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Openreach UK to Launch FTTP Broadband Advanced Installs in Jan 2024

Wednesday, Dec 6th, 2023 (12:01 am) - Score 16,600
FTTP External Wall Box Install by Openreach Engineer 2022

Openreach has announced that their new “Advanced Connection” service for those ordering a Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP product will leave its pilot phase and get a full launch from 2nd January 2024. The new option aims to tackle situations where an installation might be more complex than usual.

The option of an “Advanced” installation is a fairly recent addition to the operator, albeit one that we’ve already seen being implemented on other broadband products. Openreach has also been piloting this for FTTP lines too since July 2022 and they’re now about to make it generally available.

NOTE: The retail price that ISPs charge consumers will vary due to discounts and other considerations (e.g. a lot ISPs are offering standard installs for “free“).

A ‘Standard‘ FTTP installation on a consumer broadband line normally only covers the basics and typically attracts a one-off charge of £114.78 +vat. After that, there’s also a ‘Premium‘ option that costs £154.78 and gives consumers a wider choice of installation activities that are largely designed to help optimise connectivity within the customer’s home (e.g. router repositioning, WiFi analysis, more extensive testing etc.).

By comparison, the new ‘Advanced‘ option will set ISPs back £289.78 (this will almost certainly have to be passed on to customers) and is intended for properties that may require a more complicated setup. The real focus here is likely to be on business and public sector users (the connection charge for them is several times higher), but some particularly tricky homes may also take it.

Advanced Installation Capabilities:

➤ Up to 100 metres internal wiring from where Openreach network is presented into the premises

➤ More complex cabling, e.g., through multiple walls, new cable trunking

➤ On existing cable trays running horizontally or vertically using cable ties

➤ Through ceiling or floor tiles that are removable and accessible

➤ Using in-situ cabling (structured) to provide service

➤ Connect to existing in-building structured cabling e.g., in comms rooms ‘X’ marks the spot to indicate preference for NTE or ONT install location

➤ Ability to conduct installs over 100m length with Excess Construction Charges (ECCs) applied to pay for additional work beyond the 100m distance – prevailing published ECCs apply.

As above, this new option will become available from 2nd January 2024.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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28 Responses
  1. Avatar photo TheFTTPGuy says:

    Virgin have done this for years

    1. Mark-Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      So have Openreach and most operators, but what this does is define a specific product for those circumstances, rather than take the more bespoke case-by-case approach to figuring out a solution.

  2. Avatar photo Syd. Lord says:

    When can I expect Fiber to be available in my area (Part of Gt Manchester)but the forgotten corner

    post Code WN6 0AP

    1. Avatar photo Jmc says:

      Openreach have planned build between now and December 2026 for your street area.

  3. Avatar photo Dave says:

    As an engineer/quality supervisor and manager if they come and use cable ties on any existing theynwill be coming straight back out. Cable ties are a hazard and damages cable especially fibre. They should be using velcro ties

    1. Avatar photo Projectxuk says:

      Cable ties dont damage fibre,there used all the time on installs & flush cutters are used to make sure no sharp edges.

    2. Avatar photo Build Auditor says:

      Just not accurate. Overtightened cable ties would indeed cause damage, however correctly installed they will not do any damage at all, unless you plan on using them on bare fibres, which would be ludicrous anyway. Cable ties are routinely used on fibre cables and have been for years.
      Nevertheless, velcro would not comply with fire regulations for an open face vertical cable tray, so steel cable ties would most likely be used here as well.

    3. Avatar photo Fttp engineer says:

      Don’t be silly son. I install fftp every day, for the last 3 years, and never once have I ever seen a cable tie break a cable, nor have I even heard of it. If your a engineer too then you must not make no money son.

      Jump on commission and see how many cable ties you use per day.

  4. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:

    “The real focus here is likely to be on business and public sector users (the connection charge for them is several times higher)”

    Yup.. £3891.43 for us.. Just to get a leased line installed. I would happily pay double this to get FTTP installed if it was at a lower monthly cost… Most people will whinge and want the ISP to cover it – but those of us who know you get what you pay for won’t have a problem as you pointed out.

