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ISP News Archives for December 2014

vodafone uk broadband

12th December, 2014 (0 Comments)

Mobile operator Vodafone has expanded its promotional poster campaign with advertising firm JCDecaux by reaching a new agreement that will also allow them to install a new network of small cell 4G (LTE) base stations at the company’s various billboard sites.


12th December, 2014 (3 Comments)

After a decade of campaigning it’s finally been confirmed that residents of Great Asby, which is a beautiful little rural village in Cumbria (North West England), will soon be able to get online with broadband speeds of up to 330Mbps thanks to BT’s forthcoming FTTP network rollout. Sadly that also means the demise of the local community fixed wireless network.


12th December, 2014 (4 Comments)

The shocking news has broken. Remember when customers of EE’s service use to benefit from free 2-for-1 Pizzas (or dough balls) and Cinema tickets? Actually they still do, but it’s all coming to an end from 25th February 2015. Natch. At least something else is coming to replace it.

vodafone uk broadband

11th December, 2014 (0 Comments)

Vodafone has today confirmed that customers of their Red 4G (LTE) based mobile broadband, calls and text tariffs in the United Kingdom will now also be able to make use of the same connectivity in 40 destinations worldwide.

fttc street cabinet under construction

11th December, 2014 (12 Comments)

A new report from the Shropshire County Council (SCC), which examines the various options available for providing “fibre broadband” to those areas that aren’t currently projected to received it, has shown that the local authority is still struggling to match the Government’s £11.38m Phase 2 Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) funding.


11th December, 2014 (8 Comments)

Internet providers will no doubt be keeping a careful watch of Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service after the company announced that members will soon be able to take advantage of the high-quality 4K (Ultra HD – 3840 x 2160 pixels) picture resolution of movies and TV shows on their service “at no additional cost” (rivals often charge a premium for it).

europe map

11th December, 2014 (0 Comments)

The national telecoms regulator has today published their latest EU Broadband Scorecard and 2014 International Communications Market Report (ICMR), which among other things shows how the United Kingdom compares with Europe’s other countries in terms of our progress towards the Government’s ambition that we should have the “fastest broadband of any major European country by 2015“.

farming uk rural areas

11th December, 2014 (5 Comments)

The Rural Services Network, which is devoted to improving services in rural communities across England and remains the only rural Special Interest Group at the Local Government Association (LGA), has published its manifesto for the 2015 General Election and called on a future government to make several key improvement’s to the UK’s broadband roll-out strategy.

fibre optic rural broadband rollout uk

11th December, 2014 (3 Comments)

The community owned Digital Dales (Fibre GarDen) project, which recently secured funding to build a new up to 100Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network across the rural villages of Garsdale and Dentdale in Cumbria (England), has been questioned by a group of opposition Conservative councillors who are concerned about the projects deliverability.

openreach bt cable duct manhole

10th December, 2014 (53 Comments)

Gigaclear’s hope of being able to roll-out a 1000Mbps capable fibre optic (FTTP) broadband service in the small rural Northamptonshire (England) village of Ashley have been dented after BT successfully encouraged locals to raise £15,000 in order to have their slower ‘up to’ 80Mbps Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) solution installed.


10th December, 2014 (5 Comments)

A press and website advert for Relish’s fixed wireless 4G broadband network in central London has been banned after BT successfully complained that their promotion used a “misleading” comparison with one of their own packages and also advertised an incorrect price for the ISPs business deal.

uk advertising standards authority

10th December, 2014 (4 Comments)

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned five national press adverts and a website promotion for Virgin Media’s (Liberty Global) cable broadband, TV and phone bundles after rival BT complained that the savings claims and offer expiry dates being used were misleading. But the ruling could have an impact on other big ISPs.


9th December, 2014 (5 Comments)

Consumer broadband ISP TalkTalk claims to have set yet another Internet traffic record after an apparent surge in online shopping helped to push their network to a peak of 1.38Tbps (Terabits per second), which is up from the last peak of 1.25Tbps in September 2014.

City of london square mile united kingdom

9th December, 2014 (37 Comments)

Fibre optic broadband ISP Hyperoptic, which typically focuses its deployments of 1000Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB/H) technology on big UK cities, has published a new index today that ranks European capital cities by broadband speed. The report criticises London for ranking a low 26 out of 33 cities and notes how the city has also fallen four places over the last 5 years.

sky broadband uk

9th December, 2014 (10 Comments)

Internet provider Sky Broadband (Sky) has today launched a new entry-level “Sky Fibre” superfast broadband (i.e. up to 38Mbps FTTC) service, which forgoes the past focus on unlimited usage allowances in favour of a 25GB data cap and a lower standard price of £10 per month (note: their unlimited options cost from £20 per month, with 76Mbps pushing that to £30).

netflix uk unlimited broadband movie streaming

9th December, 2014 (1 Comment)

Netflix, the Internet Movie and TV video streaming giant, has just published their latest ISP Speed Index update for the United Kingdom and revealed that Virgin Media comes top of the performance table with an average speed of 3.49Mbps (Megabits per second).

internet service providers association uk

8th December, 2014 (3 Comments)

As seems to be customary at this time of year the Internet Service Providers Association UK (ISPA) has officially started their hunt for next year’s annual Internet industry awards, which are seeking nominations for a string of familiar categories (e.g. ‘Best Superfast Broadband’ and ‘Best Consumer Broadband’) and several new ones.

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