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Tiscali Mulls Legal Action Over BT Marketing Letter
By: MarkJ - 17 July, 2008 (9:00 AM)

ISP Tiscali UK is taking legal advice after some of its customers began receiving an unusual personalised marketing letter from BT last week. BT's letter appears to exploit the uncertainly surrounding Tiscali's sale to suggest that the service might be at risk, which has caused some customers concern.

The letter, which is being discussed in THIS TOPIC on our forum, has been re-printed below. Credits to one of our readers (Alanc) for scanning it:

Interestingly it isn't only customers of Tiscali or related brands (Nildram, Pipex etc.) that have been affected by this letter. Some users of Firefly (SurfAnyTime) have reportedly also received it, often despite never having been members of a Tiscali owned brand or service. The Samknows site has managed to get a quote from Jon Carter, a BT spokesman, whom confirms the use of such questionable tactics:

"We use direct marketing as part of our customer-acquisition activity on an ongoing basis, sourcing customer details from reputable external sources. We often mention competitors in order that comparisons can be made - this direct mail is no different."

We feel that the mailing steps over the line and could cause Tiscaliís customers unnecessary concern. Using fear as a marketing tactic is nothing new, although something like this should indeed be questioned and hopefully those that have received it will complain to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

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