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Fast24 ISP Continues To Be A.W.O.L
By: MarkJ - 07 November, 2006 (9:00 AM)

Troubled UK ISP Fast24, which last week saw one of its key suppliers pull the plug (HERE), has so far failed to resolve the situation:

UKSolutions say Suffolk-based Fast24 has made no formal attempt to have the network re-established, though there had been informal approaches to restore some parts. A spokesman said the dispute between the firms remains unresolved.

The Register has spoken to former employees of Fast24, who claimed the firm had been in financial difficulty for some time. Several staff left around one month ago over pay concerns and it is believed the remaining workers were fired on Friday.

Attempts to contact Fast24 and its managing director Jason Elsom have been unsuccessful. The phones at Elsom's mobile contract venture Mobie are currently not in service either.

The Register also reports that Fast24 appears to have moved out of its previous address, although to where is anybodies guess.

Meanwhile customers are left to suffer as a result of having no broadband and or ability to easily switch providers (no support = no mac), yet another reason why a compulsory migration policy is so essential for the future.

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