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ISP News Archives for October 2012

fibre optic ftth broadband cable laying

22nd Oct 2012 (6 Comments)

National UK telecoms operators BT and Virgin Media have “disappointed” Birmingham City Council (BCC) after they launched a shock legal challenge against the city’s £10m publicly funded (State Aid) plan to expand the reach of “ultrafast” (100Mbps+) broadband ISP and public wifi services by 2015.

european union flag

20th Oct 2012 (6 Comments)

The European Council, which is represented by the leaders of each member state (e.g. UK Prime Minister, David Cameron), yesterday set aside its doubts and gave explicit support to the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and its proposed investment of €9.2bn (almost £7.5bn) into the delivery of faster broadband services.

internet politics

19th Oct 2012 (3 Comments)

The government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) office, which is responsible to distributing £680m to help 90% of people gain access to superfast broadband ISP connections by 2015, apparently has 75 full-time staff working to implement its remit. But are they all needed?

satellite internet dish 90cm

19th Oct 2012 (6 Comments)

Global satellite operator SES (SES Broadband) has confirmed that its new ASTRA 2F spacecraft, which was launched into orbit at the end of last month, will bring affordable internet download speeds of up to 20Mbps to rural parts of both the UK and Europe. On top of that it will also make self-installation a possibility.

the loop manchester uk

19th Oct 2012 (2 Comments)

An old 77km long fibre optic network that stretches across Greater Manchester, which was originally installed by Atlantic Telecom to support the 2002 Commonwealth Games (i.e. just before the operator went bust), has been brought back to life by another ISP.

parliament house of commons uk

19th Oct 2012 (1 Comment)

The Growth and Infrastructure Bill (GIB), which among other things contains plans to help “fast-track” the deployment of superfast broadband (25Mbps+) services around the United Kingdom by cutting red tape in the existing planning system, has now gone before parliament.

4g mobile broadband uk wireless lte technology

18th Oct 2012 (3 Comments)

The UK’s primary Mobile Broadband operators have today setup a new company called Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited (formerly MitCo), which will work to ensure that 900,000 UK homes don’t lose Freeview Digital TV (DTV) services when the new 4G (LTE) products, via the 800MHz band, arrive next year.

ofcom uk telecoms regulator

18th Oct 2012 (1 Comment)

The UK communications regulator, Ofcom, has today launched a new consultation that seeks to address the problem of unexpected mid-contract price rises, which can lead to broadband, phone and mobile customers paying significantly more than they originally signed up for.

bt openreach uk engineer

18th Oct 2012 (7 Comments)

BTOpenreach, which manages access to BT’s UK telecoms network, appears to be making good progress with its first Fibre-Only Exchange (FOX) trial in the rural civil parish village of Deddington (Oxfordshire). The project aims to replace the old copper line products with ultra-fast fibre optic phone and broadband (e.g. 100Mbps+ FTTP) services.

illegal uk internet downloading

17th Oct 2012 (0 Comments)

Consumer Focus has warned Rights Holders that there is a very real danger of “systematic errors” causing damage to the Internet Protocol (IP) address based evidence that they intend to use against broadband ISP customers whom are suspected of engaging in internet piracy (copyright infringement).

akamai global broadband speed

17th Oct 2012 (2 Comments)

Akamai has today published its latest quarterly State of the Internet Q2 2012 report, which found that the average global download speed has risen by 13% from 2.6Mbps (Megabits per second) in Q1 to 3Mbps now. Meanwhile the average broadband speed in the UK stands at 5.7Mbps (up slightly from 5.6Mbps in Q1).

virgin media uk

17th Oct 2012 (2 Comments)

Cable operator Virgin Media UK has announced that its free wireless internet (WiFi) service at 72 London underground tube stations will remain free until the end of 2012. The service had originally been due to adopt a commercial (paid) model after the Olympic Games but this plan has now been delayed.

bt openreach uk engineers van

17th Oct 2012 (4 Comments)

BTOpenreach, which manages access to BT’s national UK telecoms network, has this week introduced a new Disputed No Access process for all ISPs. This is designed to “repair appointments” where engineers have reported that they arrived at a home but were then unable to gain access, an account that customers sometimes dispute.

world broadband internet statistics

17th Oct 2012 (0 Comments)

Analyst firm Point Topic UK has reported that the total number of broadband lines globally reached 624.1 Million in Q2 2012 (quarterly growth of 2.1%), which represents a “significant decline” in growth versus the 2.7% increase seen during Q1. Thankfully superfast fibre optic (FTTx) based connections showed more promise.

fibre optic cable uk

16th Oct 2012 (45 Comments)

The FTTH Council Europe has released its latest global ranking of ultrafast Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) based fibre optic broadband ISP internet connections. Sadly the UK still doesn’t have enough true fibre connections to show in the main list but related services have now passed 175,000 homes.

europe map

16th Oct 2012 (5 Comments)

The Vice President for Europe’s Digital Agenda project, Neelie Kroes, has called upon member states to have “the courage to invest” in ultrafast broadband services that will deliver “Usain Bolt Internet” speeds to everybody in the region by 2020. Otherwise we risk being “tied down by slow connections“, warned Kroes.

mobile broadband uk

16th Oct 2012 (3 Comments)

The latest RootMetrics study of Mobile Broadband speeds has revealed that Three UK delivers the fastest connection in London (T-Mobile was the slowest), where the average download speed is 2.265Mbps (Megabits per second). But mobile speeds in New York were on average found to be four times faster (8.5Mbps).

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