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Orange (EE) Scrap Free UK Email Service for Mobile and Broadband Users

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 (7:51 am) - Score 15,438

Customers of communications provider EE (BT), specifically those who still use an old Orange based email account (Orange.net, Wanadoo.co.uk, Fsmail.net etc.), will be unhappy to learn that the operator has announced the forthcoming closure of this free service on 31st May 2017.

During the early years of the Internet it was fairly common for broadband ISPs and mobile operators to provide new customers with access to a free email service, but this trend has been in decline for some years (the advent of free email providers and Internet Messaging services has made it less important) and today very few residential mobile and broadband providers offer such a feature. Meanwhile those ISPs that do still offer email will often do it quietly (i.e. they won’t openly advertise the feature).

Never the less many people, particularly those who rarely ever change provider, have come to rely on such addresses and they can often also be used as Usernames (Login IDs) for other online services. As such the removal of a free email service can create quite a significant headache.

Statement on the Email Closure

Why are we closing Orange Email?

Since Orange Email was first introduced, a wide variety of providers have launched offering free email services with more advanced functionality. As a result, the number of Orange Email users has been in decline.

We have therefore decided to close Orange Email on 31 May 2017, so you can move to a better email experience, and we can focus on providing our customers with the best possible products and services.
Which email addresses are affected?

The addresses affected by the closure are:


We’ve long recommended that broadband and mobile subscribers try to keep their email and Internet access providers separate, which makes it easier to switch suppliers and keeps you safe from issues like the one above. The good news is that today’s market is chocked full of dedicated email providers, many of which are free (Gmail, Hotmail etc.) and some will even allow you to use your own domain name for a small fee.

Unfortunately the above will be of little comfort to those affected by EE’s decision. On the upside the operator has at least given subscribers plenty of notice, which is in stark contrast to some other providers that only gave a few weeks’ notice (the Vodafone / Demon example).

Sadly EE / Orange UK have not offered any alternative solutions of their own, although unofficially they do appear to recommend switching to Google’s Gmail service and even include a guide to show how it can be done (check the related information page).

Credits to members on Thinkbroadband’s Forum for spotting this.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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84 Responses
  1. Jennifer wagner says:

    I was informed 2 days ago about the shutting f freeserve nails. They said end of May. Sinc then I have not been able to acc S the emails at all. – ridiculous. I am trying to run a business.
    I have opened a gmail email but have not had cjanc to transfer any thing over.

    1. Lynn says:

      Jennifer – I am also pi**ed off about them closing this as these are my main email accounts and have been for years. I have tried to import my emails to a gmail account, but I keep getting an error message telling me to check my captcha settings on the orange account, I have no idea how to check these, so it looks as if I will have to forward my emails one by one. Also note that if this did work, it will only forward those in your in box and not in folders!!!

    2. RichT says:

      If you run a business you should not use a 3rd party email address. It’s very unprofessional and makes you look like a 3rd class business.

      Register a domain name befitting of your business and have your own unique email address.

      Cost for this will be around from £50 for the first year incuding domain registration and hosting and about £35 a year thereafter.

  2. Jennifer wagner says:

    Can’t access my email now. They said end of May

  3. MarkC says:

    I’ve been using my orange/freeserve address since 1998 do this is a disaster for me. Lord knows how many website and software registrations I need to change and Orange peel are not even leaving a forwarding server online as far as I can see. Ok, that is not an address I use for personal emails but for registrations it’s been my main address for 18 years!

    1. Kenneth Smith says:

      Having had my account for 20 years, I too have used the email structure for registrations and to authenticate those sending me emails.

      This means that if I receive an email purporting to be from my bank which has not been sent to mybank@mysubdomain.freeserve.co.uk, then I know it’s definitely not from my bank. It’s also useful for Facebook and other social media accounts where there are so many attempts by ne’er do wells to inveigle their way in.

      I am a BT Broadband customer (parent company to EE) so, as a consequence of this action, I may have to reconsider my relationship with them.

