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By: MarkJ - 31 August, 2009 (6:45 AM)
Mobile operator Three (3) UK has revealed the final pricing and launch date for its new Mobile Wi-Fi device - MiFi. It is essentially a battery powered wireless router that has been designed to distribute the operators Mobile Broadband ( 3G ) service over a Wi-Fi link and was first revealed at the beginning of August (here).
three mobile wi-fi
The operator states that its new device will be available via telesales and online from Thursday 17th September, and in Three (3) Stores across the country from Friday 18th September. Initially it will only be available if you buy a Mobile Broadband service at the same time, details below.
At launch Mobile Wi-Fi will be available on two plans:

•‘Broadband 5GB 1 month’ is a one month contract which includes 5GB of data for just £15 a month. With this deal the wireless modem costs just £69.99.

•For an upfront charge of £99.99, Mobile Wi-Fi will also be available as a ‘Ready to Go’ kit. The deal includes a wireless modem and 3GB worth of data which can be used over a 3 month period. After the data has been used up, the modem can be used on a Pay As You Go basis.
You don’t need to install any software. Just insert a Three (3) SIM, switch on the modem and connect to the Mobile Internet using a Wi-Fi signal with multiple devices (e.g. laptops etc.). A Wi-Fi enabled device will automatically pick up the signal and ask for an eight-digit network key which you will have to put in just once for every new device you want to connect.

Marc Allera, Sales & Marketing Director at 3 UK says:

“Mobile Wi-Fi is the future of internet access on the move and we’re bringing it to customers at price points that make it accessible and affordable. It’s the perfect gift for people after genuine wireless internet access on the go to complement the laptops and iPod touchs that will undoubtedly make their way onto Christmas lists across the UK this December.”

It is probably worth pointing out that a growing number of newly release full broadband routers for fixed land-line connections are also including the ability to share out Mobile Broadband as a backup. However home routers aren’t usually especially portable and require a mains adapter for power.

In addition, and this is only for the more technically minded, some modern smartphones (e.g. those based off Windows Mobile) can also be turned into mobile Wi-Fi routers with some clever settings or a special piece of software (e.g. WMWifiRouter).
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