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Major Network Outage Strikes Broadband ISP Virgin Media UK UPDATE10

Tuesday, Apr 4th, 2023 (7:35 am) - Score 56,640

Customers of broadband ISP Virgin Media (VMO2) are reporting a major UK network outage this morning (technically it’s been two outages), which has caused connectivity problems and appears to have disrupted their website and DNS servers too. Some reports indicate that their TV (IPTV), mobile and phone services have also been hit.

As usual in these situations, Virgin Media’s general Service Status page has gone offline with an error (this always happens with them, it’s a source of continued annoyance) and, at the time of writing, even their backup National Outage Page fails to load. Meanwhile, the operator has yet to post a status update to their social media channels, which is despite there being issues throughout the night.

According to Down Detector, the operator first suffered a large disruption to service just after 1am last night that trigged tens of thousands of complaints, but this appeared to have settled back down by around 4am. Unfortunately, the same thing happened again this morning at around 6:30am and has triggered a huge volume of complaints, which is most likely because more people are awake to experience it.

A quick look at internet traffic across Cloudflare’s global content delivery network (via Cloudflare Radar) also appears to show that they’re “tracking a complete internet outage at Virgin Media (AS5089) in the United Kingdom … Virgin Media DNS also unavailable.” The issue may also be extending to some of the operator’s business connectivity clients.

At the time of writing we’re still gathering data, but it appears as if the physical broadband connection for many customers is still technically live, yet there seems to be an issue with their routing/peering/DNS (Domain Name Servers) that is disrupting the internet connectivity side (it’s sporadic). We suspect it’s more routing orientated, as changing the DNS server to a third party (OpenDNS, Google Public DNS etc.) doesn’t seem to help.

We are currently trying to get a statement from Virgin Media and will keep this article updated. But we’ve not seen a network outage this large for a few years.

UPDATE 8:11am

Cisco’s monitoring of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) events, which is a protocol that helps to link the internet together by exchanging routing information with Autonomous Systems (such as those run by your ISP), has also picked up the outage (here) – this has affected 239 prefixes.

UPDATE 8:25am

Sources inform us that the network outage may also be impacting Virgin Media’s internal support lines and systems. But it only takes one admin with a mobile phone to update their social media feed, yet so far, they haven’t even managed to do that. The level of communication from the provider on this is shockingly bad.

UPDATE 8:30am

Finally, after several hours, we have a statement. But it’s as uninformative as you’d expect.

A VMO2 Spokesperson said:

“We’re aware of an issue that is affecting broadband services for Virgin Media customers as well as our contact centres. Our teams are currently working to identify and fix the problem as quickly as possible and we apologise to those customers affected.”

UPDATE 8:40am

Virgin Media’s website seems to be coming back to life, although comically their major outage page states: “There are no major network outages we’re currently aware of.” We are also seeing some signs of an improvement elsewhere, but if they’ve corrected the issue with their routing/peering, then it may take a bit of time to fully return for everybody.

UPDATE 9:57am

Arriving somewhat after the fact, VM Business has just issued a similar statement to their residential division: “We’re aware of an issue that is affecting broadband services for Virgin Media Business customers as well as our contact centres. Our teams are currently working to identify and fix the problem as quickly as possible and we apologise to those customers affected.”

We’re currently seeing many services return to normal.

UPDATE 11:39am

The issue is now formally resolved. A VM spokesperson said: “We’ve restored broadband services for customers but are closely monitoring the situation as our engineers continue to investigate. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

UPDATE 4:40pm

Another massive outage appears to have begun occurring after 4pm today and, once again, their website appears to be affected.

UPDATE 6:49am

The situation has started to improve again, although Virgin Media has also confirmed the return of the issue. A spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, we have seen a repeat of an earlier issue which is causing intermittent broadband connectivity problems for some Virgin Media customers. We apologise again to those customers impacted and our teams are continuing to work flat out to find the root cause of the problem and fix it.”

UPDATE 5th April 2023 @ 9:09am

We’re still seeing some reports of issues, but only at a much lower level. Otherwise, we note that Virgin Media, working alongside Juniper engineers, apparently had to reset some hardware (FPC) at a number of its sites (e.g. Brentford, Northampton etc.) after they reported errors.

Interestingly, the operator has also applied further DDoS mitigation at their Brentford Backbone-3, although we don’t know for sure if the incident itself was related to an attack or an issue of maintenance/configuration. The remaining Backbone routers at Northampton, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds have also had the mitigation applied.

UPDATE 5th April 2023 @ 11:56am

We asked Ofcom if they were aware of the outage and involvement of a DDoS attack. A spokesperson for the regulator told us: “We are aware that Virgin Media has been experiencing problems with its network. We are in contact with the company to establish the scale and cause of the problem as soon as possible.”

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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172 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Jason says:

    again !!