  4. Jill Chisholm says:

    Leave Orange altogether. This is an appalling decision which will cost people money to change business cards, letter headings etc. Not to mention rhe inconvenience of having to change to a new email address. Write to them and urge them to reconsider, at the very least introduce a small charge where we all get to keep long-held email addresses. If not, Leave and find a better provider.

  5. David Lane says:

    Presumably the domain name (fsmail etc) will still be available. Can’t someone (even EE) maintain it and charge?

  6. Tony Green says:

    I have been a Freeserve e mail customer for over 20 years and have four e mail accounts. We also run a business with these accounts. We to are really pissed off with EE for closing these accounts. We would have even paid an extra monthly premium to keep them. I have only just found out, not by an e mail from EE but looking for advice on another matter on their site. I will keep their e mails going till the end but have taken out 4 new G mail accounts. Because of this i will be changing my EE Broadband to a new supplier when they close it all done

    1. Jill Chisholm says:

      Everybody affected should write to

    2. Skywave says:

      Leaving EE totally is the only sensible thing to do: I should have done it years ago when they ‘absorbed’ Orange. EE’s performance since they took over from Orange has been patchy to say the least. I’m thinking about PlusNet.
      I note that EE has a ‘problem’ with their e-mail right now: they say “a cable has been cut”. Any competent ISP / comms. organisation builds redundancy into his system to safeguard against that type of problem. But not EE: sheer incompetence.

  7. Dee Jay says:

    Well done EE for both shooting the customer and shooting themselves in the foot. Really, how much does it cost to keep these servers going when other companies can offer free email. Even the ability to keep a redirecting server going seems beyond their customer relations strategy. This appears like penny pinching of the worst kind and clearly from the comments I have seen online, it will backfire on them by customers leaving, especially those that have used their email service for businesses.

  8. ROBIN RUSHTON says:

    This is unbelievable.Like others here I have many registered sites and accounts using a Freeserve address that I’ve used since 1998.I also use a local client on my pc for downloading emails (windows live).I have done this for years.This is perfect for me and now this will all be blown out of the water because of some crass decision by someone at EE.Surely they must be aware of the seriousness of this? I don’t believe they have to do this.In my case (and no doubt others) it has taken years to create this email infrastructure.The immense work AND aggravation because of this that will now ensue is unacceptable.Someone mentioned their stationary with email details printed-thank goodness I don’t have that problem too! Yes I’m f…ed off too.

  9. Henry Goodall says:

    Yes, I agree that this is a shambles and a disgrace in modern times when no facility to forward contact lists and e-mails to a gmail account or elsewhere exists. Lesson – loyalty to one server for almost two decades gets you dropped in the **** from a great height.
    I understand that due to the age of the system and no POP3 capability, it is impossible to transfer e-mails, contact e-mail addresses or anything else to another ISP or mail service.
    Totally hypocritical for EE to say that you can transfer to gmail, when every single e-mail you may want/need to keep must be forwarded manually.
    My own account was suddenly ‘locked’ without warning several months ago. I found contact details of the EE office, and was told that fsmail ‘was no longer supported’ if it went wrong suddenly and users were locked out. They reactivated the account but it failed again a few weeks later. All data, addresses, photographs, information and e-mails lost, totally irretrievable.
    My wife’s account still works but it is impossible to transfer items to gmail, as the process fails every time with multiple different inputs.
    Utterly useless and irresponsible. My personal cards all have to be replaced; no compensation there then!
    My sympathies go to those businesses that have all their data locked up in this system, presumably this will cost them thousands and weeks or months of work to replace. Perhaps they should sue.
    I have no faith in Orange/EE. They boast about their 4G service and its alleged speed. We can’t even get a reliable 3G signel 10 miles from the largest city in the south of England south of the M4 !
    Good Luck!

    1. MELANIE DAVIS says:

      I too have used the fsmail.net for more than 10 years; although I also have a separate gmail account. This hasn’t done me any good at all however, as I have been locked out of my fsmail account and can’t access the emails I wanted to transfer!!

      There was obviously NO thought whatsoever put into this and I am more than pi**ed off at the amount of data I now can’t retrieve, and the way it will affect some sites that are registered to the fsmail account, since I can’t access it to change my email address over!!

