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O2 Revamps Mobile Broadband Packages
By: MarkJ - 31 October, 2008 (1:25 PM)

O2 has revamped its Mobile Broadband packages in an attempt to change negative consumer perceptions. The provider points to new research, which reveals that one in ten users feel they were mis-sold on what it offered.

The main source of irritation is that consumers feel they were deceived on the cost of the service, with nearly a third complaining that the ongoing cost was higher than expected. One-fifth were also upset because they were unable to use the service where they wanted.

The operator is seeking to address these concerns by launching a new coverage checker, making it easier for customers to view their ongoing data spend, offering a '50-day Happiness Guarantee' and reducing the cost of their core Mobile Broadband tariffs:

To help save what could be an unexpected surprise on their bill, international roaming will not be automatically enabled for all new O2 Mobile Broadband customers. New customers will need to contact O2 Customer Service to have roaming activated so that O2 can explain the likely costs.

For heavy Mobile Broadband users, O2 is also introducing a new 10GB package for 30 per month on a two year tariff and is also the only provider to offer all its customers unlimited Wi-Fi through any of the 6,100 hotspots through an exclusive partnership with The Cloud.

In addition, O2 is reducing the price of its core Mobile Broadband tariffs, with 3GB packages costing just 15 per month. Customers purchasing an 18-month or 24-month contract will also receive a free USB modem (or 99.99 on a rolling monthly contract).

O2's Happiness Guarantee will allow customers, who purchased directly from O2, to return the device within 50 days of purchase with no termination fees being charged and any costs for purchasing the device being refunded. We expect Virgin Media to counter with a Mobile Broadband price reduction of its own tomorrow.

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