    1. Avatar photo anonymouse says:

      Well if you continue to put up with VM’s heady mixture of whacking great price rises, poor customer service, and dubious reliability, in exchange for high download speeds, then yes. Again.

      So glad I left!

    2. Avatar photo Andy H says:

      They are a con, give free speed upgrades it always drops out then they hike the prices all the customer services in India are paid nothing, which refects how rubbish they are

  2. Avatar photo annoyed customer says:

    yeah woke up to internet not working

    1. Avatar photo Mr Sensible says:

      May be its simply ‘woke’

    2. Avatar photo Mr barely literate says:

      Maybe it’s simply ‘woke’.

      P.s. Don’t ask me what ‘woke’ is as I don’t know, it’s just something I mindlessly parrot.

  3. Avatar photo Symon says:

    Home and Mobil internet not working.

    N15 and E8 Area

  4. Avatar photo Mark says:

    Dont mind paying bit extra each year for bettwr service…..but sorry price goes up for same crap..
    Even customer services take hours to get through

  5. Avatar photo APJ says:

    Your article highlights the worst aspect of Virgin Media when there are problems: the communication and identification of the issue with the end user.

    Their status pages are frequently totally useless and never identify issues properly or indeed at all. Same when issues are identified and resolved, the updates/resolutions rarely filter through via alerts if you sign up to be notified.

    The end user 99.999% of the time knows (and has to) look elsewhere to try and establish “is it me….or is Virgin Media down?” …and it’s just not on for a company of this size, their support is truly abysmal.

    1. Avatar photo Mark says:

      Same old story and same old issues, so glad i kept away, after trying to persuade virgin to connect our street and being ignored, we had one of the alternate services, they came to our street on their own accord, put fibre in
      And found no problem, today everyone in my area are using them, but virgin are now begging us to use them! Time they were told, if they ignore us we ignore them, simple. A four year wait with virgin ended with a 4 day wait with the alternative rival. The biggest gripe with virgin though those unpopular unrealistic price rises they think we all accept. My broadband price is almost £18 cheaper, so how cool is that virgin!
      And remember when you get a sales rep around, get someone who tells the truth.

  6. Avatar photo Ash S says:

    Shocking, the last day people can leave their contracts penalty free also. It’s been up and down over the last 6 months, i reckon their cancellation like it’s going to busy today.

    Thankfully I can still work from home using three 5G. Virgin is becoming so unreliable.

  7. Avatar photo Hergen says:

    Connection has been down since about 1am in the Luton/Dunstable area. Tried to tether my work laptop through my work phone… which is on O2, which didn’t work either (either extremely slow or completely down). EE has massively reduced speeds, probably due to tons of people using it because their broadband is down… What a joyous Tuesday!

  8. Avatar photo Adam says:

    No service in Burton on Trent and derby

    Will be leaving for BT next year when hopefully my exchange area is live with fttp

  9. Avatar photo Annoyed Leeds says:

    Same here in Leeds, the router is saying there is a internet connection but no access to any sites

    The worst part is that even on my mobile the virginmedia.com site is down so no easy way of registering the issue from a service down perspective

  10. Avatar photo Philip says:

    Colchester area and the VM internet service is resuming, most websites and email are working again.

    Breakdowns happen it is often as simple as an excavator and an unmarked cable.

    1. Avatar photo NE555 says:

      > Breakdowns happen it is often as simple as an excavator and an unmarked cable

      If that were true, then the actual problem would be “missing or incorrectly configured redundancy in the network”. Of course, you never get to see how many outages have been successfully *prevented* by network redundancy.

      But in this case, the problems appear to be nationwide. It’s unlikely that VM traffic for the whole country is going via a single cable.

    2. Avatar photo Altnets are toast says:


      Someone unplugged the toaster in head office 🙂

    3. Avatar photo Icaras says:

      Don’t be silly. BT Broadband wouldn’t go down nationwide because someone cut a fibre cable. If that happens then you’ve got poor network resilience/divergency.

  11. Avatar photo Max says:

    Why can’t Virgin Media use the same technology that they use for their billing system? That never seems to go down.

  12. Avatar photo Richard says:

    Tried phoning their helpline, basically just to register my complaint. Finally got through, customer service person told me there are no known problems in my area. Rubbish! Internet down, DNS not working www not working, email down… They sent me a text message with a link to follow for further help (not that they’ve given any help so far), followed link, to a URL of theirs, DNS not working, ‘this site might be down or has moved’…. And they put their prices up…I told the guy on phone that I’d gone online with O2 and discovered numerous reports of outages early hours of this morning, he flat out denied there had been any problems

    1. Mark-Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      Sadly, this is the standard we’re accustomed to from VM when it comes to major outages and communication.

  13. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

    What is it with these networks that have all these problems? As much as I am not a fan of Openreach as they are owned by BT, at least their network seems reliable, well the FTTc one does anyway.