      Thanks for bloody nothing!!!

  10. steve robinson says:

    very disappointed to hear this , we have been orange customers for years , we both have many , many accounts that use the orange email address for login details – some can only be changed by opening another account , cannot believe they are doing this . We also have 2 mobile phones with orange/ee – broadband and phones will be leaving – I don’t think they care less ; any company that does this obviously couldn’t give a hoot about it’s customers !

    Maybe Kevin Bacon’s fees were too much and they now have to make cuts

    1. Jill says:

      FIGHT BACK. Send the below to your MP and to marc.allera@ee.co.uk

      Losing your email account can be a big problem. Not only do you have to notify everyone you know of the new one, but you lose
      access to all the services for which you have used your email address as a username. Yet ISPs which may have forced their customers
      to use their own email services sometimes cast their customers into the wilderness in this way. One of Britain’s biggest ISPs, ee,
      is about to do this to customers who originally signed up with companies it has taken over. It is not even prepared to keep one
      server running to pass on email received at its addresses to abandoned customers’ new accounts. Please put a stop to this and
      organise legislation to stop any other ISP doing this in future.

  11. Richard says:

    Like others we have had the use of freeserve email services for something over 20 years. It has been the backbone of many of our subscriptions and will cause huge issues. Gmail is rotten for use with Outlook, getting upset about so called degraded protection.
    One of the main reasons for staying with EE was the e-mail, at least we no longer have that chain to hold us back. Maybe there are more cost effective ISPs, perhaps some might even be faster and better priced.
    Now to start looking urgently. The last time we had a break in service they sent us a useless degraded capability router, then wondered why it was not connected – because it was too poor to do what was needed perhaps.

    1. Skywave says:

      Freeserve was good; Orange was mediocre; EE’s idea of how an ISP / comms. provider runs its business and tries to keep its existing customers (let alone get new ones)is truly dreadful. Perhaps they’re trying to compete with Vodaphone! (Arrrgh!)

  12. Duncan says:

    BE AWARE gmail does not make saving emails for access offline easy, if at all!..
    I live in a digital black hole and need my emails accessible off line.
    Does anyone have a suitable alternative to the affected orange addresses which provides both off line download and server retention for remote access if chosen to keep messages on server temporarily?

    1. jde says:

      I’m using Microsoft Windows Livemail which has an option to work offline and have that linked to a gmail account. So you could use another email provider or another email package.

    2. Carol Rogers says:

      It is possible to change gmail account settings to allow POP or IMAP access by software such as MS Outlook. Although using POP settinvs is less secure it is still possible to download emails and work on them offline.

    3. Mick H says:

      I use mozilla thunderbird as my email client which downloads all my emails from all my email accounts for use offline.

  13. Duncan says:

    Just noticed BT are to pay 1.2 BILLION POUND for champions league rights and they can’t afford to keep a server going for their orange etc customers. This surely has to be one for the OFCOM guys to take up.

  14. malcolmb says:

    Just incredible. Years ago I was told that ISP’s had to keep e-mail addresses going even when they were taken over by other companies. My fsmail account (20 years in use) has passed through a series of owners/providers and always been OK. Is this not typical of BT to throw it’s customers away? I will never use their services directly again.

  15. Paul Tricki says:

    Disaster for me. I created a Freeserve (Orange) email address almost 20 years ago. For days now I’ve been ploughing through literally hundreds of sites I access through this account. I never realised the likelihood or magnitude of such a task. Some sites (e.g. council tax) actually require a letter to change the address. Luckily I maintain an Excel spreadsheet of logins, usernames, passwords, etc.

  16. shayn williams says:

    been with orange for 24 years f–k them will not upgrade this time going to find a better service somewhere else

  17. London Lad says:

    Very disappointing, I just bought a 100 new business cards with MOO @ £40! I hate Gmail, it is full of adverts and a pure revenue source for those now dominating the WWW and tracking our habits!

    I wonder how many users remain on the old domains and whether someone could actually provide a continuing service?

