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By: MarkJ - 6 August, 2009 (6:11 AM)
Mobile operator Three (3) UK has announced the launch of an interesting new Mobile Wi-Fi device (for some reason they call it a 'service') - also known as MiFi, which is essentially a battery powered Wi-Fi router that has been designed to distribute the operators Mobile Broadband ( 3G ) service over a Wi-Fi link.

Set-up is simple. No software installation is required. Simply switch on the wireless modem (just 86 x 45 x 10 mm in size) and connect to the Mobile Internet using a Wi-Fi signal. A Wi-Fi enabled device will automatically pick up the signal and ask for an eight-digit network key which you will be asked to input just once for every new device you want to connect.

three mobile wifi

The device essentially acts as a replacement for more traditional USB Modems (Dongles), which can only plug into one computer at a time. Unlike those the MiFi router can connect to multiple computers and you could even situate it near a window, which could improve Mobile Broadband reception around the home or office.

Marc Allera, Sales & Marketing Director at 3 UK says:

“There are millions of Wi-Fi devices out there, but they can only be used in fixed locations. Consumer demand for easy and affordable internet access on the go is growing fast and we’re responding to that by announcing the UK’s first wireless modem.

Using Mobile Wi-Fi from 3, consumers can connect to the internet wherever they have a 3 signal, whether at home or on the move. They can download a track onto their iPod touch, or tweet their latest updates to their mates, or both. Either way it’s simple to set-up, without the need for wires.”

Unlike USB Modems the MiFi device, which has yet to be given a price but will be released in time for Christmas, lacks the ability to add extra storage via MicroSD memory cards; a common feature of most new USB Modems.
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