    The amount of problems I have seen or heard about Virgin, Zzoomm and other networks is crazy., I know things go wrong, there is a lot to go wrong, but it always seems to be these other networks.
    My broadband may be slower than fibre and other networks, but it is reliable. No good having speed if it breaks down all the time.

    1. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      An Openreach problem can’t cause a national outage. They only get you to an exchange.

    2. Avatar photo K says:

      And BT FTTP is more reliable still. Go for BT FTTP if its available to you.

    3. Avatar photo Think says:

      More reliable FTTP over legacy copper FTTC any day

    4. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      It’s a NO for me for BT/Openreach.

      Rather go to my local ALTNET for symmetric services and up to 10gbps if I ever wanted it (I don’t but its choice).

    5. Avatar photo GG says:

      The was a massive BT outage about 6 months ago. Had to send everybody home from work. Sounds like a similar issue to this one.
      That was my main line (direct leased line fibre to the exchange) and the backup (another fibre to another exchange).

    6. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      @Reality Bytes, that is true it would be difficult to have a network wide outage with openreach, but as K says, it still seems more reliable.

      @anonymous, We have a alt net here, but from what I have read on their facebook pages their reliability don’t seem much better than Virgin, this is what I meant when I said it seems like openreach is the most reliable and they are running over copper cables that are years old. Ok so up to the cabinet is fibre, but the rest is copper

      As for FTTP, not really that interested as I have said before, FTTC does what I need as long as I can get it for a decent price, that is why I may be changing to now broadband when contract for plusnet is up in 3 months, Also they have a 12 month contract, or even a monthly one if I pay some money upfront. If Plusnet can offer me a 12 month FTTC contract for £25 i will stay.

    7. Avatar photo Icaras says:

      Openreach is only between you and the exchange.

      BT’s core network IS very reliable though.

    8. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      No, Ad47uk, it would be impossible to have a network wide outage due to Openreach.

      Openreach are as likely to cause a nationwide outage as I am if I change the channel on my wireless access point.

      Just admitting you’re mistaken rather than paragraphs about pricing, mostly irrelevant to Openreach as largely down to the individual ISP, works.

    9. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      @Reality Bytes, you got up on the wrong side of bed?
      Ok, it will be impossible to have a network wide outage. Difficult, impossible, what ever.

    10. Avatar photo Icaras says:

      No, thinking about how Openreach works I think it’d be impossible. They have nationwide systems to log into the fibre cabinets, and the handover point equipment. So they could lose the ability to control that kit. But it’s an access network, so I can’t think of anything that could happen that would cause a nationwide outage.

      Obviously if we are talking about an ISP core network then that’s different.

  14. Avatar photo Alex says:

    Unfortunate but for me as a VM customer, they have been pretty reliable over the past 10 years. That said, I’m glad I took the Volt service and used the o2 SIM in a USB 4G modem – gets me out of such holes when I work from home!

  15. Avatar photo Ben says:

    seems to be resolved now in Manchester area

  16. Avatar photo anonymous says:

    VM MOD has updated the VM Forums saying they are looking into it as the VM Customer Forums started lighting up with people complaining.


  17. Avatar photo Polomint38 says:

    Hemel Hempstead has now got connection. About 08:20

    1. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      People have had connections for hours in certain parts like mine. Some pages either load or don’t load though, whilst other areas have no service.

  18. Avatar photo greggles says:

    Shame google didnt bring you up when I searched Mark, your reporting on this and the chasing up is better than all the other news stories. was completely dead, no routing whatsoever, pinging showed high packet loss within VMs internal network.

    1. Avatar photo GG says: is the new

    2. Avatar photo Alex says:

      @GG It certainly is not, Quad9 do filtering, Cloudflare is specifically to AVOID filtering, complete opposite purposes. There’s also nothing new about Quad9, their service launched nearly two years before Cloudflares.

    3. Avatar photo Andrew Campling says:

      Quote “Quad9 do [sic] filtering, Cloudflare is specifically to AVOID filtering, complete opposite purposes”

      In fact, the default Quad9 service at just filters malware, something that most of us try to avoid so filtering it is regarded as a bonus by many! If you must have access to malware (why?), you can use a completely unfiltered Quad9 service at in the same way that you can access a filtered Cloudflare DNS service at and can also add the filtering of adult content at

  19. Avatar photo RaptorX says:

    I think Virgin are competing with Talk Talk for worst customer service. It’s getting more ridiculous every time. So glad I’m not with them.

  20. Avatar photo G says:

    Good old virgin. There must be a network engineer holding a laptop wondering why it all broke when he deleted that one line of config at midnight.

  21. Avatar photo John says:

    They have all of that services running on VMs on single host without RAID 😀

  22. Avatar photo Jonny says:

    I can report the same issues affected Virgin’s ethernet services, even in situations where they are just the wholesale provider and backhauling to another ISP.

