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Virgin Media to Adopt Three-Strikes Rule for Illegal Downloads
By: MarkJ - 30 March, 2008 (9:21 AM)

The UK's largest residential broadband provider, Virgin Media, has announced its intention to introduce a warning system for those caught engaged in illegal downloading (piracy). It is expected to be very similar to the controversial "Three-Strikes" method proposed by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and will go live within the next few months.

Customers found to be involved with piracy could expect a warning and possible disconnection from their ISP if the activity continued:

This would be the first time a British internet company has publicly moved to share responsibility for curbing piracy. Two years of negotiations between record labels and internet service providers (ISPs) have so far failed to produce an industry-wide agreement.

A spokesman for Virgin Media said: "We have been in discussions with rights holders organisations about how a voluntary scheme could work. We are taking this problem seriously and would favour a sensible voluntary solution."

The government has already threatened to introduce enforced legislation by April next year unless ISPs agree to some form of voluntary measures with the creative industries.

The Telegraph reports that the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform is due to publish its consultation paper outlining potential legal measures this April. Meanwhile, readers seeking to catch up on the issue should check out our recent "To Ban or Not to Ban (Illegal File Sharers)" special editorial summary on the subject.

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