    1. London Lad says:

      I should add, luckily for me all my emails are on Outlook Express, so as long as I don’t delete the account off my laptop, the emails will remain on my computer!

  18. Gladys says:

    Just spent the last three days changing stuff over. Some of my accounts have been really difficult to update. Often instructions are poor or nonexistant and I have had to rely on other users. EE itself does not allow a change of username! I stayed with this organisation and its former owners for 20+ years to avoid this problem. Shall be moving when my contract runs out.

  19. JP says:

    What a joke, my freeserve address will remain the log in name to access my EE phone and broadband bills even though it will as defunct as a Dodo in a few weeks time.

    I knew the BT takeover was going to be bad news and this plug pulling on all the heritage email addresses proves it. Open reach my *rse

  20. Dominic Davis-Foster says:

    Shockingly I only found out about this yesterday while setting up email on a new computer. I hadn’t heard anything from them about it beforehand.
    I was moving my broadband away from BT anyway. Now I’m more than happy to stop being an Orange customer of 20+ years too

    1. Dave 7010 says:

      March 10?

      You’re lucky – I’ve only just heard today!

  21. Rob Tomkinson says:

    Why do people keep saying FREE email service – this has never been free, it was an integral part of the broadband service paid for, or latterly the mobile phone service. it was never FREE !!! EE are in breech of their service commitments, and this breech is costing their customers (mainly soon to be ex-customers) a lot of money and man-hours to change over from a long-used email address.

  22. Celia Short says:

    Has anyone managed to get the links provided to import messages to gmail to work? Why did not EE check that the information they gave was accurate? It seems that some people have had considerably more notice than others of the forthcoming closure-hardly good customer service.

  23. Don says:

    It is a totally thoughtless act on the part of EE. I have a .fsnet.co.uk account which is a primary email, now changing to a remote .gmail which is anonymous can cause problems with some websites. I have spent, up to now, SEVEN hours informing various people/bank/credit card etc etc and I am still not finished. I am still trying to use my ipad as Apple is seriously difficult to change. Thanks for eff all EE. Anyway, I have 8 phone accounts with them and been a customer for 13 years. Well, revenge is sweet as all are due for renewal in the coming months, and ALL will be closed down and I will join a much cheaper phone comp., such as Tesco.

  24. Peter baird says:

    I have been a loyal customer for 17 years with my main email account being a fsworld.co.uk . All EE say is they are sorry for the inconvenience cause , well sorry ain’t good enough . I have now spent 15 hrs updating email address and no idea how long it’s going to take to finish this task . I contacted EE and they offered me £20 as a good will gesture I told them where they could stickbitv. I am now going to email the telecoms ombudsman regarding this matter of closing down the email could I ask that everyone does the same . We need as many people as possible to complain . Many thanks

  25. Roy Acland says:

    I have spent nearly 2 days trying to alter accounts linked to my EE address and I’m not finished yet as some sites don’t offer this option very easily. I just wish there was more time to do this and I’m certain my efforts won’t deal with all of the accounts/contacts that I have established over the years.

  26. LYNN says:

    Orange didn’t even tell me they were shutting the email site down, it was only when I tried to access my bill I found out as I struggled to log in. I only checked the bill because I saw the monthly charge for orange had been put up with no notice. That is disgusting and I would have thought illegal? Anyway I looked around and saw it seemed best to go to gmail as it seemed recommended. I am a complete tech dinosaur but I do read around and found something under Wongablog. I spent about 3 hours and eventually got myself set up with gmail. All the emails were sent over, and I spent hours notifying most of my email contacts. Worn to a frazzle, yep!

  27. Giomach says:

    Orange say you can put up an “away message” on the soon-to-be-removed email address, to redirect senders to an alternative email address.
    So I do this, and it says “Your away message has been activated”. But does it work? Of course not.
    So I register with ee-community and send my query about the away message. It says “Success!” But is there any sign of my query? Of course not.
    So I send ee customer services a letter about the away message. The write back “Please phone this number”. WTH? The problem is at their end, not mine, why can’t they just fix it?
    Oh, and even if the away message would work, it would end when the email address ends, on 31 May.
    This is what they call “service”.