  23. Avatar photo Anon says:

    Thought something was up today. But it was odd because only a few websites were failing to load and my router which pings google DNS said the link was up, but some sites loaded and some didn’t. Swapped on to my backup 5G link at 9am.

    1. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      Yes, you are not the only one able to do that or did that…

    2. Avatar photo anon says:

      really? I thought I was the only person in the entire UK with an £18 5G connection. I’m shocked.

    3. Avatar photo chris says:

      everyone else is paying £17 for their 5G connection.

    4. Avatar photo keepchasingthedreamLOL says:

      Maybe you are – Mines £12

    5. Avatar photo Not Again says:

      Wouldn’t you normally switch to one of your many pretend backup LLs. Your so full of it.

    6. Avatar photo keepchasingthedreamLOL says:

      pretend backup LL’s lol – you are full of jealousy and butthurt are you 🙂

      I never had any outage because I am not poor enough to need second rate services like this.

      Could be worse I could pretend I am on a £60 a month ISP when I can’t actually get it – sound familiar? 😀

  24. Avatar photo Witwicki says:

    they don’t treat their business customers any better – in fact I think we get less information

  25. Avatar photo Roy Stevenson says:

    That explained why when checking emails this morning I was puzzled when 1 said Internet connection lost to Ring alarm system, 10 mins later another saying Internet connection restored, so only seemed to affect me for approx 10 mins.

  26. Avatar photo K says:

    Now i hope people understand why some stick with BT and Openreach. Fact is BT is one of the more/most reliable ISPs, especially vs VM. You can keep your altnets and VM, i will stick with BT FTTP as i need reliability and service.

    1. Avatar photo Martin Doyle says:

      Totally agree moved to BT FTTP 3 years ago and not had any outages in that time

    2. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      Oh please. Pass the puke bucket.

      No thanks, I’ll have my local ALTNET who delivers symmetric services and reputation for rock solid service AND support and it’s cheaper than BT.

    3. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      Also the media were reporting BT /Openreach had issues this morning too, it just wasn’t as wide spread as Virgin Media’s was.

    4. Avatar photo Sam says:

      The only thing BT is reliable is at fleecing their customers

    5. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      ‘No thanks, I’ll have my local ALTNET who delivers symmetric services and reputation for rock solid service AND support and it’s cheaper than BT.’

      Altnets are not more reliable than BT which isn’t at all surprising: their networks are growing so service affecting maintenance is more frequent. For their many faults the BT ISP are very reliable. Their outages are less widely publicised as they’ve far fewer customers but they absolutely have them. All growing networks do. No shade on the altnets they’re scaling. They don’t build to an exchange with dark fibre between there and London and multi-terabit backhaul.

      Are you actually a customer of an altnet? Which one? Traceroute and speedtest?

    6. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      ‘Also the media were reporting BT /Openreach had issues this morning too, it just wasn’t as wide spread as Virgin Media’s was.’

      They were wrong, nothing to do with it. They just went on Down Detector and, surprise surprise, a business with about 10 million customers had some reporting outages.

      Yeah I’m a little confused. I recall you, it was definitely you, saying that you were eagerly awaiting altnet build a matter of weeks ago. Fastest ever by the looks as you went pretty much overnight from saying you were awaiting it to how you’d never swap your altnet for Openreach.

      Altnet networks are in constant upgrade for obvious reasons so maintenance is frequent. No altnet has this enormous reputation for reliability as they haven’t been around long enough with enough customers to build one.

      I doubt you are even a customer of an altnet, you’re just obsessed with them for whatever reason. Still posting via TOR/VPNs as you’ve been repeatedly banned from both forum and comments sections on here?

    7. Avatar photo keepchasingthedreamLOL says:

      oh Carl you really do have “failed tech company director” butthurt.

      That’s not even me lol

      and anyway I’ve been posting just fine for years now – no ban yet anywhere 🙂

    8. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      I presume that’s addressed towards me and genuinely have no idea what you’re talking about. Absolutely no part of your post makes any sense to me whatsoever.

    9. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      Oh wait, I get it. I just read up. You’re ‘haha’ the person who works in a call centre for Plusnet/BT and claims to have a £300 a month or whatever leased line at home.

      Makes sense now. I didn’t think you were the altnet obsessed person but thanks for giving away the new nickname.

    10. Avatar photo XGS Is On - Carl says:

      Hello Peter.

      Failed company director I absolutely incorporated a new company as I was considering going into independent contracting. As anyone who has a clue would know that makes sense. As it turns out I was busy studying and received a promotion from work so didn’t have the time or inclination to pursue this so did the accounts and wound the company up. No point in paying the annual fees without any purpose. I appreciate studying, self-improvement and getting a promotion are alien concept to you so don’t hold your confusion against you.

