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ISP News Archives for October 2012

orange uk

31st October, 2012 (1 Comment)

Mobile operator Orange UK (EE) has reportedly taken the decision to completely cease its old “FREE broadband FOR LIFE” service, which between 2006 and 2009 offered a free home broadband connection to customers on their mobile contracts.

digital region south yorkshire uk

31st October, 2012 (4 Comments)

The financially troubled Digital Region network, which offers an alternative superfast broadband platform in South Yorkshire (England), can now give local homes and businesses a choice 50+ ISPs after the previously announced Service Exchange Platform (SEP) finally went live.

youview uk broadband internet tv iptv

31st October, 2012 (1 Comment)

The YouView (IPTV) product, which offers broadband based video-on-demand and catch-up TV services via several big UK ISPs (BT and TalkTalk), has started rolling out a new software update for its Humax set-top-boxes that will deliver various speed, sound and feature improvements.

direct save telecom uk

31st October, 2012 (1 Comment)

Internet and phone provider Direct Save Telecom (DST) has today announced that it will create 120 new jobs over the next 12 months, which is apparently possible as a “direct result” of their latest £2.49 per month broadband and free calls bundle (plus £12.85 line rental).

talktalk uk isp

31st October, 2012 (8 Comments)

The CEO of budget ISP TalkTalk, Dido Harding, has warned a Westminster panel session that the UK government should “start to worry” about the lack of competition in the new market for fibre optic based superfast broadband services; where a true alternative to BT and cheaper fibre-based local loop unbundling (LLU) remains absent.

mobile broadband uk

31st October, 2012 (5 Comments)

The boss of UK business ISP Fluidata, Piers Daniell, has said that he is “somewhat underwhelmed” by the lower than hoped for Mobile Broadband speeds of EE’s new 4G (LTE) service and expressed similar disappointment about its low and “misjudged” usage allowances.

uk fibre optic fttc cable

31st October, 2012 (4 Comments)

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has published a new Huawei sponsored study that says “a good dose of reality” is in order as it questions whether the new fixed line superfast broadband and 4G mobile solutions can really deliver the “sizeable boost to GDP growth” and job creation, which are so often touted by the UK government.

uk advertising standards authority

31st October, 2012 (4 Comments)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has once again banned an advert for Virgin Media’s service after one of its circular promotions (e.g. spam letters) was deemed to have misleadingly claimed that an individual’s street had been “connected” to its “state-of-the-art fibre optic cable“.


31st October, 2012 (12 Comments)

I’d just like to take a moment to apologise to our readers for ISPreview.co.uk’s recent downtime, which began late on Sunday night and lasted until Tuesday morning. Unfortunately the situation was out of our control and occurred when a fault struck just as we were in the middle of upgrading the web server.

shetland telecom fibre optic microtrench dig

29th October, 2012 (12 Comments)

The project manager for Shetland Telecom, which is busy improving internet capacity on the remote Shetland Islands via a new fibre optic link with Scotland, has told ISPreview.co.uk that it’s “complete madness” for the UK government to spend millions attempting to “squeeze more life” out of BT’s existing copper broadband ISP network.

censorship uk internet

27th October, 2012 (0 Comments)

The European Internet Services Providers Association (EuroISPA) has criticized the CleanIT project, which is funded by the European Commission (EC) and claims that it wants to fight online terrorism through voluntary self-regulation measures, for effectively forcing ISPs into censoring internet content and threatening unworkable rules.

UK Department of Culture Media and Sport

27th October, 2012 (4 Comments)

Some 20 Conservative members of the European Parliament (EP) have written a new letter to the UK government’s culture secretary, Maria Miller, that calls on her to “get a grip” on the much delayed broadband roll-out and conduct an “urgent review” to boost its speed, funding, scale and scope.

bt youview iptv broadband

27th October, 2012 (1 Comment)

ISP BT Retail has quietly revamped its triple-play broadband, phone and television bundles with the new introduction of a FREE YouView IPTV box (normally £299) that includes 500GB of storage for video recording and effectively appears to replace their old BTVision solution.

wireless mobile mast

26th October, 2012 (3 Comments)

The Country Land and Business Association(CLA), which represents English and Welsh land owners and repeatedly calls for improvements to UK rural broadband coverage, has opposed a reform of the Electronic Communication Code (ECC) that could make it cheaper for Mobile Broadband operators to expand their availability.

bt uk isp logo

26th October, 2012 (0 Comments)

The low cost BT Basic service, which reduces the price of telephone line rental to the equivalent of £4.80 a month for those on state benefits (e.g. the unemployed), is changing its eligibility criteria in 2013 to reflect the government’s stricter policy. Oh and there’s a price rise.

fibre optic cable spectrum colours

26th October, 2012 (65 Comments)

BTOpenreach, which manages access to BT’s UK telecoms network, has outlined plans to streamline its portfolio by slashing the number of ultrafast fibre optic broadband (FTTP) products from ten to five by March 2014. This includes the anticipated introduction of a new 220Mbps service in summer 2013.

aaisp uk

26th October, 2012 (1 Comment)

The outspoken boss of UK ISP Andrews & Arnold (AAISP) has threatened to withhold payment of “disputed charges” after becoming “sick and tired” of his staff allegedly having to waste hours tackling Special Fault Investigation (SFI) related billing errors and other mistakes created by BTOpenreach and BTWholesale.

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