  28. Antony says:

    I’ve also spent days transferring emails, addresses to another provider.I am now trying to send emails to all my contacts (Freeserve) and it tells me I can’t send to
    so many. It doesn’t say what the maximum is though, so will have to guess.
    I knew something would happen when BT bought them!

  29. Nicola says:

    I too have been trying to transfer emails and files and ” there is a problem” keeps coming up. I did receive an email to warn me of EE’s plans but my friend did not and would have been totally unaware of the situation if I had not mentioned it. There appears to be very little care or consideration for their customers. Total shambles!

  30. andrew jenkinson says:

    Bad service – been with orange since 1997 e-mail 1999 and what a hassle – they are terrible and don’t they realise the grief, I will also change my broadband provider no need to keep orange anymore and my phone too so BT has made a right cock up and hope they loose many customers over this – looking for a new e-mail provider and one I can transfer mail over – so frustrating websites all my other business contacts will need to be notified too disgusting – al round

  31. Dr Peter Stamper says:

    I was permanently excluded without warning when trying to let my contacts know my new gmail address. They leave an address to mail to to get information but do not reply to anything. The instructions on migrating your contacts clearly do not work. This is an absolute disgrace and those responsible should be named and shamed but unfortunately I fear they will get away with causing this havoc. There should surely be some legal redress for those whose livelihood has been affected. Is there not a regulatory body to deal with this disgraceful behaviour?

  32. Graham Hawkes says:

    Just spent the last few days changing all logins etc. to use my new trustworthy email address, i.e. away from fsmail, and then started the process of transferring all saved emails (probably hundreds in all folders). I was then locked out of fsmail without warning because I have hit some limit (it doesn’t tell you what this is) and I’m still waiting to be unlocked after sending an email to the ‘unlock’ address. I have been an fsmail user for over 20 years but after reading the notes above I will move away from associated services, e.g. I have a business BT line but not for much longer. I think EE should have weighed up the Pros and Cons of this decision.

  33. Helen G says:

    So frustrating not to be able to set Away message in freeserve, despite following instructions and having been successful in doing this previously.
    Attempting to get any sort of reply out of EE becomes Ground-hog day – completely farcical.
    I really want to leave an Away message now not in a few weeks time; the whole saga of transferring files, etc is becoming exhausting.
    Goodness knows how difficult it must be for small businesses.
    How do we try to go about publicly naming and shaming in this situation?

  34. Geoff says:

    I am disgusted at EE decision to shut Orange mail. I have been with Orange for more years than I can remember. I think it is not decreasing users but it is losing EE money so I think it should lose a bit more when I move to another provider!!!

  35. Patrick N says:

    The arrogance of EE management is breath-taking. THEY re-brand themselves from Orange to EE, and they then expect their customers to spend many hours transferring to a new address, with the potential of all sorts of consequential losses. They haven’t even had the courtesy to send warning emails out to the effected email addresses. They’ve withdrawn service after service; it’s like they HATE their Orange customers. Well EE, we’re now hating you back. The whole family was “Orange Branded” mobile/broadband. Not any more…
    I’ll never use EE again (and probably you too BT)

  36. Clive Blackburn says:

    Thank you, thank you!!!
    I have been using my fslife.co.uk email address since 2001 and I received a letter today confirming that it will no longer be available after the end of May.
    Am I being automatically provided with a new email address? No of course not, I am only a customer and my needs are of no interest to Orange. If as you claim the email is “not modern enough” then it seems obvious that yiou need to upgrade it! A while ago you also took away my free website address, without any good explanation.
    Over the years I have often been tempted to switch to one of the many home broadband and telephone packages which provide far better speeds than Orange and at a much more competitive price, the one thing that held me back was the daunting prospect of switching over all my email registrations and advising all of my personal and business contacts of the change.
    Well, now you have made the decision for me so I am free to look around for a cheaper and more technologically advanced service, so thank you once again for forcing me out of my rut!