      You not being banned from anywhere is a joke. You’ve been banned from Think Broadband multiple times to the point where they deleted a bunch of your posts as they were such total BS and the same thing happened here.

      I read way more than I post. It’s hilarious that I’m living rent free in your head to the point where you thought that comment was me directed at you.

      The ISP at £60 a month I’ve no idea. My service from YouFibre retails at way more than that and they don’t charge that for anything either way. I speculate that’s aimed at me given your fixation on the idea I haven’t moved since the Companies House filings for Starchild so my apologies if I have misunderstood. Again if I haven’t misunderstood go consult the Land Registry or Zoopla and you’ll see that I’ve moved. I’ve actually provided pictures of my Netomnia install here and elsewhere.

      If you would like a video of my showing a speedtest, my network settings showing no VPN in use and network adapter settings, and the public IP address I’m doing the test from all in one continuous capture you’re welcome to it. Nothing to fear from the public IP address being exposed if it’s actually what you claim it to be. I’ve exposed mine before. You should know: you clicked on the link I provided here that went to a server hosted on that address.

      I’m sure you’d do the same rather than some partial screenshots that could come from anywhere posted to a site where they apparently conveniently disappear rapidly, right?

    11. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      Who said ALTNETS??? Maybe an ALTNET.

    12. Avatar photo Icaras says:

      @anonymous you can claim Altnets are more reliable than BT all you like.

      But anyone that even knows a tiny bit about telecoms knows you’re wrong. How’s a cabinet out in the street connected with 1 fibre back to their building more reliable than using BT exchanges with generator back up and a resilient core network?

      It just isn’t! It can’t be.

      There’s a few such as Netomnia and Fibrus that do it right with their own UPS backed racks in BT exchanges. But most of them by the very nature of their build are FAR LESS reliable and you’re showing how little you know by arguing otherwise.

    13. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      Bt customer service is awful or used to be, I was with them many years ago. while plusnet is owned by Bt their customer service is better or was when I last used them. The thing is these days, most providers that use the openreach network are more or less the same reliability wise., even Talk Talk. This is on their FTTC network, ADSl was a different thing.

    14. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      Icaras, you are showing your ignorance as you don’t identify specific ALTNETS where they deviate from BT Design and speak like you are saying all ALTNETS.

      I speak of my local ALTNET (notice singular usage there as can’t speak for all of them) who’s connections go back into a BT exchange with full power backup. They copy BT design as closely as possible UNTIL they use the superior XGS-PON and offer symmetric services to end customers.

    15. Avatar photo No Fan of Peter Coventry says:

      Peter Coventry you are a low life.

  27. Avatar photo Chris says:

    I use cloud flare DoH and my sytems reported issues this am.

    Using Apples Private Relay worked fine which is weird as my understanding is that routes over CloudFlare so should also have been down.

    1. Avatar photo Andrew Campling says:

      Private Relay uses a combination of Cloudflare, Akamai and Fastly. Based on conversations with these companies, the actual CDN that is selected for any specific traffic depends on a number of factors including availability.

  28. Avatar photo Ferrocene Cloud says:

    The problem with Virgin Media is that Liberty Global’s part of the network is often a large source of failures in of itself. If Virgin Media directly peered with much of the internet instead of via Liberty Global they would be far more reliable.

    1. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      This is true. So much extra hops and latency being hooked into their network.

  29. Avatar photo Arthur says:

    No service in Norfolk BB TV Phone voip

  30. Avatar photo Mr Sensible says:

    Would anyone really notice. Service is normally poor.

    1. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      If VM is that bad, why do people stay with them?

  31. Avatar photo John says:

    Thanks Mark, comprehensive info and love your writing style

  32. Avatar photo Phil says:

    They should have gone to Three 5G for £12 a month! Far better than ugly nasty virgin media.

    1. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      No Three 5G here and their 4G was the worst of all the networks here, even O2 4G were much better.

  33. Avatar photo Karl Betts says:

    And you still don’t get compensation from the so called automatic Ofcom thing like they say.

    1. Avatar photo AQX says:

      Only applies if there’s a full loss of service for 48 hours without any reconnection, only at that point does it apply after the 48 hours.
      So this fault doesn’t even qualify for it anyway

    2. Avatar photo Karl Betts says:

      Virgin say you have to wait 24 hours to get anything and I have in the past and had no compensation at all. Which makes me think it’s a scam

  34. Avatar photo Anuraj says:

    Virgin media Internet is rubbish. Go for FTTP or FTTC even ALTNET provide best download/upload speed.

    Virgin media is not providing full fibre.

    1. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      Right. Virgin Media aren’t providing full fibre so going with FTTC with unamplified copper in between you and a cabinet however far away will totally prevent routing problems.

