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By: MarkJ - 31 March, 2010 (12:50 PM)
top j.d. power UK fixed and mobile broadband ISPs 2010The J.D. Power and Associates 2010 UK Fixed Line and Mobile Broadband ISP Customer Satisfaction Studies have both ranked O2 highest among its competitors for a second consecutive year. O2 achieved a score of 766 for fixed line broadband services and 653 for Mobile Broadband, besting rivals such as BT , PlusNet , TalkTalk and Virgin Media UK.

The study also revealed that approximately 15% of fixed broadband customers and 16% of Mobile Broadband customers indicate having received incentives from their ISP to reward their ongoing loyalty. Among these fixed and mobile broadband customers, satisfaction averages more than 100 points higher than among customers who don't receive loyalty incentives.

The studies examine five factors that drive overall satisfaction with broadband Internet service providers: performance and reliability; billing(1); cost of the service; customer service/technical support; and offerings and promotions.
Fixed Broadband ISP Segment (Based on a 1,000-point scale)

1. O2 - 766
2. PlusNet - 703
3. Sky Broadband - 676
4. TalkTalk - 669
5. Virgin Media - 668
Industry Average - 666
6. BT - 658
7. Orange - 641
8. AOL - 627

Mobile Broadband ISP Segment

1. O2 - 653
2. Orange - 650
3. T-Mobile - 644
4. Vodafone - 627
Industry Average - 624
5. Three (3) - 603
The study found that providing high levels of satisfaction with Internet service has a strong positive impact on recommendation rates [ED: Wow, really? glee ]. Among Mobile Broadband customers with the highest levels of satisfaction with their service provider, 67% indicate they "definitely will" recommend their current provider. This figure averages 64% among highly satisfied fixed broadband customers.

Stuart Crawford-Browne, a Senior Manager at J.D. Power, said:

"To keep customers satisfied, ISPs will need to focus on investing in infrastructure in the coming years. Building networks with the ability to handle fast data transfer speeds will be important not only to customers, but also to businesses and, by extension, the economy as a whole."

The report is based on responses from 2,048 residential customers with fixed line broadband services across the UK. The Mobile Broadband study is based on responses from 1,274 mobile customers. Both studies were fielded in February 2010. As we've come to expect, Small and Medium Sized (SME) ISPs were completely ignored.
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