  37. ERIC LEWIS says:

    Clearly BT/EE do not care for their customers as the service provided continues to deteriorate After being a loyal user of all their services for the last 20 years the latest inconsiderate service reduction makes the decision for future service provision far simpler.The insufficient time to rearrange change of addresses etc and the off handed /unsympathetic guidelines will be reflected in cancelled contracts

  38. Chris says:

    Why. Please tell me why

  39. This is disgraceful to cut us out. We got till the 31st of May 2017, Orange EE or BT should have informed the provider that they would be closing orange e-mail site, and inform the server that TERMS and CONDITION will not apply from now on since orange will be shutting their service to their users. I too had the same reception after following their instruction to forward e-mails to the next address like gmail for example, I got cut, all my e-mails are stranded, why the hack did they not realise we have been with orange freeserve wanadoo since the opening. This is crazy. I also thought we might have been given two days to transfer our e-mails, that is what they said IT WOULD TAKE TWO DAYS TO TRANSFER YOUR E-MAILS TO YOUR NEW ADDRESS, BUT YOU MUST MAKE SURE ALL E-MAILS MUST BE SWITCHED TO YOUR INBOX. This they should have clarified and told what day this would happen. Is there another way out ?

  40. John P says:

    Of all the things I did plan for, THIS WAS NOT ONE OF THEM!!!
    This is going to cause me a great deal of STRESS and anxiety – only got the letter yesterday, – yes yesterday 3.4.17.
    This will take weeks to sort out as my business is dependant on this email address for our website payments and notifications, our website has over 100 pages and is all HTML coded with an “@fsnet.co.uk” domain for payment notifications etc. – I don’t really know where to begin, other than to shutdown the website and employ someone to re do it which will cost well into 4 figures.

  41. Sue O says:

    Only got notification today ! Thank you EE after nearly 20 years with the same email address. My work and the majority of website logon are my email address. This is going to take me days to sort out. Also what idiot decided to do this at the end of the tax year – busiest time for me. I’ve just spent 4 hours today just trying to configure my Outlook Express to pull emails from my new gmail email I’ve just set up (as I do with my fsbusiness email). Apparently it should be straightforward but after 4 hours I’ve given up. Tried POP3 and IMAP setting and all I keep getting are errors and gmail connection box appearing all the time.I will now be leaving EE broadband and my 4 mobile phone contracts. I know a drop in the ocean for EE but they have no idea what stress they are causing.

  42. Marc Noel says:

    Having been with Freeserve since its inception by the Dixons / DSG group I have experienced many a rocky road, and each time that road has got just a little more rocky with each merger / takeover. Firstly there was Wanadoo, then came Orange, before we eventually arrived at EE and then the deterioration in service, especially customer service became very noticeable, especially with regard to unannounced price increases. Well this is the final straw for me because things are likely to go from bad to worse now that BT have got their hands on the company. The current decision surrounding Freeserve email servers appear to be a sign of the future I fear under BT ownership. The only think that prevented me leaving EE was the inconvenience that changing my email address would bring. Now faced with the loss of that email address and the associated issues that this brings, I have just one thing to say. Adios EE/BT.

  43. Magnus Angus says:

    Like many others here I’ve ended up with EE as my Broadband provider. My email address dates back to freeserve, since having to pay of internet access I’ve managed to negotiate a fair deal each time my contract come up for renewal. So at the moment I have fast-ish access through fibre. I’ve been happy with the connection, my contract is up for renewal and I intended to haggle and stay.
    Having wasted a frustrating day, and with the prospect of a couple more, on this bullshit, EE have lost a customer.

  44. Cudworth Blades says:

    On top of all the anxiety and stress this will cause, in teh letter from EE do not have the courtesy to even apologise for the situation, where only a mumur ‘we understand the frustration this may cause, coming from a global communication company this is appalling.

    They sisgn me up on a two year contarct but only give me 7 weeks to sort the situation out myself.