      I like how altnets were listed as an ‘even’ option when they provide FTTP at higher speeds than Openreach.

      So well played, Anuraj. You’ve managed to write an irrelevant post to the article in question, claim FTTC is higher speed than Virgin Media cable, which it isn’t, and imply that altnets are a slow alternative to FTTC.

    2. Avatar photo Icaras says:

      They provide FTTP in some areas. New build areas near me are all FTTP.

      They do use absolutely gigantic fibre runs from the fibre cabinets back to the switch sites. For instance Bromborough (Wirral) now serves a vast area of Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales.

      Lord knows where they’re connecting the likes of Shrewsbury back to, super long fibre runs so not much resilience.

    3. Avatar photo John says:

      I doubt there are any ISPs that offer resiliency at the access network level. The bigger players will have a heavily resilient core. The newbies may have some resiliency, but probably not much capacity.

      As stated this is a DNS issue, so the physical network isn’t likely the problem.

    4. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      The Bromborough hubsite is a hubsite. Cabinets go there, are terminated, and go via Ethernet to core routers.

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, Icarus. Bromborough like every other hubsite has resilient backhaul, resilient power supply and most nodes are on their own fibre pairs.

      Not aware of Bromborough being especially large. South Gyle, Edinburgh and Newton Abbot are big. Cable networks routinely have tens of thousands of punters going to a hubsite. If that scale isn’t there the hubsite should be aggregated and retired.

    5. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      Icaras is a BT bot. In their world BT are marvellous company with ethical values and you don’t need competition.

    6. Avatar photo Raj says:

      FTTC was so unreliable for me. Cutouts every few days even though I’m only 500m from the exchange. VM may be bad but their connection is way more reliable.

  35. Avatar photo Billy says:

    You would think, all things being equal, that of all the things a communication company should be able to do, is communicate…

  36. Avatar photo PK says:

    Downdetector has similar issues for other ISPs aswell is this UK DDOS attack or something bigger than VM?

  37. Avatar photo Daniel White says:

    Our Virgin Media Leased Line has just gone offline again!

  38. Avatar photo Bevster69uk says:

    Yup, off here again too! St helens

  39. Avatar photo Richardr says:

    Down again here too

  40. Avatar photo Edmond says:

    There was possibly another wobble at around 16:23-16:27.
    Didn’t last as long but it felt like a similar outage as earlier.

  41. Avatar photo Philip says:

    Colchester a wobble here too

    VM Forum can not be reached. 123reg email servers can’t be contacted too.

    VM residential DNS are timing out.

  42. Avatar photo Alan says:

    Outage again in Kettering, Northamptonshire

  43. Avatar photo Symon says:

    The problem reappeared.

    N15 AND E8

  44. Avatar photo sean says:

    Seeing issues here too – 16:11 a wobble and increase in pings. Fell off completely at 16:21 across multiple connections.

  45. Avatar photo Andrew says:

    Down again in Leicester

  46. Avatar photo anonymous says:

    HUB connected and normal lights – speeds very erratic from nothing to 760mbps on a 1gig connection.
    Looks like routing gone again at times and congestion on other routes.

  47. Avatar photo Jan Titcombe says:

    Lost internet again now

  48. Avatar photo Karl Betts says:

    Down again in SE7 London

  49. Avatar photo Daniel says:

    Still issues again here since around 4:30pm.

  50. Avatar photo David augustin says:

    Down again in Luton

  51. Avatar photo MR JAMES NEWPORT says:

    DNS Issues wont connect to half the sites im trying to get to.

  52. Avatar photo André says:

    Service seems to be flapping again. Just back online after a 30 minute outage…

  53. Avatar photo BroadBaaand says:

    Down again in Gloucester, started just before 16:00 when random sites and apps wouldn’t load.
    I notice the VM website and app is down AGAIN!

    Utter pants communication from them as per.

  54. Avatar photo GNewton says:

    Warminster in Wiltshire has network issues with VM at the moment.

  55. Avatar photo mike says:

    I’ve been looking forward to jumping ship from this useless ISP to Cityfibre but now they want to buy it!

    I’m trapped in a nightmare. Help.

    1. Avatar photo Karl Betts says:

      They shouldn’t be allowed to buy anything considering they can’t maintain what they have !

    2. Avatar photo Badem says:

      dont believe the stories in the media.

  56. Avatar photo Him indoors says:

    Just had an MI notification from work to say one of our VMB leased lines have gone down.

    1. Avatar photo Him indoors says:

      That should have said gone down again.

  57. Avatar photo Hartlepool says:

    Down again in NE. Sick of this man

  58. Avatar photo Scott says:

    This is getting ridiculous, I’m glad I cancelled before the 4th April now because of the price increases.

