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wifi uk internet security

14th May, 2024 (11 Comments)

Network security researchers have published details of a new vulnerability that arises from a “design flaw” in the IEEE 802.11 WiFi standard (CVE-2023-52424), which is said to impact “all operating systems and WiFi clients” and allows an attacker to trick Wi-Fi clients into connecting to an untrusted network.

security of broadband isp routers

13th May, 2024 (31 Comments)

Last week we covered how Sky Broadband was responding to the UK government’s new internet and network security laws, which among other things prompted them to launch a new router upgrade scheme and be more transparent with customers about the state of security updates for their existing network kit. Since then, we’ve asked the other major ISPs how they plan to respond.


10th May, 2024 (29 Comments)

The Government has concluded its national security probe of the proposed mobile mega-merger between Vodafone and Three UK (CK Hutchison) – conducted under the National Security and Investment Act 2021 – and decided to approve the deal, albeit with some relatively minor caveats.

Error message concept. Alert, attention notification. Important reminder

8th May, 2024 (8 Comments)

Mobile operator Three UK has today revealed that the anti-spam filters on their network have blocked more than 173 million spam texts, equivalent to 10,000 every hour of the day, in the last two years, as part of its efforts to protect customers from rising online fraud – thanks in no small part to their Mavenir platform.

3rd May, 2024 (37 Comments)

Internet provider Sky Broadband has responded to this week’s introduction of the government’s new network security laws (here), by emailing customers with older routers to warn them that their kit “no longer receives service and security updates.” The good news is that those who receive these letters might be in line for a free upgrade.

Picture of a cat trying to hack into the internet - Copilot Image for MJ on 280424

29th April, 2024 (21 Comments)

The UK Government has this morning announced that new laws, which are designed to help protect consumers from cyber criminals, such as by requiring that network devices, like broadband ISP routers, receive greater protection (e.g. regular security updates and stronger default passwords), have finally come into force.

25th April, 2024 (16 Comments)

Network operator Openreach (BT) has told ISPreview that they’ve seen a 30% fall in the theft of their copper phone and broadband cables (Metal Theft) over the last year, which is being partly attributed to the deployment of a new “invisible” forensic liquid marker that can be sprayed directly onto cables and equipment.

Internet Danger Websites with Scam Ads and Malware

24th April, 2024 (3 Comments)

Hull-based broadband ISP and network operator KCOM, which is operates its own Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in England, has warned customers to be on the lookout for a new phishing email that attempts to impersonate the company in order to commit fraud.


23rd April, 2024 (5 Comments)

Telecoms giant Vodafone UK, specifically their business focused Carrier Services (wholesale) division, has launched a new service called Scam Signal that allows businesses to protect their customers from impersonation scams, such as Authorised Pushed Payment (APP) fraud.

IP Address Illustration

8th April, 2024 (78 Comments)

The new generation of alternative gigabit-capable broadband ISP networks (AltNets) has helped to bring a huge amount of additional competition into the wider UK market. But one area where some of them fall down is in their use of technologies like CGNAT (IP address sharing) and the lack of IPv6 support.

22nd March, 2024 (14 Comments)

Industry body techUK, which represents many of the UK’s key technology companies, and a broad range of stakeholders have today issued a joint statement that expresses concern about proposed changes under the Investigatory Powers (Amendment) Bill, not least their potential impact upon internet security and privacy.


22nd March, 2024 (29 Comments)

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has this morning concluded its Phase 1 investigation of the proposed mega-merger (here) between mobile operators Three UK and Vodafone, which, much as expected, has raised concerns over the reduction in market competition and the potential for consumers to pay higher prices.


21st March, 2024 (21 Comments)

The SHIFT (Safety & Health In Fibre Telecoms) group, which aims to improve health and safety practices and standards across the UK’s fibre broadband industry, has today told ISPreview that its members (network operators etc.) are uniting to tackle the “numerous thefts of fibre splicing and test equipment amongst its members in recent weeks“.

telephone uk red ringing broadband

21st March, 2024 (0 Comments)

The UK Government has today proposed a series of recommendations to help “bolster the resilience” of the 999 emergency call handling system, which is operated by BT, following a technical fault (“complex software issue”) last summer (here) that resulted in 11,470 unique emergency calls being “unsuccessfully connected“.

Home Phone and UK Broadband VoIP Services

19th March, 2024 (10 Comments)

The UK telecoms regulator has today launched an own-initiative investigation into Vonage‘s internet phone (VoIP / Cloud) service, which follows an incident resulting in disruption for its business customers to emergency call (999) services during October and November 2023.

British police

7th March, 2024 (4 Comments)

A group of full fibre broadband operators, which are being led by alternative network providers Ogi and Vorboss, have today called on the UK Government and Ofcom to urgently help tackle a recent rise in attacks – often committed by criminal gangs and vandals – against vital national telecoms infrastructure and the engineers who build it.

Vodafone Fly Tipping CCTV PR Image 13th Feb 2024

13th February, 2024 (2 Comments)

Mobile operator Vodafone has today launched their “Connected Spaces Vision” plan, which offers unlimited data to business customers that need to live stream video from IoT smart surveillance cameras over a mobile broadband (4G or 5G) network. But this is more than just a mobile plan, it’s a suit of video security features.

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