  45. Mike Chester says:

    Upgraded my mobile contract and they put the price up within 6 weeks. Also upgraded to their fibre broadband to save the hassle of changing my email address and they close that service down soon afterwards.
    Makes takling decisions about moving somewhat easier once I am no longer tied in to their contracts

  46. bob says:

    As so many here, been a customer for a long time, since 2000. Can’t even log in now, hope someone is actually maintaining the service until the official close.

    Why would you not transfer everyone automatically over to another service?

    Hope the login works again soon so I can transfer stuff out.

  47. bob says:

    Is the service down for anyone else?

  48. Tony Leader says:

    What we need is an enterprising person to come along and give BT a few shillings for the domain names they’re throwing away, and offer to keep hosting us elsewhere at a fair price. Judging by the number of hacked-off customers, I reckon it could be profitable business.

  49. Paul Edwards says:

    Stinks, I have been using this email account for over a decade, many of those as my primary account. I have my emails in outlook but what about important emails I will not even remember I registered account with. The least they can do is let customers register an autoforward email account. This is a bad taste of the the future. I already had an office365 account for free webhosting and email taken away without any reasonable warning of help to get the data out. Now EE, come on at least let people have mails to the ee accounts redirected.

  50. Grant Beckerleg says:

    I have been on Orange now EE broadband and home phone for about 10 years now. BUT I have been using a ‘free-online.co.uk’ email address fro nigh on 20 years now.
    This is now a Plus Net email domain and I have been happily receiving my free-online emails via the Plus Net mail server fine.
    Now that EE are removing their email service they will be switching of their send mail server so won’t be able to send anymore.
    Plus Net do not allow relay of their email addresses unless you are one of their broadband customers. Move to PLus NEt you say?
    To get the same home phone and broadband package I have built as a customer of Orange/EE would be nearly £20 per month more than I currently pay.

  51. William DE Davies says:

    Been a long standing customer of over 15 years with ee. Contacted support desk for help in switching, support person showed no interest in helping with the problem which I have now managed to overcome. This change is causing major work and time consuming to inform everyone of this change.
    I have already set the wheels in motion to switch my personal mobile to another provider, will soon change from ee as mi ISP. Work mobile contract which is with ee is due for renewal in June and I will make sure we find another provider.
    ee only interested in making money, well lets all walk to show them that they need satisfied customers in order to make money.

  52. Chris says:

    A shocking decision. You must rethink.I am 70 and am anxious.Please reverse

  53. Michael Rochester says:

    EE have done me a favour in forcing my hand. I’ve been dissatisfied with their deal and the service backup provided for a long time, but was prepared to grin and bear it so that I might avoid the pain of the upheaval of a major change-over of logins / subscriptions and so on. It’s been a monstrous task but finally the flood of updates has reduced to a trickle and I’ve taken the opportunity to change ISPs. With a portable gmail account and a better ISP I’m now almost a happy chappie. I sincerely hope that their action comes back to bite them on the backside and that disgruntled subscribers depart in droves.

  54. Rita Young says:

    I currently have my wanadoo emails pulled through into outlook – does anyone know if the emails in outlook can be affected or lost in any way when the webmail server is closed? I have moved all my archived folders on Orange webmail, but more recently have emails in folders in outlook. Any help would be appreciated.
    I never realised how much work it was going to be to change email address after many many years – shame on you EE!

  55. Mick H says:

    I’ve had a freeserve email address since it started. Taken me ages to notify everyone and change my login details. Not happy. Luckily used mozilla thunderbird email client to download all my emails from all my email addresses for use off line. Also if left running will check all your email accounts and download any new emails at a set period.

  56. Carol Steele says:

    I have a gmail account already which i use on my tablet, with a limited number of people.I want to keep it that way. I don’t want my tablet flooded with all the emails that currently come into my freeserve address. Can I use a hotmail address as a replacement? How tricky is it all to do? I am full of dread at the prospect, remembering the stress of the Windows 10 upgrade!