  59. Avatar photo Weed says:

    it’s now the 3rd outage today in Basildon area – phone help line isn’t working – help pages down – service status page says no operating problems in the last 24 hours – no other fibre optic broadband available in my area 🙁

  60. Avatar photo Mnemon81 says:

    Not again. They are probably using sh*””y Cisco equipment

    1. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

      You do know that cisco runs most of the Internet connectivity in most places/hubs?

    2. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      Mostly Juniper.

    3. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      VM maybe, but talking about bulk of the internet hubs.

    4. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      LINX London is Juniper and Extreme. AMS-IX is primarily Juniper. Cisco are dominant in some fields, especially enterprise and datacentre, but carrier networks aren’t one.

      I was referring to VM’s network, though, given that’s what the original post mentioned.

  61. Avatar photo James says:

    I wish your site could provide my broadband it is reliable for updates. Virgin must have big problems,,,,,got it back up for most of the working day but been up since 0330hrs, limited bandwidth until 8am and went again around 1600hrs (ish),,,, now down again. I trade financial markets and I can’t continue with them, I missed Australia data at 0530hrs due to them so loss of earnings. I have the Virgin 300 got promissed more and they under deliver,,,,,looking for alternative now,,,,

    1. Avatar photo Ped Se says:

      If I was in your shoes, I’d consider dual lines from independent providers, plus one mobile solution (again, separate network altogether) for resilience.
      Then again it depends if market fluctuations matters for you or you go long. ATB

  62. Avatar photo Billy says:

    Internet coming and going in the south east.

  63. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

    Last day to cancel penalty free if in contract due to price rise 🙂

    1. Avatar photo anon says:

      my letter says 25th of April. Cancelled today. More than happy to be rid of them.

  64. Avatar photo Philip says:

    Colchester … getting better results using OpenDNS & than VM DNS.

    1. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

      Might be better but won’t fix. I use different dns to VM for years. Routing issues on their segment out.

  65. Avatar photo Rich Branston says:

    Since about 17:50 I’ve been experiencing a third outage.

  66. Avatar photo Buggerlugz says:

    So if this is what a 13.8% a month increase gets you………..many thanks for the great service Virgin Media!

  67. Avatar photo LordMonkeyYT says:

    All I did was switch off my router for the first time in a year last night.
    I’m sorry I have caused this…

  68. Avatar photo Rich Branston says:

    It is pretty hilarious that VM can’t even keep their service status page online. Never mind the missing IPv6 which they’ve probably delayed to 2028 now.

    1. Avatar photo Richer Branson says:

      We’re doing some work on our site
      We’ll be back soon

    2. Avatar photo mike says:

      It’s online, you just can’t access it

    3. Avatar photo Richest Branson says:

      The ‘Virgin’ branding of Virgin Media O2 is a mere licensed vestige of my prior involvement.

      Virgin Media is jointly owned by Liberty Global whose chairman and founder is my fellow billionaire John C. Malone, and Spain’s Telefónica.

    4. Avatar photo Rich Branston says:


      Nope. Service Status page (https://www.virginmedia.com/help/service-status) is broken via an EE mobile connection (working all day) and VM (working now, for who knows how long).

  69. Avatar photo John Hanton says:

    I think the reason we have this problem is due to the phone lines for some VM customers went from the standard copper line to fibre vie the hub adapter we received in the post.

    Yes, I had to switch my phone too this morning and it didn’t work at first but when my internet came back the phone started working too… right up until around 4pm when Alexa started telling me my router was having problems and to reboot it. I also checked my phone and while I got a dial tone I didn’t manage to complete a phone call to my mobile.

    I honestly expected this as altered physical hardware and software changes rarely go without a glitch. In a few days it will settle down again. I rarely get any problems even though I use Alexa to control my home automation a lot all through the day.

    1. Avatar photo M says:

      What are you on about? This nationwide BGP / routing issue is clearly nothing to do with your individual voice issue

    2. Avatar photo John Hanton says:

      Everything is working again now.

    3. Avatar photo John Hanton says:

      Oh and M, this interruption only began when they turned off the old phone line and turned on the phone line that goes through the VM hub via the adapter they sent in the mail.

      It may have been a coincidence but I don’t think it was because they had to update their systems to route phone lines to go through the hub. It won’t have been everyone that needed to change but because it would affect phone routing it may have also affected the rest of the system.

      Hell, when I was working with mainframes we had one day where the main computer died in the middle of the day. Turned out that one of the operators used to hang his coat on the big red power switch only this day it had been raining heavily so his coat weighed more than normal. Slowly the switch moved down until… CLICK… and no more IBM 3033 for the programmers to work on. So yeah, don’t rule out anything when hardware dies. I used to work in Systems Support and have seen pretty much everything kill a nationwide system of mainframes. I even did it once by killing IBM’s new VM/CMS by making it run out of memory and steal the computer resource units of everyone else in the country. Oops. This was back in the 1980’s.

