ll have what you’re drinking please.

  10. Bishop Brennan says:

    Vodafone FTTC very good for the price.

    Does anybody know when Vodafone will offer FTTC over OpenReach?

  11. Ian says:

    For me they have been deeply disappointing – poor customer service, they fouled up my signup order twice then refused to honour the special offer because it expired while they were messing around, the maximum speeds are uninspiring (terrible for VDSL2) and the service regularly drops out even after Openreach refreshed my supply cable and socket. I’m less than 100m from the cabinet. Oh yes and their supplied router is a joke with virtually no useful configurable options and appalling stability. I’ve switched to a purely 4G service now; it’s cheaper, more reliable and significantly faster (100/40 vs 30/5)

  12. Jay says:

    I just renewed with Vodafone for a two year contract and they conned me with superfast 2 for the same price as superast 1.
    I still get super fast 1 speeds even after complaining so I will be talking to trading standards and ombudsman.

    1. RN says:


      I had a similar issue with Vodafone regrading me from SuperFast 1 to 2 and never got the extra speed despite the router sync changing from 40,000 to around 79,990 overnight.

      Vodafone email you stating NOT to reboot the router as they’re retraining the line.

      In short: Reboot your router (unplug power wait a minute or two)

      If that’s not your issue, what were your line estimates -vs- your line sync now?

  13. TrueFibre says:

    As Vodafone Customer I am absolutely happy with my FTTC 80/20 Mbps. I think Vodafone must be doing something right if they have 911,000 customers now. I honestly don’t why people complaining about about Vodafone’s Internet service. Surely Vodafone is better then BT. I would rather pay £20 a month with Vodafone and pay BT over £70 a month plus line rental.

    1. RN says:


      As a Vodafone FTTC customer too, mine is great for about £22/month with no extra charges.

      I cannot use my landline anymore as every single time it rings it’s another scam call.

      The problem isn’t the service provision itself but IF/WHEN you have problems (even a question) they don’t seem to have ANY common sense to deal with it.

      Vodafone customer service is pretty dire, but I am prepared to live with this in return for the pleasure that I’m not being fleeced to death by BT, as you’ve described above.

      Due to an age-thing I cannot convince the parents/relatives to move from being lifelong BT customers – it’s a trust/honour thing(?) which I don’t quite understand! Each to their own!

    2. TrueFibre says:

      Scam calls are nothing to do with your ISP. Scammers and Hackers get your phone number at Random using Software scammers know nothing about you they get your number using Software they scan for phone at random BT Vodafone EE Virgin Media Plus-net Sky and all the other ISPs get scam calls. I bought a CPR Call-blocker.

      You can watch videos on YouTube about Scammers and what they use look for a YouTube Channel called Jim Browning.

    3. TrueFibre says:

      Your right there RN says

  14. TrueFibre says:

    All ISP’s pretty much use the BT Openreach the vast majority of the causes of Internet service problems is network congestion. For example at peck time if your on a 76 Mbps you may get 60 Mbps. Or if could be bad connection at your local green cabinet it could the Dynamite Line Management as tech kicked in witch means you have errors on your line due sound to noise ratio aka noise on your line. Have a high sound to noise ratio can cause reduction in speed. In this call your ISP and ask for a Dynamic Line Management DLM Reset. The best thing you can to is to optimise your Internet connection using a different DNS from your ISP’ DNS Like I use Google DNS it’s faster.

    1. TrueFibre says:

      Sorry for the spelling Lol

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