    1. Avatar photo Bob says:

      UL94V0 cable ties would meet the fire regulations. Most Cable ties are UL94VO

    2. Avatar photo haha says:

      with your credit you know how to get what you havent paid for . just the one bankruptcy or is it more now?

  5. Avatar photo Vin Penketh says:

    When is fast Internet coming to WA72EE area. We seem to have Been forgotten.

    1. Avatar photo graham says:

      says building soon, should be within 12 months service ready from or site

  6. Avatar photo Chris says:

    Wish they would just give me any decent fibre package over 20mb here in Cornwall. Crickey.

  7. Avatar photo Stuar Garforth says:

    When is 01943 loosing copper ?

  8. Avatar photo Perran Bateman says:

    They seem to have forgotten us in rural West Cornwall! We will never get FFTP

    1. Avatar photo Dan H says:

      Hi Perrin, what is your postcode please? Voneus are building in the South West. I could take a look to see if your area is part of the future build footprint.

    2. Avatar photo Perran Bateman says:

      Post code is TR19 6UP

  9. Avatar photo DARNLEY says:

    They have quoted us for our self build, no details of what they are doing, told us we have to have it to comply with building regs – at a cost of just under £5000 with no breakdown of the quote – speechless

  10. Avatar photo Kim madge says:

    When will we get FTTP in Tr13 0dh, we seem to be lumbered with wildanet!

  11. Avatar photo Dan says:

    Honestly I’d love to be able to get even the standard 70mbps broadband that BT offers, however in our cul-de-sac we only get 20mbps at best. Virgin also forgot to wire our house up and said its too expensive to come out and dig the road up to get us on decent Internet. When will this be fixed? I’m not sure how to check with BT myself, ST7 2NY.

  12. Avatar photo John clements says:

    Dreadful in Tewkesbury we complained no one answered no warning digging up besides homes we have outright ownership. We suffered diggers who were incompetent on mobiles no one supervising drilling by thr side of my house on a Sunday am and blocking my driveway we have VPN here we don’t need the harassment!!!!!!

    1. Avatar photo XGS says:

      John: you don’t own the pavement outside your property and blocking your drive is legitimate as long as access is provided on demand. You may have paid off your mortgage but unless the pavement is on your deeds but it doesn’t change that.

      It’s not harassment to carry out streetworks near your house, neither is notice required especially if it’s a relatively small body of work.

      Works on a Sunday are not done for fun, they cost more, but are required by local authorities due to traffic conditions.

      If you feel the noise was unreasonable and the work carried out at an unreasonable time consult your local authority: they were the ones who issued the permit and are responsible for noise nuisance so should be the point of contact.

      Streetworks happen. You seem to consider any of them to be harassment. Hope you don’t have a water pipe or gas main burst, else you’ll be in for a fair bit more harassment from repairs and you’re going to have great fun when they come to upgrade the ceramic gas main pipe with a plastic one as that’s a bunch of holes all over the place.

  13. Avatar photo mark mcloughlin says:

    When is bs140sn getting FTTP.

  14. Avatar photo Geoff Hall says:

    Would love to have fibre .Thi k we will be waiting a long time we’re we live Ca6 4rs

  15. Avatar photo Ron Passingham says:

    Open Reach keep telling us its not in our area. But we are surrounded by houses that have it the nearest is just 30ft away and their box is outside our door.
    We are a block of 7 apartments and need full fibre in the building but have been neglected by Open Reach

  16. Avatar photo John Greenwood says:

    You will not get an answer from openreach. They refuse to give anyone information until after your address has been installed.
    I am in same predicament Openreach have just connected every street on my estate except mine. Now say our connection could be Dec 2026. Ridiculous they are useless.

  17. Avatar photo Steve says:

    Currently have fttp, but looking to move to Gl75ud which is only fttc. I wish open reach gave more of an idea on timings. Currently their view of by 2026 isn’t great! 🙁

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