    4. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      The problem is nothing to do with the VoIP phones. If those broke that’s a symptom of the issue, not the cause.

  70. Avatar photo dontcare says:

    I wish virgin media going into administrator for all I care as I hate VM.

    1. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      Thank you, Phil. I’ll send your kind regards to mates who work for them. I’m sure they’ll be delighted to hear you wish them unemployed.

    2. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

      Why would he care? He doesn’t know them. He said he hates VM as a company, not your mates. Many hold his opinion.

  71. Avatar photo Dave says:

    Its outage has allowed me to reconsider what options are available to me. Looks like YouFibre are building in my area and plan to cover my postcode by September 2023.

    It appears this outage is DNS related. Some people have had success changing to Google DNS

    1. Avatar photo M says:

      No it isn’t, it’s nothing to do with DNS

    2. Avatar photo mike says:

      It’s very obviously a routing issue, not a DNS issue

    3. Avatar photo spurple says:

      It’s intermittent.

      My primary DNS is Google DNS and it works sometimes, and fails sometimes, so merely using Google DNS appears not to be a panacea.

    4. Avatar photo Buggerlugz says:

      This outage today has made me realise its massively oversubscribed 4G for over 5000 homes or virgin media, I can’t count BT’s pretend fibre…..so i’m stuck with a crap virgin media service….gotta say OFCOM’s doing a great job making them all compete.

    5. Avatar photo 4chAnon says:

      have you considered not living in the middle of nowhere?

  72. Avatar photo RingoP says:

    top geezer made me smile!

  73. Avatar photo WirginMediocre says:

    it’s back up. for now…

  74. Avatar photo André says:

    “ There are no major network outages we’re currently aware of.”

    Would couldn’t make this up….

    1. Avatar photo Buggerlugz says:

      Heads in the sand, like Ostriches.

  75. Avatar photo mike says:

    It seems to be alive again

  76. Avatar photo Daniel says:

    It is very worrying that despite this starting in the early hours of this morning they still haven’t worked out the cause. Their latest update says: “our teams are continuing to work flat out to find the root cause of the problem and fix it”.

    You would have hoped they would know the cause of the problem by now!

  77. Avatar photo Neil B says:

    Using a 3rd party VPN client on my phone or PC gets around this issue 😉

    1. Avatar photo Buggerlugz says:

      They’re deliberately blocking media intensive sites I believe. The VPN gets around it.

    2. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      You believe wrongly. They block nothing voluntarily. Court order, government requirement or IWF watch list.

    3. Avatar photo Kaleb says:

      which court order requires them to block RT then ?
      and why don’t other ISPs?

    4. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:



      Apologies but you seem to be suggesting no other ISP blocks RT, which is incorrect, and that VM are doing it of their own volition which they are not. It’s right there in the SI.

  78. Avatar photo Arthur says:

    Lost VirginMobile in Portugal today, was working perfect yesterday.

    Now no signal at all.

  79. Avatar photo Precious says:

    Has anyone been affected in Europe with Virgin media problen

  80. Avatar photo kanan says:

    Internet still up and down this evening in Kent. What the hell is going on?

  81. Avatar photo Phil says:

    8 updates in a day. Props.
    Am finally free of this network. After 62 minutes on the phone to them and telling them no I don’t want to hear your deals and no I don’t want to tell you who my new ISP is etc etc.

    1. Avatar photo Scott says:

      Congrats. I managed to cancel my services before the 4th via Whatsapp, which was fairly pain free, although I had similar questions about who my new provider would be, which I declined to answer.
      They then had to cheek to say words along the lines of “Most customers who leave us return within months when they realise the speed isn’t as good”. I’m about to move to a new property with both Openreach and AltNet FTTP options, with no VM in sight, so I won’t be returning to them 😀

  82. Avatar photo John says:

    After being hung up on 3 times whilst trying to get an update then twice when asking to be put through retentions, shambles of a company

    I’m off arrogant staff trying to claim its line issues

  83. Avatar photo GDS says:

    Apparently the fix earlier….. was:
    “Virgin Media confirmed that the issue within their network earlier today was fixed at 08:12hrs by reseating a FDC card in their Manchester Switch.”

  84. Avatar photo GDS says:

    last update we’ve had:

    Virgin Media is still working on this fault. You may see your service intermittently dropping. They are still in a bridge call with Juniper and following out suggested steps by them. We have no ETR but will continue to chase them, next update 00:00(BST) unless a major update becomes available before then.

  85. Avatar photo SunnySideUp says:

    Gave me a chance to try my unlimited Smarty sim and it worked superbly, couldn’t game but all other streaming and general browsing was faultless, first issue I’ve had with Virgin for almost 14 months, I pay £24 for their 1GB service and am very happy with the service I’ve received to be fair, BT on the other hand we’re astonishingly terrible

Comments are closed

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