  57. Mike B says:

    This denial of service should not be possible for a business that has not failed?
    The consequential costs of sorting out the mess this decision has made multiplied by the number of email account holders implicated is outrageous if this thread is anything to go by.
    Surely OFCOM have the authority to enforce orange/EE/BT or whoever you are to keep a server open to provide automatic forwarding to a address of our choice?
    If this decision / action by this ISP is not illegal it should be, there is no justification for this as the impact cannot be measured or understood.
    So far I have wasted 3 weekends of my life trying to tidy this mess up and still have not finished.
    When we have all done what we need to do and vote with our feet I really hope you go out of business as your senior decision makers are not fit to manage a business.

  58. the guest says:

    Indicative of big company take overs, promise you the world and then break their promises. No loyalty anymore, were just a statistic. Make a quick buck, don’t worry about anything else, just the bottom line. No apology, just throw us into the knackers yard, why not !

  59. the guest says:

    Indicative of big company take overs, promise you the world and then break their promises. No loyalty anymore, were just a statistic. Make a quick buck, don’t worry about anything else, just the bottom line. No apology, just throw us into the knackers yard, why not !

  60. petewis says:

    found out about emails closing after I changed contracts in January. Cannot transfer emails to Gmail, seems they have lost my password and cant open anything with the one I use. Tried to change providers but stuck in 18month contract unless I pay £386.07 . As soon as 18 months is up I will cancel this and switch mobile phone service.

  61. Terry says:

    Well folks, the end of an era. Time to move on…

  62. SCOTT TONNER says:

    With a reduction in service provision (no e-mail,no web space) does this mean a reduction in cost too? I think not!

  63. Marian Gibson says:

    I would like to no what is going on I have changed my email address and yet today June 12th I have received 3 emails at my old orange home address I don’t understand this they were sent today as well

  64. Mick JONES says:

    My Email(fsnet.co.uk) has just started working again today after being told that it was closed down at the end of may ??

    1. Janet says:

      Hi Mick
      How did you log in to your Email(fsnet.co.uk)account to find it working again.

  65. Rachel says:

    I too have just received 77 emails in my fsnet.co.uk account, some dated 1 June, some yesterday and some dated today. Has fsnet actually been closed down or is it now working again due to public complaints? I have been using my email account since I first had a computer in the 90s and weathered all the different takeovers. I can’t understand how Orange, in their wisdom, can close email accounts without consideration to the trouble and expense to users. So much for loyalty.

  66. Dusty Munchkin says:

    They’ve re-opened it for 14 days so you can access your emails as the service crashed on 31st May.
    What they’re not admitting is that no one with pop was informed of the closure. (pop is emails delivered to your computer as opposed to accessed online)

    Law requires 30 days notice. Write to Ofcom. If nothing else a massive fine will set a precedent and prevent this happening to others.
    The argument that these are old emails is EXACTLY why they should have kept it going. Older users are less savvy. Many will still not know what’s happened. Cost of keeping a server going is minimal.
    End any contracts you have with EE as soon as possible and tell them why.

  67. eric Caulfield says:

    Just logged onto windows mail to receive 60 e mails from my old freeserve account, sent a test e mail to my replacement and it works fine. Is this just a few weeks to enable you to access your old e mails. I have windows mail so all stored on there anyways. Would not be displeased if freeserve is back anyone else have any news

  68. Janet says:

    I was having so much trouble getting into my orange email account before the closure and near the closure date couldn’t access it at all. I phoned up and was told orange would be reopened between 12th and 28th June to make up for the problems. I still couldn’t access my orange account after 12th and still can’t so phone up and was told the reopening was only to import emails in my inbox into another email account. I have emails in folders that I was transferring into my inbox to forward to another account that I have now lost through wrong
    information and had less time to deal with my folders because of not being able to access my account at all many times before the closure.Surely this can not be right.Giving out false information has lost me my emails!

  69. angryman says:

    The tech world greedy and uncaring money ! money! money! $$$$$££££££££££££

  70. I hate to say this but EE are ripping people off. I pay just £13 per month for my kindle fire WiFi, the DATA lasted 2 day’s,
    I had the option to buy more data, I declined and decided to give them a call, bad mistake the call took an age to be answered costing even me more money. What a Rip Off
    Richard Stratford
    (no email address) bad mistak ever to get an answer

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