By: MarkJ - 14 September, 2011 (12:40 PM)
virgin media uk superhubvirgin media uk best broadband ispCable operator Virgin Media has finally released the long awaiting R30 firmware upgrade for its much troubled SuperHub (NetGear VMDG480) broadband ISP router, which is supplied alongside their latest 100Mbps (100), 50Mbps (XXL) and 30Mbps (XL) packages.

The SuperHub has suffered from a multitude of problems since its release earlier this year (Broadband Speed Problems with New Superhub Routers). Multiple firmware updates have since been released to tackle the issues but some of the biggest problems, such as with poor Wi-Fi performance and the lack of a Modem Mode have persisted; until now.

Virgin Media's Support Team Staffer, Mark Wilkin, said:

Our R30 firmware includes the following changes:

1. Adds the Modem Mode feature.

2. Incorporates fixes for lock-ups (where the Super Hub appears unresponsive to traffic and the admin pages are unavailable) and reloads (where the Super Hub would reload for no apparent reason) while under heavy load in 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless modes. These symptoms were caused by a memory leak in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless driver. As part of these fixes we've changed the number of channels available under 5GHz to 4.

Note: 5GHz performance can vary as although it handles interference from other wireless routers better than 2.4GHz it's ability to penetrate walls, doors etc is less. We also recommend you site your Super Hub away from central heating radiators, foil backed wall board and plasma screen TVs if you're using wireless, as these items have been known to cause issues leading to poor wireless performance.

So far the early feedback appears to have been positive and Modem Mode is finally allowing customers to use another/better router for managing their home networks, which is a rather poor situation for Virgin Media to find itself in. The operator has also pledged to continue upgrading fixing the FailHub SuperHub as required.

Customers are being advised to update their SuperHub's by simply turning it off at the socket for 60 seconds and then back on again, which should trigger the appropriate process and hopefully won't end the world as we know it. Hopefully cheese .
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